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Residential Project COW (Commercial Organic Waste Composting)    
Friday, March 18 2011 @ 03:34 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: Anonymous

Home & GardenResidential Project COW

This is a great opportunity for local residents to compost their household food and low-grade paper waste!

Project COW is WSWMD's Commercial Organic Waste composting program. We've partnered with local hauler, Triple T, to make this program happen. Until now, Project COW has only been available to businesses and schools.

Project COW for Residents, a pilot program funded through October 1, 2009 by the USDA Rural Development Agency, received so much support from the public that WSWMD could not ignore the requests. As a result, Project COW for Residents will be subsidized until further notice.

Bring your compostable waste to the Windham Solid Waste District's Convenience Center on Old Ferry Road in Brattleboro.You will be surprised at how much can be composted!

Cooked or Raw Meat, Fish & Shellfish
Soiled or Waxed Cardboard
Fruits/Vegetables & Peelings Milk & Juice Cartons (please remove plastic spouts)
Cheese and Other Dairy Products Damp/Wet Paper
Coffee Grounds, Paper Filters & Tea Bags
Paper Towels, Tissues & Napkins
Bread/Rice/Pasta/Beans Paper Plates & Cups
Egg Shells Frozen Food Boxes (wax coating only)
Cooking Oils & Fats
Soiled Pizza Boxes
Pet Wastes or Bedding Cardboard Egg Cartons
Garden Weeds
Sugar or Flour Bags (without plastic liners)

This is not your ordinary backyard composting program. The items are processed at a commercial composting farm in Greenfield, MA.

Plastic Bags, Styrofoam, and Plastic Wrap
Liquids and Trash
Plastic Utensils, Plastic Lids & Straws
Plastic Cups & Plates
Plastic, Metal, Glass


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