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Free Talk Tonight at MFTP! The Adrenals: Supporting a Healthy Stress Response    
Wednesday, January 30 2013 @ 11:46 AM GMT+4
Contributed by: MFTP

HealthTonight at 7 pm! Join clinical nutritionist and herbalist, Emily Samet, for an informative talk on the adrenal glands and the nervous system. Stress is a fact of life but how we deal with it is up to us. A fully nourished and well-tuned neuroendocrine system is a key to achieving excellent health and wellbeing.

Both an overactive or underactive stress response can lead to imbalanced health in the body and mind. Our capacity for personal growth and evolution is linked with our ability to emotionally assimilate our experiences via the nervous system. We will discuss nutritional, herbal, and lifestyle support for repairing and maintaining vibrant adrenal health.

Emily Samet, MS, is a clinical nutritionist and Herbalist who is dedicated to helping people blend proper nutrition and lifestyle changes with the elegance of herbal medicine. Emily teaches yoga and serves as Adjunct Faculty in Nutrition at the Community College of Vermont.

Medicine for the People is located at 125 Main St in Putney. Call 802-387-3028 or visit http://www.medicineforthepeople.org for more info.


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