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Treasures from a Vermont Recycling Dump    
Wednesday, January 25 2012 @ 10:20 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: crisericson

HistoryBrattleboro Business Institute, Brattleboro, Vermont --- book found today at recycling, only 40 pages long with great advice, no year listed, looked up Brattleboro Business Institute in Google and it appears about 1930 to 1940 more or less. Worthy of reading today!

"Training Wins. Let a young person be trained to do one thing in a superior way, and his success is assured --- whether that thing be the mounting of butterfiles or the building of railroads. In America, specialization has been so emphasized that it has become universally necessary --- the architect, the engineer, the electrician, the public accountant, the private secretary, the business organizer, the court reporter are all outgrowths of the demand for specialized training."

"Luck --- Twenty six Dollars a Day! Carefully prepared figures
show that average difference between the earning power of the
educated man and that of the uneducated man to amount to
$26.00 a day for every day spent in school.

In other words, the difference between the earning power of the boy
who leaves the public school with no preparation for specialized
service and the one who spends a year in getting ready to hold
a position efficiently will amount to $26.00 for every day spent in
the school room."

"A Short Step for the Girl. Whether or not we approve of the
invasion of the business office by the young lady, we must
recognize the fact that she has established herself as an
indispensable factor in business life, and must be reckoned with.
The shortest step to self-support for the intelligent and fairly-well
educated young lady is through the mastery of a business course.
Our courses not only give the young lady the necessary training for
self-support, but they give her independence of thought and action
as well. We are always glad to correspond with young women
who want to become self-supporting."

"Every boy and girl ought to have a good education --- an education
that will not only give the capacity to live, but the ability to make a
living as well. No normal child between the ages of five and twenty-one
should be out of school. The fate of America depends upon the education
of coming generations."

"Opportunity Calls. This is a merchandising age. We are a race of
business men and women. The industrious, well-trained American
is growing richer every day. The opportunities that the business world
opens up to aggressive young people are greater today than ever before
in history.

But what does an opportunity mean to one who is not prepared to grasp it?"

Address as below.
Brattleboro Business Institute
Brattleboro, Vermont


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    Treasures from a Vermont Recycling Dump
    Authored by: annikee on Thursday, January 26 2012 @ 02:09 AM GMT+4
    Aside from the tone, and the knotheadedness of the time written, it's a sensible guide to becoming middle class for beginner Capitalists in the day. The marketing of the American Dream. Note how much of those options are fallen away.

    veritas fortis vocat