Snow Related Safety Tips from Brattleboro Fire Department

Friday, February 29 2008 @ 12:28 PM GMT+4

Contributed by: Anonymous

The Brattleboro Fire Department would like to advise the residents of Brattleboro of the following snow related safety tips. These tips will greatly reduce the chances of becoming a fire casualty and will help you to identify potential hazards.

-Please shovel out all exterior door ways, second floor porches, and any windows outside of bedrooms. This will allow you an escape route from your residents in the case of an emergency.

-Keep a shoveled walkway so emergency personnel can access your home with out any danger.

-All heating appliances with power vents, air intakes and chimneys should be keep clear of snow and ice.

-Shovel off flat roofs to prevent building collapse.

-Clean out around all roof vents.

-If you see downed power lines stay away and call 911.

-Protect any gas/ propane tanks or gas lines from falling snow and ice.

-When you are using a generator make sure the unit is properly installed and maintained.

-Make sure all alternative heaters have a three foot clearance from any combustibles, and use only the recommended fuel for that appliance. Follow all manufactures recommendations.
Never use fuel burning appliances without proper room ventilation.

-Make sure that you have at least one Carbon Monoxide detector on each level of your home.

-Make sure that you have at least one smoke detector inside and outside your bedroom and on each level of your home.
-If you have a fire hydrant or a fire alarm box by your home keep this clear of snow.

-Plan and practice a home escape plan with your family.

Contact your Brattleboro Fire Department if you have questions about home fire safety or any other concerns.
Brattleboro Fire Department 254-4831