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New Brattleboro Volunteer Opportunities from RSVP    
Friday, February 15 2008 @ 07:50 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: Anonymous

Town NewsGreen Mountain RSVP Volunteer Opportunities

Latest Volunteer Opportunities Around Brattleboro
Contact information: Phone – 802-254-7515
e-mail – hupton@greenmtncn.org
address: 81 High Street, Brattleboro

#13 Gallery Greeter – Man Gallery reception desk and sell art

Work as a host at the Windham Art Gallery. Open Thursday through Sunday, Noon to 5 PM, but would like to extend hours. The Arts Council gallery is well known for presenting a wide variety of superior quality original art. Need to be able to do credit card sales. Great place to work for the art lover.

Time: Inquire for availability Qualification: Art Interest and friendly, OJT available

#12 Greeter/Receptionist – Museum ambssaodor - Greet visitors and manage gift sales

Help inspire, educate and engage people of all ages by introducing visitors to the art and ideas presented at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center. As the initial person seen by visitors when they arrive, you can set the stage for their experience. Before they leave, you will have an opportunity to sell them a memento from the gift shop.

Time: Mon, 2-5 PM; Thur, 11 AM-2 PM Qualification: Interest in others and friendly manner

#11 Mealtime Hosts – Greet seniors, escort to seating, and assure service

Your friendly service will bring happiness to Townshend’s Valley Cares senior residents during meal times. Opportunities to help, include any/all meals at this time, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Adding a little bit of graciousness to others lives can make a big difference.

Time: Mon –Sun @ 7 AM, 11 AM, or 4:30 PM Qualification: Physically able & friendly

#10 Tax Aid Computer Support - Use computer skills to support AARP tax aid program

Tech support is essential to keeping the tax aid program running. You can make an important contribution as an IT specialist. Work is limited to the tax preparation period.

Time: As Available Qualification: OJT Training avail for tax system

#9 AARP Tax Aid Counselors – Work with individuals to prepare the necessary tax forms

You can help bring a great sense of relief to tax payers by joining the AARP Tax Counselor team. All volunteers receive a five-day training course in tax preparation. They are then certified by the IRS and prepare tax returns for low income and elderly tax payers.

Time: As Available MTW or Qualification: BA or equiv. and careful attention to details
Evenings 5 days Training required -

#8 AARP Tax Aid Quality Review - Provide quality review services for tax aid program

You can use your ability to provide a professional quality review capability to the program by auditing the work of the counselors to make certain that all required entries are made and are in keeping with the guidelines. Training is required and provided. Work can be done on your own schedule.

Time: As Available MTW or Qualification: BA or equiv. and careful attention to details
evenings Training required – first avail – wk of 1/14

#7 AARP Tax Aid Scheduler - Provide scheduling services for tax aid program

You can help make it easy for people to set up appointments for the free AARP Tax Aid service by working from your home. Calls can be temporarily forwarded to your number. Will need at least two people to make this work. Activities include receiving calls from persons desiring tax aid help, scheduling a time for an appointment, keeping that record, and transferring the appointments schedule to the Administrator.

Time: As Available MTW or Qualification: Phone, friendly manor, and record keeping

#6 Food Service Support - Help elders select and carry cafeteria food

You can help bring a little joy to the cafeteria lunch at Hilltop House. You will make life a bit more easy by spending some rewarding minutes aiding an encumbered elder get the meal they want and make certain it gets back to their table with a splash of humor. This is really a noon time “friendly visitor” assignment. It can be very rewarding.

Time: 11:30 AM - 1 Day/wk Qualification: Physically able friendly visitor

#5 Meals on Wheels Delivery – Distribute food to those needing help in Brattleboro area

You can supply a very important service for the elderly and homebound by delivering one hot-meal a day. The Brattleboro Meals On Wheels operates out of the senior center and serves about 75 home delivered meals each day. Due to increasing demand and moves, new volunteers are in real need for two routes. Each route can be delivered in 30-60 minutes. Substitutes also are needed. Activities include picking up pre-packed meal containers, delivering to homes and returning containers to the senior center.

Time: Mon or Fri @10:45 AM – 1 Day/wk Qualification: VT Drivers License and vehicle

#4 Early Reader Literacy Aid - Encourage child readers build reading skills

If you ever have wanted to see the joy of accomplishment and hear the happy voices of learning something new, this is the opportunity for you. You can assist the teacher of early grade readers learn to practice their skills. The feedback is wonderful. Usually, it’s one on one with the child as a special aid. The smiles you get will make it a rewarding experience.

Time: Usually 1-2 hours/ wk , as agreed Qualification: Read & Love to work with children

#3 Hospital Wheelchair Transporter - Help patients be where they need to be

Your ability to move a wheel chair bound patient around the hospital will make a big difference to moving them toward wellness. Patients need to meet appointments around the hospital. You will be trained in helping patients into and out of wheel chairs and where things are. This is your chance to be a part of the patient care team and get the patient back to their family as soon as possible.

Time: Thursday AM (8-10 or 10-12) Qualification: Physically able and friendly

#2 Hospital Greeter/Receptionist - Help visitors go to the right place

If you like people, you’ll enjoy meeting and directing visitors to the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital find the services they need. Join an important health care facility in meeting the needs of the community. Appropriate training on hospital locations and rules will be included. You will get a chance to help others in a comfortable atmosphere.

Time: Evenings (≥4-8PM ) 1-2 times/month Qualification: Friendly communication skills

#1 Medical Appointment Transport - Be a vital part of the senior wellness team

Are you a compassionate person with a good driving record? Join a senior citizen medical support team. You can volunteer as a driver for the Vernon Hall Medical Transport group. You will be helping a specific senior unable to access needed medical appointments due to changing Medicare rules. Transportation to a dialysis center once a week will help enormously.

Time: Every Friday – 5-6 hours required. Qualification: Driver’s License – VT


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