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Best Cell Phone Company for Brattleboro Area?    
Saturday, October 17 2009 @ 10:37 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: Anonymous

Questions & AnswersI need advice here.

Which cell phone company is best for the Brattleboro area?

By "best", I mean best in terms of reception, coverage and cost. Good customer service is also nice.

I brought my Sprint service when I moved here. I'm fairly satisfied with both the reception and the customer service up here. But I've hit a few dead zones.

I've heard that Verizon is also good. And I know that there's a Verizon store in town. The Sprint stores are in Massachusetts and in Bennington.

Any suggestions? Should I stay with Sprint or go to Verizon? Or are there other alternatives?



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    3G in SoVT This Week
    Authored by: cgrotke on Wednesday, December 16 2009 @ 06:24 PM GMT+4
    I have no way of knowing if this is good or bad, but a press release
    says AT&T's 3G network is coming very soon:

    "Wed Dec 16 2009

    AT&T today announced an update on the availability of its third
    generation (3G) mobile broadband network in Vermont, starting with
    the southern part of the state. As part of AT&T's initial network
    upgrade plan, 3G will go live on a rolling basis starting in Bennington,
    Brattleboro, Brownsville, Killington, Vernon, Warren, West Dover and
    White River Junction sometime this week. By December 31st, 3G will
    be added in Burlington, Colchester, Essex Junction, Fayston, Hartford,
    Jamaica, Jeffersonville, Middlebury, Rutland, South Burlington, St.
    Albans, Stowe, Waitsfield, West Rutland, West Townshend, West
    Wardsboro, Williston and Winooski."

    More here:

    Best Cell Phone Company for Brattleboro Area?
    Authored by: Todd on Thursday, December 17 2009 @ 10:03 AM GMT+4
    I struggled a bunch with this question a couple of months ago. I had decided to go full time to cell service for my business and home. Problem being, though I live and work only a couple of miles outside of town, nearly everybody who came by my house/office reported that they had good signal, but were roaming. Being full time on roaming would be too expensive.

    I spent many hours searching the web for ways of determining exactly who owned the tower which gave good signal here. But the maps the cell phone vendors have were too crude to give me the detail I needed. I mean, go a 1/2 mile from here in any direction and suddenly everything changed.

    So, I made it a routine to ask customers and friends who came by if they had a cell phone, would they mind telling me if they were on roaming or not. And who their service provider was. Finally I found that Verizon was the one steady non-roaming signal here. But, that is simply because of exactly where I live/work. Verizon has been fine, but the problem with being stuck with any specific cell provider is that it also limits what hardware you can use. Good luck!
    Best Cell Phone Company for Brattleboro Area?
    Authored by: Rolf on Friday, December 18 2009 @ 10:50 AM GMT+4
    I still haven't joined cell phone nation yet. I do not know if I ever will. Maybe when landlines are no longer an option we will be forced to make the switch. Mostly cell phones seem, (from the outside) to be an inconvenient interupter of getting stuff done. My family and friends are constantly (hyperbole) breaking off doing whatever the were supposedly doing to go and answer phone calls that their message machine on their landline could simply have taken care of. As far as the applications available on a cell go, since I don't have them I don't miss them.

    The only thing though is that payphones are disappearing, and in those rare instances when I need to make a call when away from home, I sometimes have to search. However, lately I have found that any business owner with a landline is usually willing to let me use their phone for a brief local call if they are asked politely.

    Most of my family members have both a cell phone and a landline, which seems insane to me. Why bother with spending money on both?

    Meanwhile, I have assumed that cell phones are more expensive than landlines, but I don't know that. In general I figure that I can't afford a cell phone as I don't currently need it, but currently we are paying between 50 and 80 a month for Fairpoint local and long. Youch.

    So we are switching to www.onesuite.com for long distance.

    How much does a cell phone cost for a month of service?

    I know there must be a wide range, but I am curious what that range might be.


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    Cell Phones
    Authored by: Todd on Friday, December 18 2009 @ 01:16 PM GMT+4
    I actually quite agree with you Rolf. I got rid of my last cell phone years ago, after just having it for a few months, because of those same points. I'm in a situation right now where the exact location of my home and office for the next months, year are very up in the air - so pretty much a cell phone was the only choice I had. I've no land line anymore, unfortunately.

    I generally find the use of cell phones in public, when close to other people at all, to be extremely rude. I keep my phone off in public, I can always go around the corner to make an outgoing call if I have to. And technology is supposed to make life easier, help us work less for the same results. But folks who become slaves to their cell phones, are always at the beck and call of others.

    When I see a group of kids, or adults, walking together or sitting together - having separate cell phone conversations. I think "why do they bother hanging out at all?" When I see somebody in a meeting, pretending to pay attention but 'texting' away or surfing/reading on their phone - I think they should be kicked out of the meeting!

    And its been shown that talking on a cell phone while driving, yes even in hands free mode, is more dangerous than drunk driving! But on a recent long trip, where I was a passenger, I was paying attention: I'd say about a quarter of the drivers were on cell phones, and about a quarter of them where holding their phones up to the steering wheel reading, typing or watching video's! Really! I saw a woman driving a fan with about 10 sleeping kids in the back (looked like a school trip or something) - watching a video on her cell phone. I see that and I think "ok, we humans deserve extinction!"

    Taking a walk and focusing on and enjoying where you are, driving and enjoying the sites, talking in person to other people. Quiet solitude, we seem to be losing it, and we wonder why things like ADD are growing so quickly? But there is something very addictive about these gadgets to us it seems, something that taps into a compulsive side of our brains.

    Ok, enough rambling. But I agree with you Rolf, hopefully at some point I'll be back in a stable living situation and can go back to the cheaper, and healthier, option of a land line!
    Cell Rates
    Authored by: Timmy on Friday, December 18 2009 @ 07:42 PM GMT+4
    To answer that one question Rolf -
    I pay $53 a month including all taxes and fees, for mt AT&T phone service. That includes all the minutes that I could possibly need, plenty of texting, voicemail, etc & importantly, all long distance is included.
    I also dropped any land line at home for two years now, and don't miss it.
    Worst Cell Phone Company
    Authored by: Floyd on Friday, December 18 2009 @ 04:55 PM GMT+4

    U.S. Cellular has the worst customer service for almost
    surely. They FUBAR your contract and don't even tell you
    that until you start getting charged for things you didn't
    used to. A shame since the reception was not bad.