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Fearless Puppy Report    
Tuesday, February 19 2008 @ 04:55 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: EveryonesBks

BooksOn behalf of Everyone's Books I'd like to thank author Doug Rose, known to most as "Ten", for a wonderful reading Saturday afternoon. Ten's candor was relaxed and honest, much like his book. He read a few chapters and talked a little about the project behind it all.

The money raised from the book sales will go toward establishing a permanent source of funding for Buddhist Monks and Nuns in Asia and facilitating a cross-cultural exchange of wisdom. The reading was a successful warm up for the many events Ten has schedule this week in Brattleboro.

If what you've heard/read about Ten and his book has sparked your interest at all, I strongly encourage you checkout an event and meet Ten yourself.

He will be at The Mole's Eye Wednesday night starting around 8pm. There will be great music, beer, Ten will read a bit from his book, and the evening is a benefit for C.A.N.(Citizen's Awareness Network).

For a schedule of events and more information about the book and the Fearless Puppy project visit the website. www.fearlesspuppy.org


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