"To shorten winter, borrow some money due in spring."  - W.J. Vogel

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Today In Local History


Lyceum. Next Tuesday evening, at half past 6 o’clock. After the lecture the following resolution will be introduced. Resolved, That there are no just grounds for the present rebellion in Canada, and that the party calling themselves Patriots are not worthy of sympathy from the citizens of the States.


Shingles and Granite. Wanted, 40M. shaved Spruce Shingles, all heart stuff; 300 feet Granite, by Williston & Tyler.


Cords and Tassels, Fringes and Gimps, this day received by Dickinson, Day & Co.


Vt. and Mass. and Conn. River Railroads. The cars on both these roads now run regularly to the Junction in Vernon, 10 miles from this village. All the grading and mason work is completed, and the sleepers laid. The rails are also laid for some distance this side of Vernon. By the middle of February, at least, we may expect to hear the whistle of the steamhorse in this neighborhood.


Another case of small pox has occurred in this town, in the family of Mr. Newman Allen, about a mile north of the village, on the Newfane road. No intercourse is allowed between the family of Mr. Allen and other citizens.


The last session of our Legislature passed an act providing for the appointment of surveyors of wood and bark.


We are glad to announce the success of the $30,000 joint stock association which is to engage in the manufacture of furniture at Centreville. It is proposed to build a shop 40 by 100 feet.


Diaries, almanacs and registers for the current year are still to be had at Cheney & Clapp’s.


This idea of “protection to animals” is all well enough, and the horse is a noble animal; but when one of them plants himself directly across a street crossing, and hasn’t the politeness to budge an inch when you wish to cross, your admiration of the animal somehow oozes out, and you long for the organization of a Society for the Promotion of Good Manners among Horses and Common Sense among Horse Owners.


Telephonic communication was had Wednesday between the Brattleboro exchange and Springfield, Mass, via Jacksonville, Shelburne Falls and Greenfield.


It is understood that Columbus and Queen Isabelle have arrived in town, and will remain until after the fair of the Universalist ladies next Thursday evening.


Walter F. Goddard, the bookbinder, has sold his house on Canal street to Assistant Treasurer John C. DeWitte of the Brattleboro savings bank.


J.B. Randoll is putting the machinery in place in the knitting needle factory in Harmony block. He expects to begin operations next week.


Fred H. Harris was named president of the newly formed Eastern United States Ski Association.

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Movie Monday

November Showings


November 7th
– 10:00 am

Starring: Kate
Maberly, Maggie Smith

November 14th
– 9:30 am

Starring: Helen
Mirren, Om Puri


Election Event With Bernie Sanders Saturday

Pre Election Event with Bernie Sanders today, Saturday, 10/29

Doors open at 2:00.

Brattleboro Union High School, Fairground Rd.

Come meet local and statewide candidates including Sue Minter, David Zuckerman, Becca Balint, TJ Donovan, John Moran, Mike Mrowicki, David Deen and Mollie Burke and others.


Brattleboro Senior Meals Breakfast Menu


November 1st – Vegetable Frittata, Home Fries, Muffin, Fruit, Yogurt, Juice, Coffee.

November 4th – Bavarian Waffles w/Strawberries & Whipped Cream, Ham, Yogurt Parfait, Juice & Coffee

November 8th – Eggs Benedict w/Ham on an English Muffin, Home Fries, Fruit, Yogurt, Juice, Coffee


Brattleboro Senior Meals Weekly Menu - November 1 to November 4

Brattleboro Senior Meals Menu November 1 to November 4


November 1 - Baked Chicken Tenders

Vegetable Fried Rice

Lemon Broccoli

Orange Julius


Weekend Creativity Series - Foley Sound Effects

The sounds you hear in movies, cartoons, and even reality TV shows are highly coordinated and processed to eliminate distractions and focus your attention. Volumes of voices are adjusted, frequencies tinkered with, reverb added, background music is added, and so on.

One of the most important roles in the soundtrack creation process is that of Foley artist. These are people who make sound effects. You know them. The ones using coconuts to make horse galloping sounds.


Brattleboro Water Discoloration - Notice To Public

The Brattleboro Water Department has experienced some slightly discolored water complaints from customers of the Brattleboro Water System. Because of drought conditions and the replacement of a one million gallon storage tank we were unable to conduct fall water main flushing. Flushing normally occurs spring & fall and removes organics and minerals from the water distribution system.

Naturally occurring minerals (primarily iron) are typically to blame for water discoloration. These minerals, which are heavier than water, settle in water pipelines and may be stirred up from increased water flows in our system.

The discolored water poses no health hazards and the Brattleboro Water System is in full compliance with public water supply standards.


Grove Street, Municipal Center Access - Revised Schedule

A revised project schedule for the water line installation at the Brattleboro Municipal Center results in the following impact to the public.

Monday, October 31: Grove Street Closed to Through Traffic
Municipal Center Access Access from Linden Street
Parking Meters Not Available


Halloweeny Ukulele Flash Mob Tonight!

All are welcome, no need to play or sing - just come out and savor the spooky-fun scene!

Brooks House Atrium, Main St., Brattleboro. Friday Oct. 28, 6pm sharp!

Free, accessible, fun! Led by Lisa McCormick.


Brattleboro Selectboard Agenda and Notes - November 1, 2016

Should Brattleboro ban single use plastic bags in retail stores? It is one of many issues the selectboard will take up at their next regular meeting, Tuesday at the Municipal Center.

