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Marriage Equality Becomes Law Today    
Tuesday, September 01 2009 @ 11:53 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: Christian Avard

PoliticsAs many of you may know, today marks the first day of marriage equality in Vermont. S.115, an act relating to civil marriage, was passed overwhelmingly by the House and Senate, vetoed by Gov. Jim Douglas, and subsequently overidden by the legislature. Today was the day the law went into effect.

The infamous and hateful Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas came out in fullforce but proponents were there to welcome them.

Back in March, I covered the live House debate for iBrattleboro. The most moving speech I remember was Representative Jason Lorber's (D-Burlington). He related his experience as a gay male, who married his partner in a civil union, only to see his civil union announcement on the sidebar in The Burlington Free Press. All the other heterosexual couples were featured prominently on the wedding annoucements page.

Rep. Lorber shared his feelings about that on the night they passed S.118 in the House. I'll never forget what he said.

"Why do we have to be on the side? Why can't they just say congratulations?"

I had a hard time holding back my tears when I heard that.

The Vermont Freedom To Marry Task Force now has a YouTube of his speech. I'll post it below.

This is for everyone who worked so hard to make marriage equality happen in Vermont. And to Representative Jason Lorber...



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