"You can’t be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet." - Hal Borland

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Today In Local History


Westminster chosen as shire town of Cumberland County, NY on May 26.


Fish! Fish! Mackerel, Salmon, Shad, Cod, Halibut, and Sword Fish, at G. & C. Lawrence’s.


A Baggage Wagon for Troy, Will leave Brattleboro every Monday, until the close of navigation. Freight to any amount, directed to S.H. Bridge, Brattleboro, will be immediately forwarded. Freight taken to Troy for 62 1/2 cents per hundred.


Files and Rasps. 100 doz. Files and rasps, assorted; Flat, Square, Taper, Round and half-round, for sale by Williston & Tyler.


Doct. Fitch’s Abdominal Supporters, Shoulder Braces and Inhaling Tubes. Also, his book of “Six Lectures on prevention and cure of Consumption,” for sale at reduced prices, by A.H. Day & Brother.


The weather of Monday and Tuesday of the present week was such as would do better justice to the month of March, than to the 21st of May. A frost in the vicinity was only prevented by clouds and wind.


A Salute of thirty-six guns — one for each State and one each for the Territories of Kansas and Nebraska and the District of Columbia — was fired in this village on Saturday, in honor of the Republican ticket nominated at Chicago.


In anticipation of the opening of “Glenwood Ladies Seminary” at West Brattleboro, by Mr. Orcutt, that village has undergone sensible improvements in the matter of buildings. The Seminary in all its departments will be opened in September.


C.E. Allen, whose market garden, on Canal street, is one of our rising institutions, surprised us on Monday last by the presentation of a box of strawberries grown in his hot-house.


The original Cardiff giant is now on exhibition in this village at the room recently occupied by the bank in the Revere House, corner of Elliot and Main streets, and will remain on exhibition the remainder of the week. An opportunity is thus afforded the public of viewing this wonderful petrifaction — or what is it?


Last Sunday was the “White” Sunday of the old New England calling, when orchards are covered with their beautiful blossoms. Hereabouts the fruit trees were hardly in their full beauty until a day or two later.


For some now the Estey Organ Works have been preparing a force of men, and on last Monday night they commenced work by stepping into the places of the day “help” when their days’ work was done, and taking up the work just where they left off, thus continuing the work right on through the night. Their new brick dry-houses are soon to be completed, and the new factory filled with the machinery requisite to a monthly production of 1600 organs.


Geo. A. Hines has drawn a very large and complete map of the village of Brattleboro, for the use of the telephone exchange, which will show every telephone line, with instruments, connections, etc.


Spring time has come and all nature smiles upon us. The sweet perfume of leaf and flower fills the air and reminds us that Decoration day is at hand. Let the loyal people of Vermont join the old soldiers in decorating the graves of our fallen heroes.


C.P. Gibson has another auction sale at the Elliot street stables to-morrow at 10 A.M., when he will sell a carload of 25 horses which have arrived this week. This, Mr. Gibson says, is his 32d carload since Jan. 1. A lot of carriages, wagons and harness will be included in the sale.


A meeting of the Band of Mercy, for the prevention of cruelty to animals, was held last week. The motto is: — “I will try to be kind to all harmless, living creatures and try to protect them from cruel usage.”


A contemptible piece of business occurred Saturday night. A man of “bizarre” appearance, who had committed no offence, was pelted with eggs by two lads, but their aim was so poor he was not hit. One of the eggs broke a pane of glass, and another struck a well-known Elliot street citizen and soiled his clothing. A young man on Main street is said to have bought the eggs and urged the boys on to their dirty work.


A new concrete sidewalk is being laid on the west side of Cedar street.


An application has been made this week for a charter for the West River Power company. The company is composed of Brattleboro men, who propose to construct a dam across West river and to establish an electric power plant for the purpose of furnishing electric power to the manufacturing industries of Brattleboro.

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Latest Stories

Mexican-Americans: Experience & Identity-A Reading-Discussion Series: The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle

Brooks Memorial Library continues its Vermont Humanities Council reading/discussion series, Mexican Americans: Experience and Identity on Wednesday 16 March 2016, at 7 pm - 8:30 pm with The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle. This 4-Part series 'Mexican Americans: Experience and Identity,' deals with the experiences of Mexicans living in the United States, from the struggles of migrant farmworkers and day laborers in California to coming of age stories of Chicanos as U.S. citizens.

The third book in this series is The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle, which is story of illegal aliens in California, told through the eyes of two very different couples, one well-off Anglos, the other illegal Mexicans living in a canyon. The novel chronicles their relationship against the background of growing hostility between immigrants and natives. 



