“Dignity has no price, when someone starts making small concessions, in the end, life loses all meaning.”  José Saramago

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Within a week or two, some scoundrels have eased a few gardens in this village of their melons, which gross violation of the law, right, and decency is set down against them in the “Great day of reckoning.” After one has toiled and sweat to raise fruit wherewith to regale himself and friends in the Autumn, to have it “hooked” - “flinched” - aye stolen in the night, is outrageously provoking.


Mr. Ganson’s dancing school will commence on Saturday afternoon at the Town Hall. Mr. G. will be pleased to see the parents with their children as he wishes to develop and explain his plan and system of instruction.


The Catholic children excluded from the public schools during the last term for disobedience of the rules, resumed attendance at the commencement of the present term.


Persons from the adjoining towns desiring to attend the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher’s lecture, Oct 6th, in order to be sure of a seat must secure their tickets in advance.


The lower part of the town hall was fitted up for public library purposes and was so opened as Brattleboro's free library with Mrs. Annie E. Fulton as librarian.


The reports given by our county correspondents this week indicate that the band of “Arabs” who were not allowed to land in New York, and then went to Canada and came over the Vermont line, are now wandering through the interior of the county, evidently divided into several small bands.


Frank E. Housh will publish Mr. Howard’s “Brattleboro in Verse and Prose” early in November, copies having been sold to guarantee successful publication.


A successful test of the new fire-alarm system was made last Saturday evening.


The stringing of the copper wire for the metallic long-distance telephone line between Brattleboro and Bellows Falls began this morning.


The grounds of George E. Crowell were lighted Saturday by electricity for the first time.


“Joe” Kemp, a genuine cow-boy from Idaho, passed through Brattleboro on Tuesday with a carload of 29 elk which he lassoed in the mountains. He sold them to Austin Corbin, the noted railroad man, for $150 each, and the animals were being taken to Mr. Austin’s large preserve near Newport, N.H. Idaho Joe was dressed in the conventional cow-boy costume, with sombrero and leather trousers.


The Brattleboro Overall Company began running their factory on Elm street with electric power Tuesday. The business requires about 15 horse power in addition to the lighting.


The steel girders for the Connecticut river bridge have been put in place this week and are being securely riveted to the framework. An interested crowd of spectators has watched the progress of the work. It is expected that by Valley Fair time teams will be able to cross the bridge.


Tad Dwyer releases report on Brattleboro Police Department including findings and recommendations.

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A.C.O.R.N. Nature and Music Festival 2014


Local Festival to Take Place at Guilford Fairgrounds on Sept. 27, 2014

The first ever A.C.O.R.N Nature and Music Festival (A Community of Resilient Neighbors) is now selling tickets to this exciting, family-friendly, local event taking place at the Guilford Fairgrounds on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014. During the day, participate in a myriad of workshops focused on nature, wilderness skills, and resiliency. In the evening, listen and dance to amazing music.


150 Years Ago (1864 8/7)

 Aug. 7, 1864. Here we are back in the same old place. West of Harper's Ferry. We had our tents nicely
fixed and some had gone to sleep and all were congratulating themselves on having a good nights sleep, when we had orders to pack up and fall in and at about 11 o'clock we did fall in and marched to the Railroad near the City where from appearances we were to take the cars. The whole column laid right down in the road and slept for 4 hours, or I did for one, except twice, when a horse or mare that had got loose ran over me, but could not afford to keep awake long. At 10 o'clock we were making our coffee on the heights West of Harper's Ferry. At about 12 noon we came here.


Selectboard Meeting Notes: MLK in Limbo, Skatepark Acrimony, and Melrose Not A Burden

Brattleboro’s recognition of MLK, Jr. Day remains unresolved, with the Selectboard asking for more information to compare the options of adding and swapping holidays for employees. 

The board had a long conversation about the future of the Melrose property, and specifically whether it would or could become a burden on the town. The Brattleboro Housing Authority said they didn’t want it to be a burden, but the board wanted further clarification before approving the PUD for Red Clover Commons.

The Entergy Funds committee is looking at their options, the skatepark visits nearly led to fisticuffs, town finances are preliminarily good, and the Selectboard approved goals. All this and more below.


Brattleboro Citizens' Breakfast Invitation - Please RSVP - "Health and Aging: a Federal Policy Update"

“Health and Aging: a Federal Policy Update”

The August "Brattleboro Citizens' Breakfast" is planned for Friday, August 15,  2014 at the Gibson Aiken Center, downstairs, hosted by Senior Meals. Doors open at 7:30am.

This month we plan to hear from Sophie Kasimow Office. She is the HELP Committee Staff Director, that is Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, which includes the Subcommittee on Primary Health & Aging. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is Chairman of this subcommittee.  


150 Years Ago (1864 8/5)

Monocacy Mill, Aug. 5, 1864.

Dearest Abiah,

Another move, but a short one. We are now about seven miles from Frederick City, near a large grist mill. Came here the 3rd, and such a quantity of Griddle cakes and things of that kind as have been cooked since we came here! The flour and meal is not dear, meal 3 cents per lb. And a 3 quart pail full of flour a ½ of a dollar. I have a little frying pan, and it is in use most of the time, so is my pail. Hard tack is at a discount. I had some cheese yesterday. It is the first that I have had. Yesterday we expected to stop here some days and we had quite a time rejoicing. This morning at about 3 o'clock we were called up and ordered to pack up and move, at daylight. Got all ready. Daylight came, but we did not move.


