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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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Brattleboro Elections & Representative Town Meeting 2013

Brattleboro Election Info 2013

The following information about Brattleboro Town Meeting & Elections 2013 comes to us courtesy of the town and the candidates themselves unless otherwise indicated. Click the tabs below to browse our Town Meeting and Election information. Corrections, additions, and feedback: please email info@ibrattleboro.com.

2013 Annual Town and Town School District Meeting Election Calendar

Monday, January 21: Last day (5:00 P. M.) for Town Meeting Members who are candidates for re-election to give written notice to the Town Clerk (seventh Monday preceding election). Section 4, Acts of 1959, Number 302  

Thursday, January 24: Last day (5:00 P. M.) to file petition requesting that an article be placed on the Warningfor Annual Town and Town School District Meeting (40 days preceding election). Approx. 480 (5%) signatures of registered Brattleboro voters required. 17 VSA 2642 (a)  

First day to post Warning for Annual Town and Town School District (not more than 40 days preceding election) 17 VSA 2641 (a)  

Monday, January 28: Last day (5:00 P.M.) to file petition for Town and Town School District Officers (sixth Monday preceding election, 30 signatures required). 17 VSA 2681 (a) and (b)  

Last day (5:00 P.M.) to file petition to be a candidate for Town Meeting Member (sixth Monday preceding election, 10 signatures from candidate’s district required). Section 4, Acts of 1959, Number 302  

Sunday, February 3: Last day to post Warning for Town and Town School District Meeting (not less than 30 days preceding election). 17 VSA 2641(a) Posting day is day 1. Elect. Would be day after 30th day.  

Wednesday, February 6: Last day (5:00 PM) to register to vote in the BUHS Annual Meeting (Wednesday preceding meeting). 17 VSA 2144(a)  

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 BUHS ANNUAL MEETING (Second Tuesday in February)  

Wednesday, February 13: Early/Absentee ballots available. (not later than 20 days prior to election.) 17 VSA 2681(a)  

Saturday, February 23: Last day to post sample ballots and voter information (for municipal elections, not less than 10 days preceding election). 17 VSA 2522(a)  

Wednesday, February 27: Last day (5:00 PM) to register to vote for Town and Town School District.(Wednesday preceding election). 17 VSA 2144(a)  

Monday, March 4: Voters may request absentee ballots until 5:00 P.M. 17 VSA 2531(a)  


Friday, March 15: Last day (5:00 P.M.) for a candidate for local office to file request for recount (within 10 days after election). 17 VSA 2683  

SATURDAY, MARCH 23: ANNUAL REPRESENTATIVE TOWN AND TOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT MEETING (third Saturday following first Tuesday in March). Section 6(f), Acts of 1959, Number 302  

Friday, March 29: Last day (5:00 P.M.) for petition to be filed with Selectmen requesting question voted at Representative Town Meeting be submitted to voters of the Town at large (five days exclusive of Sunday from meeting.) Requires signatures of 250 voters or 50 Town Meeting Members. See Section 8, Acts of 1959, Number 302

Voting Information

Voting in Brattleboro will be held on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at the Brattleboro Union High School Gymnasium on Fairground Road. Polling hours are 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

The Annual Representatives Town Meeting is Saturday, March 23, 9am at the Brattleboro Union High School Gymnasium.

If you are unsure if your name is listed as a registered voter in Brattleboro or for more information about voter registration and early/absentee voting, contact the town clerk at 251-8157.

Office hours for the Brattleboro Town Clerk’s office are 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. On the Saturday prior to an election, the office is open from 9 AM- 12 PM for absentee voting.

Early/absentee ballots are available in the Brattleboro Town Clerk's office 20 days before a local election. Anyone wishing to vote early may apply for an early/absentee ballot until 5:00 p.m. on the Monday before the election, March 4, 2013.  

For more information, call 251-8157 or e-mail townclerk@brattleboro.org.

Note to candidates: we want to help you share information with voters. Help us out by getting in touch at info@ibrattleboro.com

Tad Montgomery has posed a question to candidates about Political and Emotional Intelligence. Click to see the responses.

Chris Pratt has asked candidates about Smart Meters.

Robert Oeser has posted notes from the Brattleboro Citizens Breakfast's Selectboard Candidate Forum

Kathryn Turnas has posted a video of the Citizen's Breakfast Candidate Forum.

Moderator (choose 1)

Douglas Cox

Douglas Cox is a violinmaker in West Brattleboro. He’s been active in Town Meeting and arts issues around town.

Read Doug Cox's Interview


Lawrin Crispe

Lawrin Crispe is a longtime Brattleboro lawyer, also active in Town Meeting. He has served as Assistant Secretary of the Vermont Senate.

Read Lawrin Crispe's Interview


Selectboard - 3 year seat (choose no more than 1)

Spoon Agave
Spoon Agave

Ben Spoon Agave is a former Selectboard member, currently active with the Town Finance Committee and Development Review Board. He has displayed an ongoing interest in sustainability and planning and is an active iBrattleboro user.

Read Spoon Agave's Statement

Interview: (See statement)

Kate O'Connor

Kate O'Connor is a former assistant to Democrat Howard Dean and campaign advisor for Republican Rich Tarrant, currently serving as BaBB vice president. She’s the daughter of former Selectboard member Martha O’Connor, and recently ran as a state representative for District 3.

iBrattleboro Interview: No response to multiple inquiries.



Selectboard - 1 year seat (choose no more than 2)

John Allen

 John Allen

John Allen is a local builder and former Selectboard member.

iBrattleboro interview: No response to multiple inquiries.

David Cadran

David Cadran 

David Cadran is an employee of the Brattleboro Food Coop. He’s been interested and active in town issues since he was young, frequently offering views and information here on iBrattleboro. He’s the youngest candidate in this year’s race.

iBrattleboro Interview with David Cadran

Ian Kiehle


Ian Kiehle was born in Brattleboro and is a graduate of Brattleboro Union High School, where his father James taught for over 30 years.  Ian served on the board of Brattleboro Community TeleVision for five years, serving as President for three of those years.  He worked for many years managing Save The Corporations From Themselves on Main Street,which was founded and owned by the late Larry Bloch. Since January of 2011, he has been a stay-at-home dad and a freelance videographer.


iBrattleboro interview with Ian Kiehle

Phil Kramer


Phil Kramer owns and operates Brattleboro Orthotics. 

iBrattleboro Interview with Phil Kramer

Donna Macomber

Donna Macomber 

Donna Macomber has served as the Executive Co-Director of the Women's Freedom/Crisis Center in Brattleboro,  a member of the Board of Directors for the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, and chairwoman of the Windham County Task Force.

iBrattleboro Interview with Donna Macomber

David Schoales

David Schoales

David Schoales is running for both Selectboard and School Board. He has recently served on the Town School Board and as Voting Member of the WSESU Board, and has been a Town Meeting Representative.

iBrattleboro Interview with David Schoales


There are no ballot questions this year.

iBrattleboro Poll

Brattleboro is considering a second sidewalk snowplow. That snowplow