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Hilary in Keene    
Thursday, February 08 2007 @ 09:32 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: Anonymous

PoliticsConversation in Keene

Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Keene High School
43 Arch Street
Keene, NH 03431

General Area: Parking is limited at Keene High School - plan on carpooling and arriving early.

She's not just starting a campaign; she's beginning a conversation. Join Hillary Clinton in Keene on her first trip to New Hampshire. Bring your friends and family and join the conversation.

New Hampshire for Hillary


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    Hillary from Hell
    Authored by: Scott on Friday, February 09 2007 @ 07:17 PM GMT+4
    Ex-CIA Stew Webb's Hillary site-

    (great pic of her there)-

    "I was stunned to hear today that Hillary Clinton criticized Vice President Cheney and the Bush Administration over the time it took to make the hunting accident public. Perhaps Mrs. Clinton would like to discuss her role in delaying the announcement of Vincent Foster’s death."

    **Soldier in Iraq crossing his finger while shaking with Hillary to hopefully ward off her evil-

    **She no doubt had JFK Jr. killed too-

    You can lead the sheeple to the truth but you can't make them think. The Answer to 1984 is 1776 infowars.com 911wasaninsidejob.com

    JFK Junior
    Authored by: Mr. Buddy Love on Friday, February 09 2007 @ 07:51 PM GMT+4
    "**She no doubt had JFK Jr. killed too"

    Ever heard of pilot error? Vertigo? Have you ever learned instrument
    flying with a hood on?
    Junior wasn't qualified to fly instrument-only flying, which is what he
    needed in the dense fog over the water at dusk, formed by
    condensation as dewpoints are reached, a common event in maritime
    conditions. This death could have been prevented if this Kennedy
    hadn't taken undue risk by flying over water to take a "shortcut" when
    he wasn't qualified for the hazards of blind flight conditions.
    Furthermore, although I am an admirer of JFK and RFK, I just don't
    see how this rather lightweight (but nice guy) posed any serious
    political threat to anybody. Frankly I just don't see JFK's son as
    "presidential" or even as "senatorial" timber. Yes, we've had some
    lightweights in public office, but New York is a tougher state than
    most and if you want to reach higher office there, you need some
    skills beyond just money and good looks.
    His death was caused by pilot error and recklessness.
    JFK Junior
    Authored by: Scott on Saturday, February 10 2007 @ 06:58 PM GMT+4
    Yes, and I've also heard of the secret Air Force/CIA base on Montauk Point with supposedly a particle beam weapon. And why didn't Jr. blurt out a MayDay call in the mike right in front of his face if he was going down, which is what you're supposed to do so they can at least know you're in trouble and find you quicker and easier. Why would any pilot flying in what you say was thick fog (and I've read that such was also not quite the case) blindly hit the water when they all have altimeters to tell them how high they are? Maybe he couldn't speak due to being fried by the particle beam? And why were all three cremated quickly when Catholics are generally against that? I've also learned that he wasn't so unqualified as was said on mainstream news reports. Many on the left believe Wellstone and his son were done in, but that definately WAS horrible weather which should not have been flown in. Jesse Ventura, a 9/11 official story doubter, was up there at the time and said so too and thinks it was the conditions.

    Check out the links I gave, it WAS known by Jr.s close friends that he decided to try for the Senate seat, and the Kennedy name and his popularity would have been a big obstacle to Hillary carpetbagging her way into the NY seat which was to be her springboard to the prez seat. He was also finding out too much about the real killers of his dad and uncle, and unlike his drunk d****bag other uncle Ted, would likely have blabbed it in his magazine 'George'. He was another Kennedy that 'had to go' to the powers that be besides Hillary I think.

    You can lead the sheeple to the truth but you can't make them think. The Answer to 1984 is 1776 infowars.com 911wasaninsidejob.com
    Scott: I take it you never got VFR certification, nor have you flown a plane?
    Authored by: Mr. Buddy Love on Saturday, February 10 2007 @ 11:02 PM GMT+4
    This from people who fly and who have to investigate air crashes for a

    "Contributing to Kennedy's disorientation, the report said, were the
    night sky, a lack of visible horizon over the open water and a haze
    that blanketed Kennedy's flight path from New Jersey over Long
    Island Sound to the Vineyard.

