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Computer and Ebay Tutor Now Available!    
Monday, February 18 2008 @ 09:59 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: Anonymous

EducationHave you been wanting to get in on the EBAY action? Do you have things to sell but don't know how?

Ebay services and tutoring are now offered by local computer tutor, Derek Gladding. This expands on his established computer tutoring and media services.

Millions of collectibles, toys, musical instruments, audio/visual equipment, and antiques are bought and sold daily on Ebay. A man even sold one of his kidneys in 1999!

Gladding has been using Ebay for years and has only received positive feedback and comments. Now, locals can take advantage of his knowledge. Derek Gladding makes housecalls so he can teach clients how to go through the buying or selling process on their own PCs. Alternatively, if an item is worth more than $65 you can pay Gladding a commission to do all the work selling your item for you.

Derek Gladding has been computer tutoring Windham County residents at their homes or businesses since 2001. He started the business because he wanted to merge his love of the versatility of computers with his love for interacting with people on a personal level. In addition to Ebay buying/selling, he teaches word processing, internet, email, Excel, Photoshop, Publisher, web design, audio/video editing, and basic to advanced lessons on how to use your PC or Mac.

In an industry that utilizes complex computer jargon, Derek Gladding strives to make his clients feel more at ease by speaking regular down-to-earth English in an easygoing manner. Gladding is a very patient teacher who tutors people of all ages including those with mental or physical disabilities. His housecall tutoring rates are reasonable at $20/hour with no charge for travel time.

Rates vary for Derek Gladding's media services which include web design, audio/video recording/editing, converting VCR or Cassette Tapes to DVD or CD, and selling items for you on Ebay.

Call Derek Gladding at: 802-254-8538
Email him at: contact@derekgladding.com
See his website at: www.derekgladding.com


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