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Energy from Human Feces    
Saturday, September 06 2008 @ 07:57 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: Tego

Sci-TechPonder this. Sintex, an Indian company, is selling a home digestor for $425. It is a black dome the size of a BBQ grill that transorms kitchen scraps, cow dung and human waste from an individual household into electricity or cooking fuel. Santized sewage is a beneficial byproduct. In India, the unit's cost is recouped in energy savings in two years.


The government will subsidize a third of convertor's cost. The product is creating a new industry for portable sanitation.
I want one.

We need these small units for our own rural areas. I got a place for this on the back deck. It costs less than five cords of wood. I wouldn't have to buy wood, lug wood, stack wood, or pollute the air burning wood. Those of you who burn oil or gas could save even more.

Towns could build municipal digestor plants. They are already collecting the sewage -- and spending money to treat it. Why not heat homes and power businesses with it? The city of Los Angeles built its own, but there is a problem with excess carbon dioxide in their version, per this article I read.


Oddly enough, there was no L.A. Times story about it, only this Chinese newspaper story, and another in an Australian online publication. The L.A. plant was supposedly designed by Terralong Technologies, a firm with no known website.

Anyway, IMHO, if these little made-in-India black UFO units really exist, it is idiocy for us not to have them.


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    Energy from Human Feces
    Authored by: Donnie on Saturday, September 06 2008 @ 10:47 PM GMT+4
    You didn't mention it, but Bratteboro extracts methane from its sewerage treatment plant and uses it to heat their building.

    At the Brattleboro landfill they extract methane from the ground and generate electricity that is sold to the power company. Both are very common practices by muncipalities today.

    Keene also uses biodiesal for their vehicles and geothermal heating for their new highway department building. Cheshire County is headed that way for their new prison now being built.