Brattleboro Community Television Update - October 4 2007

Friday, October 05 2007 @ 02:39 PM GMT+4

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BCTV Update 10-4-07
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Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 am - 6 pm.
Tuesday and Thursday 10 am - 8 pm.

230 Main Street, Suite 201 (2nd floor, Brattleboro Municipal Center)
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Channels 8 & 10

BCTV staff member Vlasta Popelka and “Computer Wizard” volunteer Joerg Mayer display awards.

George Haynes accepts BCTV’s “Community Investor” Award from executive director Cor Trowbridge and board president Ian Kiehle.

Tim Johnson interviews ski jumping enthusiasts for the Harris Hill Telethon, live on BCTV.

Producer Kathryn Turnas prepares for her show “Artists a la Mode.” From left to right: Kathryn, Tony Duncan, Andrew Marchev, Elsie Smith, Randi Solin, and Robin Zegge.

BCTV News from Cor Trowbridge.

This month the equipment has been flying off the shelf. In early September, one of our producers started a new live talk show series, “Artists a la Mode.” Next, we kicked off our fall training series, creating a new cadre of video producers. Then came the Annual Members Meeting, where we handed out awards, watched the year in review of video clips and still photos, and elected our board of directors. And finally, BCTV staff and volunteers produced a 12-hour telethon to rebuild the Harris Hill Ski Jump, with live performances alternating between the Studio and Selectboard Room. Co-host Daryl Pillsbury spoke eloquently about the value of public access TV as a vehicle for engendering community support for projects such as Harris Hill.

At the Annual Meeting, BCTV recognized retiring director George Haynes of the Brattleboro Savings and Loan for his support over the years, and for his active participation in BCTV through the Community Person Award program. He reflected on his experience of the station, a viewpoint we hope that many share:

“Supporting BCTV is a no-brainer. First and foremost, BCTV does what you want it to do – provide information, a wide variety of information that crosses all areas and boundaries, all groups politically, economically, educationally, socially, and so much more. That is critical because in order to have a strong community, it’s really about keeping people informed, and that’s what you do.”

– George Haynes, President, Brattleboro Savings & Loan Association

The broad scope of volunteerism this year was reflected in the award categories:

- Prolific Producer (produced at least 3 programs)

- “Local Hero” Series Producer (producer of a local series)

- Selectboard Superstars (regular camera operator for Selectboard meetings)

- True Blue Crew (regularly help out with major live productions)

- Extreme Moderation (serve as host or moderator of talk shows)

- Up & Coming Producer (newly-trained or newly-active producer)

- B-SPAN (involved in getting government programming on BCTV)

- Computer Wizard (help run our PCs or post listings on the bulletin board)

- Community Investor (donate consistently to support BCTV)

- “Supremely Board” (member of BCTV’s Board of Directors)

A complete list of recipients follows – come in and pick up yours if you weren’t there in person. In looking back at the year, the BCTV staff were impressed by seeing the increased interest in and enthusiasm for using BCTV facilities and equipment to put local programming on the air. This was our main goal for the year, and you all helped to achieve it! - C.T.


Upcoming Production Events. To sign up, or for more information, email Vlasta at or call 257-0888.

Thursday, October 11 (5-7 pm) – “Artists a la Mode.” Producer Kathryn Turnas needs camera operators and a floor director for the second edition of this live interview/talk show about artists in the area. Anyone interested in crewing this production, please contact Kathryn at or 603-209-0806.

Saturday, October 13 (9 am) – Speakers including former Governor Madeleine Kunin at NE Conference of American Assoc. of University Women, held at School for International Training. Producer requested to cover any or all speakers. Contact Judy Myrick for more details at 257-4616 or

Tuesday, October 16 (6 pm) - Brattleboro Selectboard meeting. Need camera operators for first (6:00 - 8:00) and second shift (8:00 pm to end of meeting).

Tuesday, October 23 (6 pm) – Brattleboro Selectboard meeting (extra meeting). Need one camera operator for this live broadcast. Equipment will be all set up – all you have to do is operate the camera! Contact BCTV for details.

Wednesday, October 24 (7-8:30 pm) – “Thriving Communities: Identifying Barriers and Taking Action.” Held at St. Michael’s Church. Producer requested for this Alliance for Building Community dialogue involving many community groups. Contact for more information.

Thursday, October 25 (5-7 pm) – Talk of the Towns. Frederic Noyes will direct this live public affairs talk show. Camera operators needed and crew members welcome. Contact Frederic at

Saturday, November 17. Windham Orchestra concert at BUHS Auditorium. Join the crew to tape this concert – director especially needed. Contact Windham Orchestra director David Runnion at 254-8558 or


Program Highlights. See program schedule at or daily in the Brattleboro Reformer. To receive a weekly schedule by email, contact Vlasta at, or stop by the office to pick one up.

Tego’s Take on the Vermont Life – Theresa Maggio’s video clips of painting the mural in the Harmony Lot. Theresa has been posting her clips on iBrattleboro as well.

“Best of BCTV 2006-7” – This montage of video clips from the year was created by staff members Roland Boyden and Frederic Noyes for our annual meeting. We will also post it on YouTube and send out the link.

Programs sent to BCTV that need a local sponsor. We often receive programs from other public access stations, but a local BCTV member has to request that we put it on our channels. All you have to do is email Vlasta at, and it’s done! If you want to preview the show before making a decision, please stop by the office and we’ll set you up to watch it.

