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United Nation Is Investigating President Obama's Foreign Policy!    
Friday, January 25 2013 @ 10:50 PM GMT+4
Contributed by: crisericson

PoliticsRight now the United Nations is investigating President Barack Obama's
use of un-manned drones worldwide to kill "terrorists", but which end up violating the sovereignty of foreign countries and killing children and innocent civilians.

In the news Friday, January 25, 2013


United Nations Investigates US Drone Program
Just 10 days after a United States Senator
issued a letter asking how the Obama administration
determines it can legally target and kill
American citizens, the ...

UN probes deadly US drone attacks
Ceylon Daily News
LONDON — The UN's envoy on counter-terrorism
and human rights launched an investigation
on Thursday into the impact of drone strikes
on civilians, aimed at ...

United Nations to investigate drone killings
The United Nations launched an inquiry on Thursday
into the use of unmanned drones in counter-terrorism
operations, after criticism of the number of innocent ...

United Nations Announces Inquiry Into Drone Strikes
On Thursday, the United Nations announced an inquiry
into the use of unmanned drones in Pakistan, Yemen,
Somalia, and the Palestinian territories.

The US Should Ignore UN Inquiry Into Drone Strikes
Airstrikes carried out by U.S. unmanned aerial vehicles
(commonly referred to as drones)
have been criticized for several years by
international human rights ...

Uh-oh: UN will investigate U.S. drone strikes
Now, however, the United Nations is taking issue
with President Obama's [Drone] War on Terror.
An investigative panel will reportedly investigate the ...

United Nations To Investigate
US Drone Assassination Program
A United Nations expert has launched an investigation
of drone attacks and targeted killings, scrutinizing
a deeply controversial tool in the United States' battle ...

Obama remains committed to using drones
under guise of war on ...
Press TV
The comments came after UN Special Rapporteur
Ben Emmerson announced the launching of an
investigation by experts to inspect 25 terror drone attacks in ...

Amazon drone toy generates dozens of anti-Obama 'reviews'
The situation has become so severe that the United Nations
announced in ... an investigation in Geneva to examine
the legality of such drone strikes in which ...

on this petition,
"End the DRONES...Stop the Killing of Children
and innocent civilians"


(case sensitive White House link)

This petition to
" End the DRONES...Stop the killing of children
and innocent civilians "
was written by Rosemarie Jackowski
of Bennington, Vermont,
a grandmother who cares about the world
we are leavng to little children, age 75.

Please call her for an interview
for your television show,
newspaper or magazine



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    United Nation Is Investigating President Obama's Foreign Policy!
    Authored by: xteeth on Sunday, January 27 2013 @ 02:31 PM GMT+4
    It is an astounding change in our lifetimes. It used to be that water boarding was considered torture which we were just plain not allowed to do. I think we prosecuted the Japanese for doing exactly that and now it is renamed enhanced interrogation techniques. The same with drones. It used not to be allowed to assassinate foreign leaders - think Castro and exploding cigars. What the hell happened. Doesn't anyone realize that democracies willingly tie one hand behind our backs with regard to the rest of the world when it comes to carrying out foreign policy? You can't do these things and still be a democracy. I think the same argument applies to the death penalty.

    Wearing a ring doesn't make you a bath tub.
    United Nation Is Investigating President Obama's Foreign Policy!
    Authored by: Azrael on Sunday, January 27 2013 @ 04:50 PM GMT+4
    While i will not comment on the drones and killing US citizens who are acting as terrorists against our country abroad I will comment on water boarding. Yes we did put Japanese in WW2 on trial for using it and in fact we hung a few for it. However I will point out that this doesn't mean we were some shinning idilic group ourselves. The US commited its share of atrocities itself but we won so no one did anything about it.

    United Nation Is Investigating President Obama's Foreign Policy!
    Authored by: mr.mike on Sunday, January 27 2013 @ 10:29 PM GMT+4
    When will I see the outrage that we saw here 6 yrs ago. This drone thing has increased bigtime under the current administration and what we hear on this site is crickets. You tie waterboarding in but fail to address the real issue. We are invading sovereign nations air space and firing on citizens not to mention a few american citizens. Where is Leahy, Sanders and Welch? Have they been bought and paid for that much?

    “No man’s life, liberty or property is safe as long as the legislature is in session.” Ben Franklin.