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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Street signs point to a "welcome center" in downtown Brattleboro. That center is located


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Glad that's cleared up

I will definitely point tourists toward this obvious result. : )


Open for business?

I voted for "at the booth at the Common" although I have rarely seen it staffed and accessible.


Most Welcome

I felt very welcome while snorkeling at the bottom of the Connecticut River once. The sturgeon and carp were exceedingly friendly, and even offered to buy me a beer at the Whetstone if I got the owners to turn off the gas flame lights. I guess such things disrupt a fish's circadian rhythms. Who knew.



There is also a Welcome and Information booth on Western Ave near the Farmer's Market. I haven't seen it open for several years now.


Official Answer is

The River Garden.

Chamber of Commerce President Kate O'Connor explains that it was designated as such about six years ago:

"BABB got a wayfinding sign grant to put the signs up around town (I think the green "P" for parking signs came about because of the same grant). BABB was in the River Garden at the time and was the waypoint center. The Strolling took over that role when they bought the building."

She sent evidence, too:



Volunteers : Strolling and Chamber

At one point The Strolling of the Heifers, in the River Garden , had volunteers staffing the Wayfair Welcome Center. If I recall correctly, one Summer and Fall , they were even open on Sundays. It seemed to be a good service to the community and visitors alike, since it helped people know about local events, restaurants, and places of interest. It also seemed to be a real Welcome to our community as a whole. Perhaps some of the visitor information piece is still being done.

Likewise the Chamber of Commerce had volunteers who staffed the Information Centers at the Commons and in West Brattleboro between the Creamery Bridge and Farmer's market. These information booths seem to be basically defunct now. It seems that especially on Saturday, during the Farmers Market, that the West Brattleboro visitor information site, had a lot of people checking it out.

Perhaps both parties could again instigate a Volunteer Program/Training/Incentives.
Then perhaps volunteers would again come forward.


People Like to Help People

When I'm new in a town, I assume the Chamber or an Info Booth would have the info I'm after.

Ahh, if we only had our Dept of Volunteers within the Town gov't, we could allocated those volunteers immediately. Would make for good Time Trade hours, I'd think, too.

One would think the Dept of Tourism could pony up a few bucks to help Brattleboro promote southern VT and beyond.


Why wait for if and when

Why wait for if and when there is a Town Department of Volunteers?

The Chamber and the Strolling could reinstate and/or increase their Volunteer recruitment and training efforts, now, to get the information center and booths active/more active again. The Strolling location, and the Chamber locations were used by visitors and locals alike for up -to -date information, of what was happening in town.

Even on days, when the center or booths were not staffed, both of the Chamber locations had information posted outdoors rather than behind locked doors. The web is handy, but the personal touch still resonates with many, as a good method of community creating and enhancing.


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