“The Green Makeover: A Video Guide to Greening Up Your Business” – 37-minute program, “a humorous, educational and entertaining look at how Vermonters can save money on their bills and improve the energy efficiency of their businesses.” Created by Vermont Environmental Consortium with Efficiency Vermont.

“Share the Spirit! With Nan O’Brien” – Bi-weekly show starring acclaimed Medium and Intuitive Nan O’Brien. This comes highly recommended by Northwest Access TV in St. Albans, VT, where the show is taped.

“Revealing the Truth” – Weekly program from Yahweh’s Assembly in Yahshua (Missouri).


Classes & Workshops.

Fall Video Production Training Schedule

To register, or for more information, call 257-0888 or email Your space in the class will be reserved when your registration fee is received. If unable to pay the fee, scholarships are available; no one will be turned away because of inability to pay.

Basic Video Production

Session 2: Wednesday & Friday, October 10 & 12, 4-6 PM

Cost: $20

This class covers how to operate a video camera, basic composition and lighting techniques, how to record good audio, and pre- and post-production planning: all the fundamentals needed for successful single-camera shoots such as meetings, lectures, interviews and individual projects. Students who complete this training and a project will be certified for Camera Operation and Single-Camera Field Production.

Instructor: Frederic Noyes

Maximum class size: 8


Video Editing with Final Cut

Session 2: Wednesday & Friday, November 14 & 16, 4-6 PM

Cost: $20

Learn basic editing skills on a versatile video editing program. Feature films such as Cold Mountain were edited on Final Cut as well as many of the programs you see on BCTV. You will learn essentials such as capturing footage, cutting, and adding transitions, special effects, titles and audio tracks. Students who complete this training will be certified for Video Editing and can use BCTV’s edit suites to complete productions for broadcast on BCTV.

Instructors: Frederic Noyes and Roland Boyden

Maximum class size: 6


Vlogging Workshop: How to Upload your Video Clips to the Web

Tuesday, October 23, 6-8 PM

Cost: $10

Learn how to post video clips on popular video sites such as YouTube. When you submit your program to BCTV, you can also post it on the web to get a larger (but less local) audience.

Instructors: Christopher Grotke of iBrattleboro and Frederic Noyes

Maximum class size: 6


Directing Multi-Camera Shoots

Tuesday, October 30

6:30-8:30 PM

Cost $10

Prerequisite (suggested): Basic Video Production or equivalent experience.

Learn the fundamentals of directing using a video switcher. Large events, performances, and talk shows are examples of multi camera shoots. You will learn how to switch between cameras, how to use graphics for titles and credits, and the basics of audio mixing. Students who complete this training and a practicum will be certified for Studio Production and Multi Camera Remote Production.

Instructors: Frederic Noyes & Roland Boyden

Maximum class size: 6


Notes to Members…and Thanks!

BCTV Board Meeting. The next BCTV Board meeting will be held on October 18 at 6:30 pm in the Hannah Cosman Room on the second floor of the Brattleboro Municipal Center. Members are welcome to attend and participate in the public comment period of the meeting, as well as welcome to tape and edit the meetings for broadcast. Congratulations to newly re-elected board members Lynn Barrett, Ian Kiehle, and Dan Seiden. The slate of officers for the year is as follows: Ian Kiehle, President; Lynn Barrett, Vice President; Susan Dunnington, Treasurer; and Robin Chaia Mide, Secretary. Special thanks to Dan Seiden, Scott Cline and Tim Wessel for your years of service as a board officer.

Volunteer Awards – The following volunteers were recognized at the Annual Meeting for their service to BCTV during the last fiscal year. An asterisk (*) denotes special recognition given for outstanding contribution in one or multiple categories.

Prolific Producer Award:

Dora Bouboulis

Beckie Coffey

Maria Dominguez*

Bill Holiday

Debbie Lazar

Frank Molina

Frederic Noyes

Carolyn Peck

Em Peyton

“Local Hero” Series Producer Award:

Carolyn Blake-Deyo (honorary)

Jerry Carbone & staff

Lynn Corum

Merry Elder

Ian Kiehle*

Ashley Loomis

Brian O’Connor

Tim Wessel & Frederic Noyes

Selectboard Superstars:

Scott Barr

Maria Dominguez

Tim Johnson

Fran Martin

Cleo Rohn

True Blue Crew:

Scott Barr*

Lynn Barrett

Harold Bradeen

Raven Burchard

Yada Claassen

David DellaPietro

Maria Dominguez

Tina Forsee

Betsy Gentile

Ken Heile

Chaia Mide

Agus Nahrowi

Janisse Ray

Kathryn Turnas

Kathy Urffer

Extreme Moderation Award:

Christopher Grotke*

Tim Johnson*

Up & Coming Producers:

Blair Booth

Michael Bosworth

David Broussard

Yada Claassen

Debbie Jacobs

Theresa Maggio

Mary Rothschild

Kathryn Turnas

“B-SPAN” Government Access Award:

Dora Bouboulis*

Kris Cain

Jim Mullen & staff

Computer Wizard Award:

David Broussard

Tom Finnell*

Joerg Mayer*

Joe Martin

Community Investor Award:

Harriet Gelfan*

George Haynes*

Supremely Board Award:

Lynn Barrett

Scott Cline

Susan Dunnington

Ellen Kaye

Ian Kiehle

Chaia Mide

Dan Seiden

Tim Wessel