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Sterile Sows    
Sunday, January 22 2012 @ 09:57 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: tomaidh

OpinionJerry Rosman, a pig farmer in Iowa, was cultivating GMO corn, (Roundup Ready) and fed this corn to his pigs. Result: his sows became infertile, and then after one year he went bankrupt.

See the entire interview here: Jerry Rosman Interview

Is it an incident isolated to Iowa ? Check this article from Greenpeace: Greenpeace
"Austrian scientists fed mice over a course of 20 weeks a mixture of 33 percent Monsanto GMO corn and non-GMO corn. These mice gave birth to fewer babies and lighter babies in their third and fourth litters. Mice fed on non-GMO corn had babies as normal. These differences are statistically significant."

To have a more global idea on the issue and the relation between GMOs and sterilization, read the book "Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation" by William Engdahl. Available on Amazon here: Seeds of Destruction

Book Description
Publication Date: November 20, 2007
This skillfully researched book focuses on how a small socio-political American elite seeks to establish its control over the very basis of human survival, the provision of our daily bread. Control the food and you control the people. This is no ordinary book about the perils of GMO. Engdahl takes the reader inside the corridors of power, into the backrooms of the science labs, behind closed doors in the corporate boardrooms. The author reveals a World of profit-driven political intrigue, government corruption and coercion, where genetic manipulation and the patenting of life forms are used to gain worldwide control over food production. The book is an eye-opener, a must-read for all those committed to the causes of social justice and World peace.(Courtesy: Amazon).

Between exits 2 & 3 on I-91, there's a field that's normally planted in corn with a large sign publicizing the Monsanto variety growing there. I often think "what if it were planted in industrial hemp with a local pressing facility to turn the oilseeds into biodiesel?"


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    Sterile Sows
    Authored by: mr.mike on Monday, January 23 2012 @ 12:26 AM GMT+4
    I would love to show you some of the pictures I took
    this past summer of a local dairy farm in southern
    Windham county that had several different "Round Up
    Ready" signs up in their corn field. There must've been
    20 different "versions" of these Frankensteins. One day
    I went by as they were harvesting and there was a big
    tent out there, like Monsanto was throwing a big cook
    out for another "successful" crop.

    Misery Loves Company like Vermont Loves Socialism.
    Sterile Sows
    Authored by: tomaidh on Monday, January 23 2012 @ 02:38 PM GMT+4
    It’s not just Monsanto. Many are profiting, many more are starving.
    Read this article from Britain’s Guardian newspaper:
    Food speculation: 'People die from hunger while banks make a killing on food'
    It's not just bad harvests and climate change – it's also speculators that are behind record prices. And it's the planet's poorest who pay.
    Sterile Yous (sic)
    Authored by: xteeth on Tuesday, January 24 2012 @ 12:06 PM GMT+4
    Perhaps the point is, as with the sterile crops that each year you have to buy sterile piglets from Monsanto. It would fit right in with their genetically modified crops. Perhaps they are actually behind the abortion forces so hated by the right. You'll have to buy your children next. Children of the Corn? anyone?

    "Some people cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go." Oscar Wilde
    And now...for your enjoyment...GMO Fish
    Authored by: tomaidh on Tuesday, January 24 2012 @ 11:57 PM GMT+4
    January 19, 2012, San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco's leading newspaper)

    It's a new year, and the first genetically engineered animal may be about to enter the human food supply. This is also the moment for consumers to demand to know what's in their food. Consumers Union, the advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, believes that genetically engineered fish should not be allowed into the food supply unless it is proved safe for humans and the environment. At the very least, it should be labeled. One of the most critical issues before the [Food and Drug Administration] is the potential for genetically engineered fish to cause consumers to experience increased allergic responses. Unfortunately, the FDA allowed AquaBounty Technologies, the company developing the genetically engineered salmon, to declare that there was no increase in allergy-causing potential in their AquAdvantage salmon, based on data from just six engineered fish - even when the data suggested the genetic engineering process itself did increase the allergy-causing potential. Public opinion clearly and consistently supports mandatory labeling. Our polling found that 95 percent of the public wants labeling of genetically engineered animals, while other polls found that only 35 percent of the public said that they would be willing to eat seafood that has been genetically engineered. Consumers sent nearly 400,000 comments to the FDA demanding the agency reject genetically engineered salmon, or at least require that it be labeled.
    And now...for your enjoyment...GMO Fish
    Authored by: Jeezum Crow on Wednesday, January 25 2012 @ 01:20 AM GMT+4
    This is disgusting. As if farm raised fish and stuff from Asia was not bad enough. This crap should not be permitted to masquerade as food.

    I buy only wild caught fish from the US, Canada or Scandanavia, so I guess I will be safe at home. I will have to be more careful in restaurants.