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Today In Local History


William Brattle one of the buyers of 43,943 acres of Equivalent Lands at an auction, with proceeds going to Yale.


Looking Glasses. A Splendid assortment of Looking Glasses for sale cheap by G. & C. Lawrence.


Iron, Steel, Nails, &c. C. Townsley & Son have just received a full supply of English, Swedes, Russia and American Iron, of all shapes and sizes. Sanderson & Co. and Naylor’s extra Cast Steel. Also, German, Spring, Swedes, and Toe Cork do. Elliptic and Side Springs, and Axletrees. And 200 casks Nails, of all sizes, which they are prepared to sell cheap as the cheapest for cash or approved credit.


Messrs. Riley Burditt and Hatsel P. Green of this village, have made an important improvement in melodeons for which they have recently secured letters patent. By this improvement two or more notes in different octaves are sounded by pressing a single key, in such a manner that all the levers are fulcrumed on a single board, which slides, thus bringing the levers into or out of connection with the keys.


On Wednesday evening an assemblage of men and boys gathered in our streets for the purpose of demonstrating their fealty to the Union and their opposition to secession. They erected a gibbet in Main st nearly in front of the Revere House and hung thereon an effigy of Jeff Davis, the President of the Confederate States. After hanging a suitable length of time the effigy was burned. The crowd then called upon George Bugbee and made the night hideous with their noises because he refused to show the Union flag.


Our young doctor who, when a young lady up street declined singing to him, as she had a “sore throat,” recommended “a broadcloth coat-sleeve with an arm in it, to be worn around the neck for one hour each evening,” is building up an extensive practice.


George Brooks, Esq., owner of the Brooks House, returned to town last week after a winter’s sojourn in San Francisco, looking hale and hearty.


At the adjourned school meeting, it was voted to purchase land and raise money for a new intermediate school house to be located south of High street and the expense not to exceed $10,000. A committee was chosen to locate and build the same. An advisory note also recommended the building of a new primary school house to be located on Canal street or Cemetery hill. Proceedings were irregular and boisterous.


The narrow-gauge road seems to be full of life. We learn that over one hundred men, all told, are now employed on the work within two miles of the mouth of West river, and that the force will be rapidly increased all along the line as fast as the snow, ice and frost disappear.


A 14-year-old miss, who appears on the rollers in the role of an Indian princess, will be the attraction for the habitues of the skating rink this evening and to-morrow evening.


The “Brattleboro Athletes” is the name of a new baseball club organized here with B. J. Foley as captain.


Somebody with an uncomfortable faculty for facts said that last Wednesday was the first pleasant Wednesday in 14 weeks.


The work of rebuilding the Elliot street wall has been begun.


Dea. Estey left no will. In speaking on the subject the past winter he said the law would settle his estate just as he wanted it settled. All his private affairs were left in perfect condition.


Some excitement was caused on the street Tuesday by the false report that the body of a man had been found in the river.


Rev. Mr. Parry will deliver a memorial address on the life of Hon. Jacob Estey next Sunday morning.

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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A Guide to the New iBrattleboro Navigation

It might be helpful if we showed you around the place, eh? Let's take a tour of the new iBrattleboro navigation bar at the top of the page.

Note that what you see up there depends on if you are logged in or not.

In this story we'll discuss the features you'll see if you are logged in. If a feature is missing for you, you probably need to log in to see it.


Brattleboro Elections & Representative Town Meeting 2013

Brattleboro Election Info 2013

The following information about Brattleboro Town Meeting & Elections 2013 comes to us courtesy of the town and the candidates themselves unless otherwise indicated. Click the tabs below to browse our Town Meeting and Election information. Corrections, additions, and feedback: please email info@ibrattleboro.com.

The New iBrattleboro Weather Page Details

Icicle MoonWhen you first arrive on the new iBrattleboro Weather page you'll get a quick forecast for Brattleboro and surrounding areas. Click around and you'll find an enormous quantity of weather information to explore.

At the very top of the page are 8 tabs that help you jump to various weather information - Current Conditions, Advisories, Forecast, Forcast Discussion, Local Radar, National Radar, Links, and Space Weather.

Within those tabs are charts, maps, descriptions, and other useful information for tracking local weather.

