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Snapshots From The Vermont Daily Briefing/Green Mountain Daily Hamburger Summit    
Sunday, June 29 2008 @ 12:52 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: Christian Avard

FeaturesBURLINGTON- The third annual Vermont Daily Briefing/Green Mountain Daily Hamburger Summit was a huge success yesterday. This was probably the biggest yet. Bloggers, politicians, activists, cartoonists, musicians, and even radio hosts descended on North Beach for a fun time of food, stories, jokes, and awesome comradierie. It didn't matter what political stripes you wore. Everybody was friends with everyone else. The highlight was seeing gubernatorial candidates Anthony Pollina and Gaye Symington shake hands and share a laugh. It was that friendly.

Last year, Gorty Baldwin and I attended. This year it was Gorty and I, Steve West, Lee Sanderson, Frederic Noyes, and Harold (a really nice "Live & Local" listener).Here are some snapshots from yesterday's summit. Be sure to be there next year. It really is a fun time for all, regardless of political persuasion. We're all on the same page!

DSC07840 Lee Sanderson (the guy in the pink shirt), Steve West, and Gaye Symington chat it up.

DSC07841 Sir Philip Baruth with A-list blogger, Steve Benen of Essex.

DSC07843 I FINALLY meet Green Mountain Daily's "Linda in the Northeast Kingdom!"

DSC07845 Jack McCullough and Philip Baruth swap words of wisdom.

DSC07846 JD Ryan gets his picture taken with Gene Simmons of KISS. Oh, sorry. It's just Anthony Pollina. Sorry to dissapoint folks!

DSC07847 Gorty Baldwin hams it up with Democracy for America activists.

DSC07848 Nate Freeman (aka "mydog") gets wdh3 and JD Ryan to sign his petition... for Lt. Governor. Expect an announcement soon.

DSC07849 Don't friggin' mess with the Brattleboro Posse! (L to R, Steve West, Lee Sanderson, Frederic "Floyd" Noyes, Gorty "G-Love" Baldwin

DSC07850 Frankin County Democratic Party chair NanuqFC, wdh3, JD Ryan, Julie Waters, Haik Bedrosian, Steve Benen

DSC07854 NanuqFC, Caoimhin Laochdha, wdh3, and Linda in the Northeast Kingdom

DSC07855 Rep. Mark Larson (D-Burlington)

DSC07857 House Majority Whip Floyd Nease (D-Johnson) makes his appearance

DSC07860 Haik Bedrosian's beautiful family. Haik was elected to the Burlington City Council at age 22 in the mid-90s.

Chris & Lise.... no excuses next year!!! LOL!


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    Snapshots From The Vermont Daily Briefing/Green Mountain Daily Hamburger Summit
    Authored by: annikee on Sunday, June 29 2008 @ 02:30 PM GMT+4
    How very ultra cool. And no fights!

    Thanks, Christian. It's nice to have an image to go with a nom-de-net.

    "Kindness and love being the core of human interaction rather than power and material gain is at the heart of everything worth struggling for"-SK-B