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Meetings at the Moose    
Monday, February 06 2012 @ 04:38 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: cgrotke

OpinionPeople who work at home often need a place to meet with clients to discuss plans, projects, and proposals. Sometimes it helps to get out of the house, away from distractions such as pets or kids, to get something done.

Lise and I like to meet up with clients at their offices to get a sense of their business if possible, but when we can't, we often suggest meeting downtown to discuss web site plans. Specifically, I've found the Blue Moose to be an excellent work-at-home meeting place.

The Blue Moose works well for client meetings for a number of reasons.

First, there's food. The cafe has a selection of hot and cold drinks, baked goods, sandwiches and more to munch on. Grab a sandwich and a spritzer, or a coffee and a muffin, and you'll be well fed during your meeting. It's nice to support other small businesses while working.

Second, there's wi-fi. Customers can connect to the internet, which makes it easy to look at web sites or check online details.

Third, it's a nice room with enough space so that you can hear one another and concentrate while still being out in public. There are high ceilings and big windows, and a combination of tables, chairs, and counters to settle yourself.

Add to all of this: easy to walk to, lots of nearby parking, friendly owners Ken and Paul, a store full of interesting housewares and gifts, and a new store-within-a-store featuring clothing and accessories.

Blue Moose is also convenient for home office errands - it's next to Brown & Roberts, close to most banks, and in the same block as the Post Office, so errands can be easily combined.

I write this to encourage others to try them out. After the Brooks House fire, Blue Moose and other businesses lost some of the everyday referrals that occur among downtown stores. Brooks House stores that used to refer customers to them are gone.

Drop in for a snack, a meal, and a meeting. Take yourself to lunch and enjoy some shopping all in once place.


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    Meetings at the Moose
    Authored by: H on Monday, February 06 2012 @ 05:45 PM GMT+4
    I'll second that. Having bailed on the office I rented on Park Place a few years ago, the Moose is a perfect place to meet customers and clients. Offering a client a cup of coffee and a crumpet is a heck of alot cheaper than the rent I was paying.
    I have always found it a place where people give each other space to do business. The light just pours into the place from the huge windows.
    Before the shop opens in the morning you have to sneek into the place through the other door, kind of like a speak easy for breakfast.
    Meetings at the Moose
    Authored by: KAlden on Monday, February 06 2012 @ 07:42 PM GMT+4
    I'll third this! Blue Moose is one of the most welcoming and comfortable spaces in Brattleboro. I frequently have meetings there and it's my first choice to meet friends for lunch or coffee. Paul and Ken are so friendly and gracious; the food is wonderful (especially the soups!) and I seldom leave without picking up couple of cards or a little gift for someone. I like Amy's but most of the time it's just too noisy and crowded to have anything other than a short conversation.
    Meetings at the Moose
    Authored by: louc on Tuesday, February 07 2012 @ 04:25 AM GMT+4
    When I used to work at home, there were times that I would get easily
    distracted (which was often) and find better things to do than work. It
    was then that I would grab my laptop and head for the Moose. I got a
    lot of work done there and although I still frequent it when I can, I do
    miss being able to spend a large part of my day there.
    Meetings at the Moose
    Authored by: JeffPotter on Wednesday, February 08 2012 @ 03:28 AM GMT+4
    The day after the Brooks House fire, when nobody knew the structural
    integrity of the building, those of us who work at The Commons were
    evacuated from our offices, along with everyone else who works and
    lives across the street at the Hooker-Dunham building.

    Paul and Ken were kind enough to let me and my colleagues Randy
    and Olga set up shop in their back storeroom, where we were able to
    produce the paper that was due to press the next day.

    That was an unstinting act of neighborly kindness that let us do that a
    much better job under upsetting and difficult circumstances for all of

    Thanks again, guys.

    Jeff Potter
    editor, The Commons

    Meetings at the Moose
    Authored by: SpudHill on Wednesday, February 08 2012 @ 07:51 AM GMT+4
    This seems very in character and doesn't surprise me. My quick dealings with the owners of this store have shown them to be very friendly, neighborly and they are great representatives of the downtown business community.
    Meetings at the Moose
    Authored by: cgrotke on Tuesday, March 27 2012 @ 01:27 PM GMT+4
    Snack food lovers note: I've noticed that the Blue Moose
    has been experimenting with childhood favorite snack

    For example, yesterday there was a yellow, rounded
    rectangular cake with three holes of cream in the bottom,
    very much resembling a brand name cakie.. mmm.

    I've heard other experiments include cream-filled
    chocolate mini-cakes dipped in chocolate, and those yellow
    cupcakes with orange frosting - all the sort of things you
    might have found wrapped in pairs and sold in corner

    It's always a fun challenge to try to recreate at home what
    one can buy at the store. I spent a day making a home
    made pop tart once, and learned a lot. (Mostly that all the
    store-bought cake snacks are there because people used to
    bake these things and have them in bakeries until the
    corporate, mass-produced versions took over.)
    Meetings at the Moose
    Authored by: Zippy on Tuesday, March 27 2012 @ 02:02 PM GMT+4

    Have you tried their Oatie-O's? OMG! I bought two the other day, fully intending to share the other with Mr. Zippy. Well, you know the rest of that story...

    Now I am out looking for the Jenny Craig Emergency Room, fearing I may throw an Oatie-O embolism to my last remaining patent coronary artery. It's good, however, to go out with a smile on your face.