Very early in his campaign, around the time he declared it back in mid-May, I wrote to Bernie and said "Avalanches don't only start with a thunderclap or a gunshot ... sometimes they start with a little tiny snowball that starts to form at the very top of the mountain."The Bernie Sanders avalanche is about halfway down the mountain now, and the few little snowballs, which became many, are just starting to morph into a tremendous cascade.

The post-March-15 primary season will see the American people either part of this avalanche, or else they will see it coming. It will sweep up all in its path. Bernie Sanders and his supporters are a force of nature, and nothing will deny us or defeat us!


Selectboard Meeting Notes - Brattleboro Creates New Health Plan With Employees

Brattleboro is restructuring the way town employees are compensated for health care. A new program to fill the gaps of higher deductibles might end up saving taxpayers $30,000 a year while continuing to provide a solid level of coverage for employees.

The decision of the recent special Representative Town Meeting to move the police station to Black Mountain Road has been incorporated into the budget to be presented at the regular Representative Town Meeting, Bradley House might be renovated and expanded if a new package of grants is approved, the town will buy new police cars, and Donna Macomber had a final regular meeting with the board. 


Bernie Sanders Voters May Have Been Turned Away In North Carolina For "Wrong" Kind of I.D.

PRIMARY, EMERGENCY MEETING 6:30 PM NORTH CAROLINA - VOTERS TURNED AWAY FOR HAVING THE WRONG KIND OF I.D.? BUT POLL WORKERS WERE NOT PROPERLY TRAINED!!!!! BERNIE SANDERS MUST FILE LAWSUIT FAST because the 2000 election Bush vs Gore proved you have to act fast! The Supreme Court of the U.S. stopped the delayed vote count in that case!


Brattleboro Union High School Board Meeting Agenda

53 Green Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301


The BAMS Committee will meet at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, March 21 in the BAMS Conference Room.

The BUHS #6 Teacher Curriculum Committee will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 21 in the WRCC Cusick Conference Room.

The BUHS #6 Planning and Policy Committee will meet at 6:55 p.m. on Monday, March 21 in the WRCC Cusick Conference Room.


A Stroll/SEON Windham Grows Workshop: Farms, Food, Green Buildings, Green Technology

Strolling of the Heifers and SEON — the Sustainable Energy Outreach Network — are partnering to present a workshop to explore collaborative opportunities between businesses in the farm, food, green building and green technology sectors.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 29 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Robert H. Gibson River Garden, 157 Main Street, in Brattleboro.

The event is the second workshop in the Windham Grows series — the first was “Tech Salad,” which brought together farm, food and technology entrepreneurs on March 3.

Like Tech Salad, the March 29 event will be facilitated by Nadav Malin, president of Building Green, Inc., a Brattleboro consultancy that gathers, organizes and publishes information about green building technologies for building industry professional and policy makers." 


Act 46 Study Committee Agenda and Minutes

Representing the Brattleboro Town School District, Dummerston Town School District, Guilford Town School District, Putney Town School District, and the Vernon Town School District


The Act 46 Study Committee will meet at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at the Putney Central School.




Build A Scalable Startup: Paul Silva, Valley Venture Mentors to Talk about Free Resources (Thursday)

The March Brattleboro Area Tech group meeting will be on March 17th, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, at the River Garden, 157 Main St. Brattleboro, VT. And yes, we'll get to see the newly remodeled River Garden basement.

This month's guest is Paul Silva of Valley Venture Mentors who will give a brief talk about free resources to help you build a scalable startup, with plenty of time for questions.

Anyone working with or interested in technology in the Brattleboro area is welcome to attend.


Brattleboro Board of Civil Authority Hearing Regarding March 10 Recount

The Brattleboro Board of Civil Authority will meet on Wednesday, March 16 at 2:00 p.m. in the Selectboard Meeting Room for the purpose of conducting a hearing and accepting testimony relating to the conduct of the March 10 recount for select board race. If the board determines that any violations of the recount procedures occurred and that they may have affected the outcome of the recount, a new recount shall be ordered.


Food Justice: To What Extent Does It Exist In Our Community?

Who in our community has the means and access to grow, sell, and eat healthy food?  Is it a reasonable expectation that our food be fresh, nutritious, affordable, and grown locally, with care for the well-being of the land, workers and animals?