    While the weather that night met the criteria for legal flight under
    visual flight rules, a pilot who doesn't have visual references may
    have difficulty determining whether the plane is climbing, descending
    or in a turn.

    Typically, pilots in trouble are taught to ignore physical sensations and
    instead follow a recovery regime that includes focusing on key
    navigation equipment.

    In April 1998, Kennedy received his private pilot's license, which
    allowed him to fly both day and night but only in good visibility.

    He had accumulated more than 300 hours of flight time and was
    working on obtaining an instrument rating, but had not completed the
    training. Without the ability to fly solely by reference to instruments,
    pilots often lose control of their aircraft, sometimes within seconds."
    JFK, Jr. also failed his legal exams: TWICE
    Authored by: Mr. Buddy Love on Saturday, February 10 2007 @ 11:07 PM GMT+4
    I suppose you're gonna tell me that the reason he failed his legal
    exams was interference by the "powers that be"? Or just intellectual
    laziness and incompetence?

    Likewise, his failure to pass an instrument flight rating exam meant
    he was UNQUALIFIED to be out over dark water without a visual
    horizon reference. He endangered himself and the lives of his
    passengers. Tragic case of pilot error.

    The partical beam thing sounds so absurd, you might as well just say
    Jesus or Moses reached down from the heavens and grabbed the
    plane, throwing it down into the ocean, in a dramatic "heavenly
    intervention." Yeah, it's that absurd.
    JFK, Jr. also failed his legal exams: TWICE
    Authored by: swami on Sunday, February 11 2007 @ 01:23 PM GMT+4
    Pilot disorentation is not unknown around here. Does anyone remember
    Eli George? A well know local businessmen and a good pilot with his own
    "state of the art" helicoptor. He went up into a fog bank and crashed
    within moments due to disorentation,a tragic loss for Brattleboro....
    JFK, Jr. also failed his legal exams: TWICE
    Authored by: xteeth on Sunday, February 11 2007 @ 03:34 PM GMT+4
    I have personal knowledge that Jesus wasn't involved cause He was talking to Pat Robinson about his choice of business partners at the time, but that is a very interesting suggestion about Moses. From what I hear, there is an unaccounted for fifteen minutes in his schedule on that day. Sources close to the investigation hinted that it was a used helo sold by Moses' descendent from behind the old pawn shop on 62nd street. And it almost certainly wasn't a beam weapon at all it was Jewish lightning.

    "Some people cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go." Oscar Wilde
    JFK, Jr. also failed his legal exams: TWICE
    Authored by: mr.mike on Sunday, February 11 2007 @ 07:05 PM GMT+4
    Uhh,just to let you know xteeth it's Pat Robertson not Robinson. If you're going to turn this into another assault on Christianity you might want to get the persons name right that your dragging through the mud. Even the Reformer got that one right.

    I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive....-Thomas Jefferson
    JFK, Jr. also failed his legal exams: TWICE
    Authored by: xteeth on Sunday, February 11 2007 @ 11:05 PM GMT+4
    You don't know Pat Robinson? You should be ashamed of yourself. This is exactly the reason that he was communing with our Lord so that ignorant religionists like you wouldn't hold him up to ridicule for planning the last and best weight loss program for fat Americans. Pat Robertson couldn't get the ear of an African Elephant. Pat Robinson in contrast started his career at age 15 by writing and singing his own songs. He signed his first recording contract with Four Star Productions with his band Fenwyck. They recorded an album at American Recording Studio with legendary producer Richie Podolor. How sad is the ignorance of the unblessed.

    "Some people cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go." Oscar Wilde
    Lies about the weather, his flying ability, the witnesses and more
    Authored by: Scott on Monday, February 12 2007 @ 06:01 PM GMT+4
    "JFK Jr. - Why the official story is in doubt.
    Let's get something clear. The purpose of this article is not to suggest an alternative explanation for the crash of JFK Jr's plane. The purpose of this article is to suggest that it is reasonable and prudent to examine all possibilities, not settle on the first explanation forced upon the public to the exclusion of all else."

