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White Slate Pencils, a new and superior article, from the only Quarry of the kind in the World. The peculiar advantages of these Pencils over any other kind hitherto in use, are, they make a beautiful white mark - are very soft and easy to write with, and at the same time are much stronger than the common kind. J. Steen Agent for W. Co.


Rail Road Convention held at Centre Church to consider and discuss the best measures to be projected and carried out to promote the extension of the Fitchburg and Boston Rail Road.


Doct. Seymour’s Balsam of Wild Cherry, Comfrey and Tar For all Lung Difficulties, Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup, &c. This medicine combines all the properties of the Wild Cherry, Comfrey and Tar, which renders it much more reliable and effacious than other preparations. Price, $1.00 a bottle - 6 bottles for $5.00. Dutton & Clark.


Pursuant to a proper notice a meeting of the legal voters of the town of Brattleboro was held in the new Town House on Tuesday afternoon of this week. The object of the meeting was to hear the report of the Committee heretofore raised to build a Town House, and authorize them to borrow money for its completion and furnishing. The first floor contains a Hall, capable of accommodating about 300 people, and four offices. On the second floor, the main Hall and two anterooms.


J.H. Kathan’s marble and soapstone works, near the depot in this village, are well worthy a visit. The useful and the ornamental are happily blended in his productions.


On Wednesday evening next the ladies of the village are to have a Fair and Festival at the Town Hall, for the destitute and suffering freedmen - especially to furnish them with garments.


There are now on Oak street some twenty or twenty-five eligible lots for dwelling houses, and since houses are in such demand, they should not remain vacant.


The following Resolution is to be discussed at the Lyceum at Centreville on Monday next. Resolved, That the colored race is equal physically, morally, and intellectually, with the other races of mankind.


John Burns, one of the workmen engaged upon Brook’s hotel, was brought before Justice Newton, charged with having stolen a lot of tools from the carpenters employed up[on the same building. He was found guilty and put under $500 bonds for trial next April, and taken to Newfane.


Christmas goods in endless variety at Van Doorn’s consisting of vases, cologne sets, busts, statuettes, etc.


J. Estey & Co. make the welcome announcement that from the first of December the price of their gas will be reduced from $10 to $8 per thousand feet. For two years past we have found their gas to furnish an economical and satisfactory light.


Raging winds and big snow drifts are reported from the hill towns this morning.


Loud complaint comes from teamsters of the coal ashes which some thoughtless householders throw into the street. The practice should be stopped.


Taylor’s holiday store in the Brooks House block should not be overlooked in the search for Christmas goods. The chance to draw a gold watch or china set is an attractive feature to many.


Last Monday afternoon a raid was made on two of the Main street saloons and a considerable quantity of beer seized and carried off.


Angelo Gorborino’s new steam power corn popper and peanut roaster has attracted the attention of hundreds who have passed the town hall this week, and there has been liberal patronage of the tempting goods which it turns out.


The electric railroad is at last in operation in Brattleboro. The trolley system is used, and although the moving cars attract much attention the expected opposition to the line has not materialized, all agreeing that it is a”good thing.”


The Brattleboro blacksmiths have held two informal meetings at which the matter of adopting a uniform schedule of prices for blacksmithing was discussed.

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Latest Stories

On Exhibit at the Library: Postcards: Why Do We Read & Write?

On Exhibit at the Library: Postcards: Why do we Read & Write? 
2nd Floor Display  Cases      
May/June  2013

Christina Gibbons, PhD, of Brattleboro, an independent scholar interested in the history of literacy, fills the glass display cases with her images of reading in postcards collection in the second-floor entryway during May. 

"I started collecting images of women reading twenty five years ago and now have several hundred. The original post cards were first exhibited in the library at UMass Amherst in 2001. After that I began lecturing and quickly realized my collection was not about painting but about the history of literacy, so I added men reading and writing as well."


CRVBL Weekend Roundup - Keene Beat Brattleboro, and More


By Kevin McElhinney, CRVBL

The defending Connecticut River Valley Baseball League champion Claremont Cardinals are now in sole possession of first place, the Chester/Saxtons River Crush emerged victorious in a rain shortened battle against Putney, Sunapee defeated Walpole and Keene won its first game of the year in recent action among local adult baseball teams.