Complain? No! Stop Israel's Genocide! Demand Special Nuremberg Court! Netanyahu Arrest!

Working, with former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's support, to seed confidence that Nuremberg Principles law will soon come down on citizens of US, of NATO nations and the still contested state of Israel, which exists primarily on seized, stolen and ethnically cleansed land, are freaking sick of reading, even during ongoing genocide, excellently and professionally written, moralistic journalism of horror and helplessness  


Brattleboro Entergy Settlement Funds Working Group Meeting Agenda

The Brattleboro Entergy Settlement Funds Working Group will meet on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 12:00 noon at in the Planning Services Department, Suite 202, at the Municipal Center.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Pay-AS-You-Throw (PAYT) Is Coming to Brattleboro!

Brattleboro's Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) committee has met two times and continues to meet every other week on Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM in the Municipal Building. Next meeting is August 13th.

You are welcome to come and listen / participate. 

You can also start asking questions and posting comments here on i-Brattleboro.


Public Invited to 'Trail Talk' to be held for I-91 Brattleboro Bridge Project

The PCL+FIGG Team will conduct the next on-site “trail talk” for the Public on Saturday, August 9, 2014.

These trail talks will discuss the status of the I-91 Brattleboro Bridge Project and allow the public to ask questions. The talks will originate at the West River Trail near the marina. The trail talk will be led by Caleb Linn, Project Manager for PCL (lead contractor), and Garrett Hoffman, Design Manager for FIGG (bridge designer).

Interested participants should meet the PCL+FIGG Team at the West River Trail trailhead on Saturday, August 9, 2014, at 8 a.m. and the talk will begin at 8:15 a.m. Participants will walk the trail to the I-91 bridge site, so please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.


BCTV Channel 8 & 10 Schedules for the Week of 8/4/14

BCTV Channel 8 schedule for the week of 8/4/14

                   Monday August 4


12:00 am      BCTV Archives: Lisa McCormick in Concert 11/17/07

1:08 am       Howard Coffin: Vermonters at the Battle of Cedar Creek

2:00 am       FSTV Overnight

4:00 am       UVM Comm Med School: Treatments and Risks of Sleep Apnea

5:30 am       Across Our Table - Ep.3


Testosteronic Freaks

As a lifelong opponent of all things patriarchal I remain steadfast against the father-centered family, father-centered society, and father-centered government. For thousands of years the Jews, Christians, Muslims and their derivative cults are the movers behind too much of what is wrongheaded with humans. They claim life is in their beliefs but in its stead they have provided for generation after generation an unrelenting “death-culture” of willfully gross proportions.

Because of their self-sameness I mainly refer to them only as “Jukrislim,” all one of a single group of people. Therefore, the infighting the Jukrislims do is nothing less than cannibalistic in my view and they are destroying themselves and the rest of us inside out.


Brattleboro Time Trade Listings - Week of August 3

Brattleboro Time Trade:

Exchanging services, creating connections, strengthening communities, one hour at a time.

See below for exciting Upcoming Events and learn what Time Trade is all about!

This week's fabulous listings, brought to you from the height of summer:


Reiki and Flower Essence Therapy
Sota Brand Bio-Turner
Light and Sound Meditation Mind Machines Available
Dr. Hudla Clark Frenquency Generator Available
InterPlay for Fun and [sometimes] for Performance
I’ll Be Your Walking Buddy
Shopping & Errands
Borrow My Post Hole Digger



I have always considered myself to be a zionist. It seemed fair to me that the Jews of the world ought to have a homeland and that a logical place for it would be the place described in the bible as the home of their predecessors: the Hebrews.

 I knew many Palestinians when I lived in Saudi Arabia. They were all professional people holding responsible jobs in the Kingdom and they rarely ever spoke of Palestine. Actually, most of them had earlier moved to other countries like Jordan and got their educations in Europe or the USA.  It never occurred to me that they might have been forced out. One friend, an engineer/contractor, was from Jerusalem. He revealed that his grandfather was the Grand Mufti. I had no idea what a Mufti was, but I later found out that he had the right last name. He, too, never mentioned life in Palestine.


150 Years Ago (1864 8/2)

1 ½ miles from Frederick City, on the Harper's Ferry road,

August 2, 1864.

Dearest Wife,

I think that the last letter was written on the Hills west of Harper's Ferry. In a few minutes after it was finished we all started for Maryland, again marched all night or rather we were marching all night. It took a long time to cross the river. We had no cattle and came along as we were a mind, bathed in the Potomac and stopped where we pleased, calculating to keep near or division. That part of the 8th corps with us led the
column across the river, the 19th corps next, our Corps next, the first division of it leading the 2d ours next, the 3d bringing up the rear, the 2nd Brigade of the 2d, -the one Zopher is in were in rear of train as train guard. I believe the world knows nothing of the number of troops here, or what they are. No newspapers ever mention us.


Brattleboro Selectboard Agenda and Notes -August 5, 2014

Will there be free parking on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? The Brattleboro Selectboard will receive holiday observance options from the Interim Town manager at their first Tuesday meeting of August. They will also hear a preliminary report of the financials of 2014, discuss Entergy funds, hold public hearings for zoning changes, accept grants, and more.

Attend in person or watch on BCTV, and feel free to bring up items not otherwise on the agenda.


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