    Weather radar image taken 10:40 PM the night of the crash. The radar was set for "clear", a much more sensitive setting than "precipitation" which tracks rain. That this radar image is showing fog and haze as opposed to clouds is proven by the fact that the FAA had listed conditions as VFR with 8 mile visibility for the area.

    This radar image shows fog and haze along New York and Long Island, but Martha's Vineyard is definatly in clear air.

    The radar image pic-http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/CRASH/JFK_JR/JFK-0340Z.gif
    There was no heavy haze.
    It Wasn't Dark at all.

    Martha's Vineyard has bright lights shining up into the sky.

    The press lied about JFK Jr. being an incompetent pilot.

    see documentation at--

    (the late Sherman Skolnick on JFK Jr. and how anniversaries are times to kill/sabotage/destroy etc.
    Says the plane was blown up. --


    This one says he was a threat not to Hillary but George Bush, as well as pointing out:

    "Other CRUCIAL information which has now been removed from all official accounts is the fact that a NUMBER of witnesses on the beach at Martha's Vineyard that evening INCLUDING a Vineyard Gazette reporter saw an AIRBORNE explosion at this same time right in that area of the sky where Kennedy was flying."

    "Here is the CRUCIAL UPI article datelined July 17, 2:08 GMT, which states that JFK Jr. WAS IN CONTACT with flight controllers at Martha's vineyard Airport at 9:39 Friday evening, July 16. The UPI article ALSO states that both WCVB-TV in Boston AND ABCNews reported the same CRUCIAL information. Additionally this radio contact by Kennedy has subsequently been confirmed through direct contact with airport personnel. This extremely significant information is what is now MISSING from EVERY SINGLE account of the event now being disseminated by mass media outlets "

    Documentation of the 'absurd' particle beam weaponry and Montauk LI. (first few links have pics) >

    You can lead the sheeple to the truth but you can't make them think. The Answer to 1984 is 1776 infowars.com 911wasaninsidejob.com

    An open mind?
    Authored by: Mr. Buddy Love on Monday, February 12 2007 @ 06:10 PM GMT+4
    So, are you saying that you have given serious thought to the
    possibility that there may have just been pilot error after all in the
    case of Junior's crash?

    Or is this a "case closed: it was a Bush conspiracy" mindset?

    When you put "lies" up in your title, it hardly sounds like you're the
    one being open minded, Scott.

    Another question I have for you:
    Have you ever been wrong about a theory, where you thought it was a
    conspiracy but later facts forced you to reconsider and find something
    to be not the way you originally thought or said it was? I joke about
    being right all the time, but I know I'm wrong many times, and this
    keeps me humble and honest. I just wonder if you have had this
    experience, where you were dead sure about something, but later
    found out that your initial theory was wrong, and you had to retract
    your initial assumptions.
    An open mind- sure
    Authored by: Scott on Monday, February 12 2007 @ 07:15 PM GMT+4
    I didn't say that, only that I'm open to the possiblities of either plane sabotage or done by particle beam. I included different theory links so you can decide fer yerself. The fact that I look beyond the official BS and what the govt. and mainstream media scum (both proven liars so often) means I Do have an open mind, unlike the sheeple who accept just about whatever they're told by the mainstream. We've certainly been lied to about other plane crashes like Flight 800 and KAL 007 and Dorothy Hunt and Flight 553 etc.

    In this case, as with many other things, it's hard to pindown and absolutely prove certain details.

    You can lead the sheeple to the truth but you can't make them think. The Answer to 1984 is 1776 infowars.com 911wasaninsidejob.com
    Hilary in Keene
    Authored by: dwbarlow on Saturday, February 10 2007 @ 05:07 AM GMT+4
    I'll be covering this for the Herald this weekend and might be interested in speaking with any Vermonters who attend.

    If you're there, try and find me.
    Hillary in Keene
    Authored by: annikee on Sunday, February 11 2007 @ 12:30 PM GMT+4
    Is anyone gonna cover this for iBrattleboro?

    Love like you've never been hurt and dance like nobody's watching.