Antiwars Belatedly Cry Meaninglessly "Hands Off Syria!" Never “Nuremberg Trial for Americans!”

Antiwar leaders do not call for the prosecution of US homicidal crimes against humanity ALREADY committed in Syria, nor of crimes committed in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Cuba, Lebanon, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Guatemala, Congo, Korea and Greece. Crimes committed without arrest, arraignment, indictment, punishment, imprisonment, or hanging

 Antiwar leaders protest, "Hands off Syria!", but do NOT call for the prosecution of US homicidal crimes against humanity ALREADY committed in Syria by CIA, State Department, Congress, the Executive branch and investment bankers.


Neighbors: Help Save Kid's Summer Program!

PLEASE ATTEND MEETING: Clark Canal Community Association, Thursday, May 16th  --  6:30 P.M., Agape Church

Each Summer for years, Peggy Longueil directed the program and we all thought she would continue forever. When Peggy died, it was our good fortune that Juanita Lane volunteered to keep the Summer program alive. 

Through the Summer Program, neighbor kids have a place to be active and enjoy planned activities, including movies, swimming, and even did a marvelous job painting a mural at the Brattleboro Transportation Center! 


Bring Your Favorite Game and Join Us!

This Wednesday, May 15th at 6 pm is game night at the Brattleboro Food Coop deli.

Who knows what we'll play? Bring along a favorite you've been wanting to play and maybe we'll play it. Usually Tim and Mike have enough games for everybody, but it never hurts to bring more.

You can look up my review of last month's get together in Board Game group.


Proctor and Gamble Pet Food Recall

Recently we were informed that One Stop Country Pet would no longer be carrying EVO  brand organic, raw dry dog food, the only kind our three boys have ever eaten. We finished the supply we had (which fell within the production time before Salmonella was identified in several Natura products). 

We just spoke with another pet supply store in Boston and they, too, stopped carrying Natura products as a result of the problems Natura has had after being bought out by Proctor and Gamble, according to both stores. 


Getting Your Ducks In Order, And Getting Your Duck Order In

For the last week or so, Agway on Putney Road has been having its seasonal sale of young chickens and ducks. There are five or so big bins filled with chicks, ducklings, and even a gosling or two, I think. They have some lamps to keep them warm, and food and water.

Ask for help and they'll get a box and put your little feathered friends in it for you and you can be on your way. 

On your way to what? When we were young, parents got us some duckings to raise. They started out indoors but quickly became backyard friends.


Brattleboro Taxes and Utilities Due

The fourth installment of the 2012 Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes will be due on May 15, 2013Payments made after May 15, 2013 will have an additional 1% interest, as well as an 8% penalty added to the unpaid balance. 

The utility billing is also due on May 15, 2013. Payments made after May 15, 2013 will have an additional 1% interest, as well as an 8% penalty added to the unpaid balance. 


BCTV Channel 8 & 10 Schedules for the Week of 5/13/13

BCTV Channel 8 Schedule for the week of 5/13/13

Monday May 13

12:00 am      NRC VT Yankee Safety Assessment Hearing 4/30/13

1:29 am       Spotlight On Vermont Issues - Ep. 2 Senator Anthony Pollina on Campaign Finance

2:00 am       FSTV Overnight

4:00 am       VT Right to Know Label Genetically Engineered Food

5:40 am       Bono: The good news on poverty (Yes, there’s good news)


Governor's Misguided Views On Gun Control

A recent LTE from Putney resident Elan Moses contained too much misinformation to be useful (Governor's misguided views on gun control).

While his point that Vermont’s lack of gun legislation opens the door to many abuses, his suggestions for curing this were naïve and disingenuous.

“It does not mean we do not make efforts to make it harder to acquire semi-automatic weapons here in
Vermont”. I don’t think he has any idea what a Semi-Automatic firearm really is. (Unfortunately, this attitude is widespread in America. The very word “semi-automatic” has a high scare factor despite the fact that the
overwhelming majority of hunting rifles used in the USA today are semi-automatic).


If I Had Input For The New Fire/Police Project Committee, How Would I Contact Them?

Because, in fact, I do have relevant input and I'd like to share it with them ASAP.  What is the best way in this town to get contact information to be able to connect with all of the members of a committee (by phone, or email, or whatever medium works for them)?