You can get to the weather section by clicking on the current weather icon at the top of the home page, or by clicking on the weather link in the upper navigation bar.


New iBrattleboro Sections and Headers

The new version of iBrattleboro replaces icons for sections with new section page headers. Taking away the icons, we hope, will inspire you to illustrate your stories with images.

There are a few changes to the Sections, too. We've changed Kids to Family, to include all ages of family members. Recreation has now become Sports and Recreation. Police has now become Police and Fire.

New sections have been added: Culture, Economics, Living, Philosophy, State News, Travel, and The Region, including space for news from Vernon, Guilford, Dummerston, Marlboro, Putney, the West River Valley, and Deerfield Valley in Vermont and Chesterfield and Hinsdale in New Hampshire.


Guilford, You Have An Official Section!

Greetings Guilford,

As you can see, you have a brand new section of the site to publish Guilford news, events, and commentary. Your stories will still go on the homepage first, like all others, but now they can all be found in one place.

Chesterfield, Deerfield Valley, Dummerston, Hinsdale, Marlboro, Putney, Vernon, and West River Valley are also included in the regional section.


iBrattleboro Polling Improvements

Poll lovers will enjoy some new options with iBrattleboro polls.

First, we will be getting rid of the beloved "Other" option in most cases. It has served us well for allowing flexibility but its time has come.

It is replaced by the ability to add your own responses. You will now see (write-in) as an option. If you select it, you can add another choice for people to consider.


New Expanded Profiles

With the new site come new profiles. You'll be greeted by your new profile page when you log in, and anytime you click on My: Profile in the upper green bar after you are logged in.

The View Tab

Your username is displayed on a nifty badge. There are places for you to add your location, a short bio, a mini-resume, your occupation, a link to your work or business, where you volunteer and what organizations you've belonged to in town.

You can add a profile picture, birthday information, your interests, and your hobbies.


Adding An Image

With this new site we've tried to make it easier to add images. You can add them to your stories, comments, and events, and also submit them directly to be included in new image galleries, or as a featured Photo Fun photo.

Let's look at some of the options. (Note: UPDATED April 2, 2013)

Embedding Via Flickr

If you use Flickr, you can now use their embed code to place images and slideshows on the site.

1. Choose an image on Flickr to share.

2. Find the Share button near the image or slideshow.

3. Click on Grab the HTML/BBCode for an image, or Grab the embed HTML for a slideshow.


New Ways to Embed Media

Here are some examples of the kind of media you can now embed in your stories and comments.

To use one, set the story input mode to Advanced HTML, disable rich-text and paste in the embed code from the media you'd like to share.

You Tube (Old Style)


Pets Section Now Features Windham County Pets

Adopt a PetIf you look in the right sidebar in the Pets section, you'll see that we're now featuring pets available for adoption from the Windham County Humane Society. It used to be that we could only show pets from all of Vermont. It's great to now be able to feature local pets that need homes.

The box will load a pair of random pets from the available pet list maintained by WCHS.


How To Create a Repeating Event

Everyone who submits events should know that repeating and recurring events are now possible in the iBrattleboro Calendar. In this help article, we'll cover how to make an event repeat, and a few other fun features.

1. The first thing to do is to log in. Why? Because if you log in, you will be able to edit, update, and track your event later on.

2. Click on Contribute>Event in the upper green bar.

3. The instructions at the top tell you that you are submitting and event to the calendar, and how to submit things to other parts of iBrattleboro.

4. The first box is for the title of your event.


A Bit About iBrattleboro Classifieds

Did someone say Classifieds?

iBrattleboro now has Classified Ads in a variety of flavors. Here is some information to get you familiar with some of the options.

1. Click on Browse: Classifieds in the upper green bar to get to the Classifieds section. Listings default to an old-fashioned style for browsing. You will see tabs for General Classifieds, Housing, and Jobs.


Brattleboro Town Planning Basics - Who Does What?

Information about planning in Brattleboro and Vermont is necessary for good community discussions of planning. The information below comes from the Town's web site, Smarth Growth Vermont, and from The Vermont Planning Information Center (VIPC). VPIC provides a great, free document from the VT Land Use Education and Training Collaborative called "Essentials of Local Land Use Planning and Regulation, 2nd Edition, May 2007".


iBrattleboro Poll

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