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Triad, Khashoggi, and the Republicans: Together Again    
Wednesday, January 19 2005 @ 12:24 AM GMT+4
Contributed by: Linaelin

FeaturesEnter Kerry, Into A Triad Trap

Why does the word Triad keep coming up again and again in the middle of an election fraud story? Triad is the name of the organization that you heard about here on ibrattleboro.com in November 2004, known as "Triad Governmental Systems", founded by Tod Rapp in 1983, the Ohio firm that created and maintained the vote-counting software in dozens of Ohio counties." I remembering reading that, and my heart sort of skipped a beat.

I'm On Koch, Now

I think I should begin at the beginning. Well, no I won’t. I’ll go back to 1996. In the election year of 1996, the Republicans needed to retain their majority in the Senate, while continuing the investigation of Clinton’s financial deals regarding Whitewater. Newt Gingrich’s "Contract for America" included a clause, the Regulatory Reform Act, that had to pass in the Senate in order to become law and therefore help destroy the Clinton Justice Department’s civil lawsuit against Koch Industries, accused of willful polluting.

Koch Oil earns approximately $35 billion a year (one third of the yearly oil profits of Saudi Arabia) and was founded by Fred Koch, who built refineries for Stalin and who founded the John Birch Society in 1947. His sons, Charles and David, continue in their father’s footsteps -- by supporting organizations with worthy causes that pay for political ad campaigns.

According to Greg Palast’s book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy", one of these charity organizations, the Coalition for Our Children’s Future, supported a multi-million dollar ad campaign for reelecting Republicans in 1996. Only this is against the law for it is illegal for corporations to finance political campaigns.

The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee unearthed the source of payments to the Coalition charity through bank accounts controlled by Triad Management, a company directed and funded by the Koch’s. Triad not only funded the charity but many other front organizations for Repbublican Party ad campaigns. If you wonder why the Republicans subsequently dropped their investigation into the Clinton financial dealings in exchange for Clinton dropping the investigation into Triad, then you need only look as far as the Saudi arms broker Adnan Khashoggi.

Pardon Me

According to the book, "The Arms Bazaar, From Lebanon to Lockheed" by Anthony Sampson, published in 1977, one of the most trustest Saudi Arabian brokers and extremely close friend to the Saudi Royal family is Adnan Khashoggi:

"By 1967 Khashoggi had formed a new and bigger company called Triad, a Liechenstein corporation with its address in Geneva. Formally, the company was run by the three Khashoggi borthers, Adnan, Adil, and Essam, but essentially Adnan was the sole boss of the expanding organisation.” In fact, the organization expanded into the United States.

Birth of Triad America

Triad Management, the company directed by the Koch Brothers, is one of hundreds of Triad companies run by global magnate Khashoggi. Incidentally this is the Khashoggi who was responsible for heading the Iran Contra arms for hostages deal for which he was later pardoned by senior George Bush. In 1983, the year Triad Governmental Systems was founded in Ohio, Khashoggi formed the gold company Barrick Gold Corp. In 1985, Khashoggi borrowed $21 million, using his Barrick stock as collateral, for the covert transfer of arms to Iran for the Bush-North group.

Khashoggi allegedly provided the loan from his Cayman Islands company, Triad American holding company. Khashoggi used the Monte Carlo offices of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) to launder money for Iran arms sales. After Khashoggi was investigated and indicted for his role in the Iran-Contra affair, the Canadian director of Barrick, Peter Munk, paid the $4 million to get Adnan bailed out.

Orrin Hatch Country

Khashoggi went on to form Triad Financial and Investment Services Corp. in Salt Lake City where the $250 million Triad Industrial Park was built with Khashoggi’s money. That part of Triad has filed for bankruptcy.

Nixon's Supporter Is Made In The Kingdom

Khashoggi has historic ties to the Republicans. According to Mr. Sampson, in "The Arms Bazaar":

"During Nixon’s presidency Khashoggi had several meetings with him, including visits to San Clemente and Key Biscayne, but it is not known what was discussed. It was later alleged that Khashoggi had contributed $1 million to Nixon’s presidential campaign in 1972 (though foreign contributions are illegal) and just before that election Mohammed Haykal, then editor of Al Ahram in Cairo, wrote that 'we Arabs were almost the most zealous contributors to Nixon’s campaign', and that between $10 million and $12 million was paid into Nixon’s election campaign fund from Arab sources."

Did I Mention Bin Laden?

Khashoggi got his start in the way all great Saudi arms brokers do, through family connections. The book "The Kingdom: Arabia and the House of Saud" by Robert Lacey (1981) describes the way in which Khashoggi got his first brokering deal with a then very powerful construction magnate by the name of bin Laden, father of the currest most-wanted terrorist on earth:

"A patient of his father’s, Muhammad Bin Laden, a contractor who was building a business empire from the construction work that King Saud’s development programme stimulated, needed some trucks in a hurry -- and young Adnan put Binladen in touch with an American truck manunfacturer he had met while at college in California. A few weeks after the $500,000 deal was completed, Adnan received a $25,000 cheque from America, his commission on the deal."

Learn A New Language In Just Days

In the language of organized crime, you take a codename which applies to any illegal doings (sort of like flying a pirate flag on your roof) that the organization of criminals is supposed to automatically know. Triad is such an organization. It may not be directly linked directly to Khashoggi, but it is almost certainly linked to a cause, a cause which just got Mr. Bush reelected.


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    Triad, Khashoggi, and the Republicans: Together Again
    Authored by: cgrotke on Wednesday, January 19 2005 @ 02:55 PM GMT+4
    Great work. You've really done a nice job of taking one bit of passing
    information and exploring it in detail, providing sources along the way.
    This isn't an easy story to piece together -- few "mainstream" reporters
    seemed to ask questions and go looking for answers.
    Authored by: Maus Anon E on Thursday, January 20 2005 @ 06:36 PM GMT+4
    While I was stationed in Germany, I knew a guy who once was Adnan Kashoggi's yacht Captain. He had some interesting stories, and met interesting people, such as the King Hussein of Jordan.
    When I knew him he was a maker of trendy expensive furniture and he also restored antique aircraft and automobiles. He was an American who came to the country in the Army shortly after the war, and never left.
    Anyway, although he told me a lot of interesting stories, one that sticks in my mind was off the coast of southern Italy, in the Adriatic. Kashoggi ordered him to head across the ocean toward Albania, apparently insistent that he was going to vist the country. At the time, Albania was at least as closed as it is today, perhaps even more so.
    As the yacht neared the Albanian coast, my friend saw a big cloud of smoke go up along the shoreline. After awhile, he noticed that the cloud of smoke was gradually making its way toward them. Soon, he could see that an ancient military vessel was responsible for the cloud, belching out a constant stream of thick black smoke.
    When the boat finally arrived, the Albanians boarded the yacht, and on officer "with a chest full of medals" got came on board and conferred with Kashoggi for about 15 minutes. Then they all left, and started chugging back to port.
    They had denied Kashoggi access to the country.
    So much for mister big shot.

    I just thought it was interesting.