African Supper at Guilford Church Raises Funds for Tree Planting in Kenya

Guilford Community Church is hosting an African Supper on Saturday, May 18 from 5:30-7 p.m. as a fundraiser for re-forestation efforts in Kenya.

The price of the meal for adults is $10; children ages 11 and under are $5; ages 5 and under free. The maximum charge per family will be $25. The menu includes traditional meat and vegetarian dishes such as fried plantain, African roasted vegetable soup, Samosas, Chicken Tikka, beef stew, vegetable curry, spiced red beans in coconut milk and cornbread, with Maandazi, a sweet donut, served for dessert with ginger tea.


Weekend Concert Series - Dread Zeppelin

Ready for your weekend concert? Here’s one you are either going to love or hate.

There isn’t much middle ground with Dread Zeppelin. You either enjoy an Elvis impersonator singing Zeppelin songs with a reggae twist, or you do not.

I do. This band cracks me up. To my ear they do excellent, inventive cover songs with the right mix of love and parody. Mixing Heartbreaker with Heartbreak Hotel is genius.


Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Finance Committee to meet with Town Manager, Finance Director

The Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Finance Committee will meet on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 4:30pm in the Hanna Cosman meeting room at the Municipal Center.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Brattleboro Arts Committee Agenda - Remodel Transportation Center

The Brattleboro Arts Committee will meet on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 4:00pm in the Selectboard meeting room at the Municipal Center.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Brattleboro Tree Advisory Committee Minutes & Agenda - Crowell Trees, Main Street Trees, & Infestations

The Brattleboro Tree Advisory Committee will meet on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 7:00pm in the Hanna Cosman meeting room at the Municipal Center.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Kids' Day at the Brattleboro Farmers Market on May 18th!

Saturday, May 18th, the Brattleboro Farmers' Market hosts Kids' Day, and new-to-market talent Xopo from 11-1. Kids can be vendors, too! Please bring handmade items and your own table, no cookies from mixes or craft kits, please!

Xopo plays traditional tunes of the Balkans on a variety of instruments including accordion, trombone, clarinet, drums and an array of stringed instruments. Haunting love songs, lively dance tunes and surprising rhythms create a diverse and entrancing musical experience.


Farmers' Market Open Rain or Shine

This Saturday, May 11th, the Brattleboro Farmers' Market hosts music by Animaterra, Keene's women's chorus, from 11 to 1.

Thinking of Mom? Celebrate Mother's Day with gifts from our local artisans: at the market, you'll find beautiful pottery, beaded and metal-smithed jewelry, wooden crafts, fabric scarves, soap and body care items, and lots more. Farmers, bakers, and chefs offer treats galore for your Mother's Day brunch and beyond.

Now is gardening time! There's no better place to buy seedlings for your garden than from farmers at the market. You'll find hardy, healthy plants of all kinds to grow bodacious vegetables, herbs, flowers, and perennials.


"Love BCTV" Live Auction & Band Jam is Saturday on Channel 8

Saturday, May 11
Noon - 8 PM

Live on Channel 8 on Comcast & Southern VT Cable

Streaming at brattleboroTV.org. Call 802-441-5545 to bid or go to BCTV.Brattleboro on Facebook. Preview items today, then watch, bid & win!

In true cinematic style, Brattleboro Community Television is going "back to the future" and hosting its first on-air benefit auction in almost 15 years. Auction proceeds will help offset the cost of BCTV’s recent upgrades in
equipment and the design and construction of a new broadcast studio.


Putney Vaudeville!

Putney, VT – Next Stage Arts Project, in collaboration with Strong Coffee Stage, is pleased to present PUTNEY VAUDEVILLE on Friday, May 24, 2013, at 7:30pm at Next Stage, 15 Kimball Hill, Putney, VT. General Admission tickets are $12 / $6 for children under 12, and are available at www.nextstagearts.org and Offerings in Putney. For more information, contact Next Stage Arts at (802) 387-0102 or nextstagearts@gmail.com.

PUTNEY VAUDEVILLE is the creation of Rebecca Waxman, Bronwyn Sims, Patrick Donnelly and Peter Siegel who hope to launch an ongoing showcase for old time entertainment and community talent. The night will include a stellar professional act, a rousing live band, assorted friends and neighbors displaying skills you may never have seen, beer and wine service and good-natured audience engagement.


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