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Woman's March Signs - And Followup Actions

Here is a link to some of the Protest signs that one person thinks were memorable.

Would be nice to see photos, or read about the signs we made, carried or saw.   



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one I saw

I saw one I liked in DC:

"We Shall Overcomb!"


Another Link

Link to World Wide photos and some great signs:

I liked the signs saying:

"I am with her" and an arrow pointing to a girl dressed as the statue of liberty costume

and the guy who carried a sign saying "I am with her" with arrows pointing all around him.

and the children signs with "I like all my neighbors"

and all the guys wearing kitten hats which were their signs of solidarity,

and the Anti-bullying signs

and the little girls sign that said in magic marker "Trump has bad ideas".

and the sign that read Protect the Dreamers, Keep D.A.C.A

and "Things are bad, we introverts showed up"



"Mother Nature vs. Three

"Mother Nature vs. Three Headed Monster Trump & Cump"


More than signs

I'd also like to hear what comes next. The march was a good opening shot, but Trump fired back on Monday with anti-women proclamations.

Women made hats and signs and assembled; Trump took away rights with a pen.

It appears the marchers will need to take it up a notch to another level now. (Or do nothing, or do more of the same).

Are these drastic times that require drastic actions?

Scientists are now planning a march. Perhaps they can demand something specific. ("What do we want? Fact based science! When do we want it? After peer review!")


10 Actions for the First 100 Days and More

This is what is happening now, and next.
Here is the link to the Women's March 10 Actions for the First 100 Days


Also, This past Tuesday, many of the marchers visited their Senate Offices , across the U.S, to oppose nominees of the Trump Swamp Cabinet. Over 10,000 People participated. Many of the Women Marchers and their allies are participating Every Tuesday now.. One meeting/rally was held at the Shaheen office in Keene this last Tuesday. Here is one link describing the work being done, and can be done:


You can get on Moveon.org to find other local and national actions in which many women and allies are participating:


Many are also forming Indivisible Groups starting with "Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda" The link to the PDF file of the Guide is:


And then there is the immediate push for more Sanctuary Towns/Cities and folks being willing to face the consequences of protecting DACA young people ( Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals) Muslims, refugees and immigrants. Many of the Women Marchers, along with others, actively supported/rallied with, the Sanctuary City Mayors today. Here are "4 Ways Cities and States Can Become Sanctuaries Now" :


To joing Bernie's Our Revolution and To Add your name to say you support the California Values Act and to urge other states to pass similar legislation to protect immigrants from the harmful policies of the Trump administration:


And just received this from the "Up another notch" Rising Women..


For those of us, of lowered notches, there is always this : Voter Registration and Voter Connection endeavors will be another item on the agenda.

Please add others,


Woman's March is an impetus

From the Guardian: " The Woman's March heralds a renaissance of resistance " by Eve Enster" :

The participation in the Woman's March and the followup endeavors (and numbers participating in them) and listed in the above post would strongly indicate:
That the "Renaissance of resistance" is happening. May we help to continue and deepen this work.



Those of us, of lowered notches…

When the menfolk were busy writing the U.S. Constitution, Abigail Adams asked her husband, John Adams, to “remember the ladies.”

Like most people, I witness history through the available texts. Patriarchy notwithstanding, there is something troubling about the recessive, even submissive nature of women that permeates recorded history for, how long, maybe several thousand years? Why the silence from women for so long of a time? Was Genesis so convincing that generations of women took thousands of years to work up a "renaissance of resistance." Men surely are at fault. But are women culpable in any way for not standing up for themselves in the wake of “The Rights of Man?”


Helpful tactics going forward?


What do we want is the first question to ask

Women weren't represented AT ALL (pardon the caps) in drafting the Constitution, yet women think it's legitimate (because they abide by it) I don't get that - I thought that democracy means representation. Sure no other demographics were represented either, which makes it even more illegitimate. We also must note that women in all demographics are subjugated. Yet women don't object or figure out what they want.

It was great to see the women lead, for a change, even though the whole thing was orchestrated by the usual cabal. Hopefully their intent to manipulate will backfire.

What if women were to write their own Constitution? What would it be like? Funny how something substantial like that is never put forth. It's always fighting the old system. Well let's take a leaf out of Buckminster Fuller's maxim, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Well actually women have. It is a fluid system because that is what is needed in this fast-changing technological world of the 21st century. We can't wait ten years to change legislation. All that is old hat. And the Womens's Constitution recommends using digital technologies to replace the old guard political system. It gives every person that is old enough to read and type, an equal voice. It is what has been referred to as a "Crowdocracy".

Why aren't children "allowed" to vote in political elections? They are as much part of the world as adults. And children will bear the brunt of adult decisions.

I have heard people say that they wouldn't want to be dominated by a six-year old. I don't like being dominated by adults who think men can continue to dominate and destroy the world for children and adults alike. And I'm sure there are many who agree. No one will dominate when EVERYONE's views are counted. That is the greatest wisdom - the wisdom of crowds. The extremes cancel each other out. There are formulas worked out for this and if you're interested, please enquire. But we should ask ourselves why we are not debating these issues and ideas. Why do we simply go along with whatever has been dished out?

Scientists are now marching because Trump won the election. That's the only reason the women got together too. Let's be honest here.

The Arctic ice has been melting well before Trump got in and scientists have been mum till now.

Women shouldn't demonstrate, because that is appealing to a master. They should simply get their own Constitution and have their own vision. Why demonstrate to appeal to the male system? Just start another system. I think life on planet earth would be much better if we did. After all who nurtures the next generation? Who commits the lowest rates of violence?

Womens' Constitution: www.facebook.com/notes/1549271785327588/Womens'%20Council%20draft%20Constitution%20/1557780301143403/

This is the timeline for postings:

By-the-way, the Womens' Constitution condemns censorship and advocates a totally free-speech society. The way to counter hate speech is with more speech, preferably rational speech. Censorship must be vigorously opposed at all times. There is nothing that speech cannot fix. Because speech (voice, written, recorded, in whatever medium) is communication and we cannot get anywhere without that.


I wonder

how many of those idiots wearing pussy hats didn't vote or voted Jill Stein or voted for Bernie Sanders...

Look in the mirror and blame yourselves for President Trump.


Really? You don't think that

Really? You don't think that a huge percentage of the people who participated in the marches and did or didn't wear pink hats voted for Clinton? You do realize that Trump lost the popular vote , right? By more than 2 million votes? So, surely many of the marchers contributed to that popular vote. I'm sure there were Stein voters; I know for a fact there were Bernie voters and probably a fair number of folks who couldn't bring themselves to vote at all. The Bernie and Stein voters aren't responsible for the madman we have in the White House.
And, since you believe the people who are speaking up and protesting the potential loss of human and civil rights are "idiots" - what are you doing to make sure people don't lose their rights; their health care; their freedom?
Yeah...that's what I thought...


Your point?

I believe people who couldn't be bothered to vote for Clinton but suddenly now think it's the time to protest by wearing a pussy hat are idiots.

Is that clear enough for you?


The real game is the Electoral College, not the voters

I think Kris also understands that it was the Electoral College that nabbed the White House for The Donald. In fact, it was that Clinton's campaign most certainly let that through their fingers by going after popular vote. The Donald understood, rightfully, the real game in this somewhat undemocratic Republic is the Electoral College, not the voters.


Helpful tactics going forward?

This article from the Washington Post presents new, additional moves to help our protests succeed.



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