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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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The Power of Non-Violent Communication


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"I think it's wonderful."

Senator Pastore began with what seemed like a mocking tone: "Alright Rogers, you've got the floor," with the sound of colleagues tittering in the background. Fred Rogers may have been nervous, but he stayed on message: not just explaining how his program models positive ways to deal with anger, but actually doing it right there in the Senate hearing.

I think that Mr. Rogers reached Senator Pastore's inner child with a message of acceptance and affirmation: "I like you just the way you are," and encouraging this inner child's understanding that, even when he is angry, he has the power to choose to respect himself and others.

I was rather surprised and delighted to see that the short wikipedia article on John O. Pastore prominently featured his encounter with Mr. Rogers.



I was recently thinking about how much I owe to Mr. Rogers. Things on his show have worked their way into my life in small ways:

- I enjoy getting mail. His show featured a regular mailman bringing all sorts of things.

- I like baking. There was an episode where he went to a bakery and saw how cakes were decorated.

- We exist in three worlds: work/community, home, and the land of make-believe. There is a time and place for each.

- It's good to be nice, and helpful.

- It's important to be yourself.

- I like model trains and trolleys....


Both Rogers and Keeshan (Capt. Kangaroo) we're really smart about children and TV. I got to see Keeshan talk to broadcasters in DC once. So much more than ping pong balls.


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