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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Yet Another Stolen Purse Downtown

But this time it was mine!  I parked behind Centre Church this evening to put up a concert poster, thought car was ok unlocked for a couple of minutes because my stepdaughter was right there but someone must have seized an opportunity when her back was turned.

So I've spent the evening cancelling all my credit cards, and the police officer said odds are no trace of the purse or any of its contents will ever be seen again.  Probably in a dumpster or the bottom of the river by now.  he said they usually just grab the cash and dump everything else.

The worst is my cellphone...good thing I do back it up periodically, but I'll still be missing a couple of weeks worth of appointments, photos, messages, etc.  I tried using my Find My iPhone app which came up empty, it's probably turned off or damaged by now.


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How annoying!

I left my wallet on the train once. It went to St.Albans, helpful staff cleaned it out of cash, and then it was sent to DC. I had to pay for special express shipping (the only option... I thought they could just put it on the train again...), and they couldn't tell me what, if anything, was in it. I gambled, got it back, and it had all my cards. Phew! Worth the loss of cash, I suppose.

Pretty brazen to steal something with someone right in the car. Not sure how that is even accomplished. : )

Lesson to all - lock up even for short stops if you have anything in the car, or follow Tom's rule and have nothing in the car at all.



Yeah I had about $300 in cash accumulated in preparation for a weekend getaway which is really aggravating.

I left my purse in a hotel meeting room once...they mailed it to me with everything still there.

She wasn't in the car, she was on the lawn next to it. And obviously not paying attention.


Phone Found!

So that Find My iPhone app really does work! About 11:00 Thursday night I received a notification that my phone had been detected on Canal Street (no surprise there, eh?). I called the police and they sent an officer to that location (a business parking lot). I kept clicking on the button that remotely makes the phone make a sound, and the officer quickly found it and brought it back to the police station. Its case was missing, but nothing appeared to have been tinkered with, and no calls or texts had been made from it (the police were interested, any numbers called would go into evidence). Since the phone also was set to make sound on detection, we suspect whoever was carrying it along the sidewalk probably tossed it and walked away fast as soon as it started making loud noises.

I inquired at the businesses the next day, none of them have external security cameras.


Some things...

Some things work out!


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