The Shareholder Forum of the Brattleboro Food Coop will hold a community dialogue on food justice on Sunday, March 20, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm in the Brattleboro Food Co-op Community Room, 7 Canal Street. A panel of local experts will address these questions from the different perspectives of farmers (Howard Prussack, High Meadow Farm, and Brian McNeice, Bonvue Farm), children (Vicky Senni, Let's Grow Kids!), seniors (Chris McAvoy, Brattleboro Senior Meals), low-income people (Rhianna Kendrick, Groundworks Collaborative), and the Brattleboro Food Co-op (Sabine Rhyne).  Members of the community are invited to participate in this dialogue with the panelists and fellow community members.


The Brattleboro Historical Society Presents: This Week in Brattleboro History Podcast - Prohibition v. The Local Option

Due to our tardiness in posting this podcast it should perhaps read, "Last Week in Brattleboro History." Sorry about that.

It was 100 years ago this week that Brattleboro was in an uproar about the sale of alcohol in our town.

This week BHS trustee, Joe Rivers, and his intrepid band of young historians at the Brattleboro Area Middle School examine the prohibition era.


BCTV Schedules For The Week Of 3/14/2016

BCTV channel 8 schedule for the week of 3/14/16

Monday, March 14, 2016

12:00 am DCC: Bob Engel- Biological Communities #2- 2/29/16

1:45 am Vets: Introduction to Veterans' Benefits 2/18/16

2:30 am The Opiate Effect - Film and Discussion

4:30 am From VT to VZ: Building a Global Movement for Social and Environmental Justice


Green Street Retaining Wall Construction

Renaud Brothers of Vernon, Vermont has been awarded the contract to rebuild the Green Street Retaining Wall. Construction on the Green Street Wall will begin during the week of March 21st. We anticipate that the project will be complete within 60 days. Public Works will release periodic updates for this project.

Emergency services, delivery vehicles, pedestrians, and local traffic will NOT be permitted through the closure during the construction season. Please seek an alternate route.


And The Heat Goes On - New Global Temperature Records

Enjoy the warm temperatures while you can. That is, enjoy the warm days with a grain of proverbial salt. These warm days are actually bad things.

Scientists are reporting that February broke global temperature margins at record levels. Stories about the data used words such as: jaw-dropping, stunning, shocker, climate emergency, bombshell, extraordinary, frightening, and unprecedented.


New Podiatrist Starts at BMH

In collaboration with Cheshire Medical Center Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene, podiatrist Heidi Newkirk, DPM will be opening a local office at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, where she will see patients in the Podiatry Department as well as the BMH Center for Wound Healing

Dr. Newkirk holds a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from New York College of Podiatric Medicine in New York, New York and a Bachelor of Science from North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega, Georgia. She completed her residency in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in New Hyde Park, New York and is qualified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. In addition to joining the staff of the Center for Wound Healing, Dr. Newkirk is an employee of the Department of Podiatry at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene.


Developing Vernon

The voters recently approved the concept of a gas-fired generating station to replace Yankee.

They’re looking to replace the cash cow they have had for 30-some years: Jobs, low taxes, better schools…it’s a
long list and I don’t blame them at all.

But what if they had an opportunity to regain all the benefits – and then some, without pollution and the dangers resulting from a gas pipeline?


Brattleboro Senior Meals Weekly Menu - March 7 to March 11

Brattleboro Senior Meals Menu March 14 to March 18

March 14
Salisbury Steak
Baked Potato
Brussel Sprouts


Brattleboro Time Trade Listings - week of March 13

Brattleboro Time Trade: www.brattleborotimetrade.org Exchanging services, creating connections, strengthening communities, one hour at a time. See below for more exciting Upcoming Events and learn what Time Trade can do for you!

How Time Trade Works: You do something for someone and earn time credits for your "bank," which you can then put towards someone else doing something for you! It's that simple - and amazing!

This week's fabulous listings, brought to you from spring dreams:

Now anyone can see a listing of all our Offers and Requests: https://brattleboro.timebanks.org/ads?type=1

OFFERS (i.e. things people could do for you):

Mending, Sewing
Paper Leaf Collection Bags
Can Repair, Mend, Hem & Sew Specific Projects
Will Make a Baby Quilt
Composting Workshop


Fred Emerson Brooks and D. W. Robertson, and What is a Tumbleronicon?

March 13, 1891:

Fred Emerson Brooks, the California poet, humorist and reciter, and D.W. Robertson, the tumblerlonicon and verephone soloist, who are to give the entertainment under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A. next Thursday evening, have received the highest commendation wherever they have appeared.




Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Votes To Move Police Station

By a vote of 111 Yes to 27 No, Brattleboro Town Meeting Representatives have decided to move the police station to Black Mountain Road.

This approves the concept. At their regular Representative Town Meeting later this month, representatives will vote on the budget that contains this option. That budget, and other business, remains to be approved.


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