Mary's Radiation Mutations Revisted

Monday, July 31 2006 @ 02:40 PM GMT+4

Contributed by: Scott

I reported* here two years ago on Mary's mutants- the many Black-Eyed Susies that a Guilford woman has raised in her garden every year, but which suddenly came up with many mutated ones after she had a truckload of manure delivered that came from the farm outside of the Vermont Yankee nuclear facility. She was on the cover of the Reformer showing them off back then but there was no mention of why they had come up like that. As I pointed out in 2004, the same type of mutated daisies were found by Three Mile Island after it's radiation leaks, and many mutations of everything were abundant following the Chernobyl disaster and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings.

She has had only a few mutants this year, and I suspect that the radiation, which I believe caused them to mutate, has perhaps washed away or subsided somewhat since 2004. Photos of the same kind of mutants from outside of Three Mile Island taken after the big radiation release there can be seen at--

It's the same exact strange mutations as the ones Mary's garden has had- large caterpillar like centers and wide flat ‘fascination’ of the stems. Two of the half dozen examples from this year’s crop I have just photographed for y'all to see here. I believe these kind of flowers, Black-Eyed Susies, are more susceptible to low levels of radiation than other kinds of vegetation, and therefore I refer to them as a type of 'Canary in the Coal Mine'.

Last year I marched with the Anti-Nuke group part of the Independence Day parade and I carried one of her mutated daisies which I labled "Radiation Mutation". I heard someone say, "Vermont Yankee helps pays for this parade", as if that was supposed to mean something. I didn't respond to the comment, but thought to myself, yeah, but they won't pay for anyone's cancer treatments!

I believe that the fields across from VT Yankee contain small amounts of this radiation which the cows there consume with their grazing, concentrating the radiation into their manure. Of course, this kind of thing is nearly impossible to prove, mainly because the radiation amounts are minute and below what typical Geiger counters can detect, and besides, small amounts of it can be hard to differentiate from the normal background radiation that exists all around since the nuclear bomb testing done over the years since the Manhattan Project, which blanketed much of the world with extra radioactivity.

For their part, the lady at the Vernon farm told me last year that they hadn't had any complaints about their manure and said she never had any mutated cows.

My original ibratt posting and its comments (didn't have pics), which I posted as 'Rumor' but should have posted as "Health'-

The Advocate noting that Vermont Yankee "releases radiation into the air every day."--
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*Note- I, Scott, the poster of this info is not, nor has ever purported to be, any kind of 'journalist', and is certainly not a part of any so-called 'media'.