Brattleboro’s selectboard will also get a first look at the proposed budget for FY18, see the lease agreement with The Reformer, help with some refinancing of business loans, apply for a grant to buy a new fire truck, learn of two new mural proposals for downtown, buy winter sand, talk more about pedestrian safety measures to implement, and more.

You can attend and participate, and also bring up other items not on the agenda during Public Participation.


Brattleboro Committee Meeting Agendas

The Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Human Services Review Committee will meet on Tuesday, November 1, 2016, at 4:30pm in the Brattleboro Food Co-Op community room.

The Brattleboro ADA Advisory Committee will meet on Friday, November 4, 2016 at 10:00am in the Hanna Cosman meeting room at the Municipal Center.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


No More Wounded Knees

If you get your news from television you're probably not familiar with what has been going on in North Dakota and which is of great importance in these days of corporate trickery. The mainstream news wants to keep you ignorant. They'll report on things but only when they cannot avoid it. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now was arrested and this brought attention to what is going on.


Groundworks Seeking Volunteers for Seasonal Overflow Shelter - Opening November 1st

BRATTLEBORO - Groundworks Collaborative will be coordinating this year’s Seasonal Overflow Shelter (SOS) in downtown Brattleboro at the First Baptist Church, 190 Main Street. The shelter - open each winter from early-November through the end of April - provides a safe and warm place to stay for individuals experiencing homelessness during the winter season. Dinner is provided on a nightly basis.

The Shelter will open for the season on Tuesday, November 1st and will remain open through the end of April.


Halloween Costume Ideas From Previous Years

It’s almost time for Halloween, and here on Cedar Street that means hundreds of kids in costumes of all varieties.

For many years, we’ve kept a list of the costumes that were worn to our door. If you are having trouble thinking up a costume, perhaps a look through some of the older lists will spark some ideas. I’ve provided some links below.


I Like This One


We refuse absolutely to repeat the remarks about the condition of the street crossings which the letter carriers have made to us the past week. They are all good boys, and if they grew profane when they saw the mud half-way up to their knees they were excusable and it will never be set against them as a sin.


An Extensive Take On Act 46, Education and Community

Act 46 and the Quality of Education and Community

As far as I can see Act 46 is not going to have any measurable impact on the quality of education we provide to our children or, by extension, their lives thereafter.  

The driving force behind Act 46 is to hold down school taxes by reducing the per pupil cost of education.  This does not mean we will see lower education tax rates.  An expectation of a lower tax rate will only prove disappointing and frustrating. We will, however, be persuaded to agree that fewer buildings, higher teacher/pupil ratios and lower administrative costs must add up to more efficient operations. In the end we will sigh and shrug and accept that the Act ought to be beneficial because the cost after consolidation should logically be less than it would have been without consolidation.  If precedent holds there will never be any demonstrated evidence that our assumptions are correct.


French Weekend Intensive & Trip to Quebec

Express Fluency is offering a weekend French intensive November 4th-6th and a trip to Quebec November 10-12. Both of these opportunities are geared toward "intermediate" French speakers.

Many of us studied French for years in school and have lots of vocabulary and grammar rules locked away in our brains, yet we struggle to speak. This class will help unlock your brain and improve your comprehension and speaking skills. It draws upon the latest language-acquisition research to help students speak French comfortably. Conversation, storytelling, videos, and reading are all part of this dynamic and entertaining class.


Where's Walden

This article continues in the vein of my previous piece, Chain Reactions. The events described in both happen in roughly the same timespan, yet this one looks at impacts individuals can have. These articles share a common theme, that being; what are among the greatest assets of our country have come about as byproducts of our worst behavior. This is less a case of finding a silver lining, I prefer to see it as recognizing a lotus emerging from the muck. 

We know plenty about Henry David Thoreau’s famous retreat, and his legendary wanderings. However were it not for the meeting and influence of his Penobscot friends, Joe Aitteon and Joe Polis, Thoreau’s time at Walden pond might have been a singular episode rather than the start of a lifelong obsession. It was these friendships that took HDT from admirer of Nature to avid student, from a pastoral pastime to a central compulsion. 


Staying Safe Online at Putney Library: Viruses, Scams and Flim-flams in the 21st Century

There are many ways to be snookered, manipulated, tricked and even bullied into becoming a victim on the internet, as well as through regular mail, phone, etc. People tricking others into doing things against their better interests is not a new phenomenon, but the ways that can happen has changed in recent times. It helps us all to have us all be more aware, more informed, and more skeptical of seemingly innocent inquiries.


BHS Podcast - First Peoples, Part II, with Rich Holschuh

Rich Holschuh serves on the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs and spends his nights and weekends investigating the story of Brattleboro and its peoples, dating to a time 12,000 years before William Brattle was even a twinkle...

In this podcast, Rich talks about his work uncovering the history of Brattleboro's first peoples and reconnecting modern peoples to that heritage.


Future Use of Melrose Terrace

Board of Commissioner Action on the Future Use of Melrose Terrace

The Brattleboro Housing Partnerships’ Board of Commissioners affirmed the following statement at their regular meeting on October 24, 2016:

“After extensive engineering, planning and analysis we have determined that it is in the best interest of the entire community for the future use of the land at Melrose Terrace to be used for the Brook and flood hazard area water storage. We have worked very closely with Town staff in reaching this decision and plan. We have adopted a plan to remove 11 buildings at Melrose Terrace; widen the Whetstone Brook and add a box culvert to the George Miller Bridge. We have submitted a request for Pre-Disaster Mitigation funds to assist with this project and are looking for other funding as well. After we have done this work, we will proceed to remove all the remaining structures.


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