"You do not lead by hitting people over the head. That's assault, not leadership." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Anderson Cooper Lets Out The Stops Responding to Trump on Haiti


After describing the strength, determination, and courage of Haitians digging with bare and blooded hands through rubble to save strangers with no help from their government or from the outside. He describes seeing children, including a 5 year old boy, pulled from the rubble: 

"Do you know what strength it takes to survive on rainwater, buried under concrete, a 5 year-old boy for seven days?

"Haitians slap your hand hard when they shake your hand. They look you in the eye, they don't blink. They stand tall and they have dignity. It's a dignity many in this Whitehouse could learn from. It's a dignity the president with all his money and all his power could learn from as well.

"On the anniversary of the earthquake, on this day when the president has said what he has said about Haitians, we hope that people of Haiti wherever they are listening from, in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, In Bainet, in Miami and elsewhere: We hope they know that our thoughts are with them and our love is with them as well."


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"shithole" countries: did Democrats Flunk the Art of the Deal?

"shithole" countries:
did Democrats Flunk
the Art of the Deal,
and fail to use this moment in U.S. History
with this particular President,
to their advantage?

"with no help from their government"
The Haitians helped as many as
their fellow countrymen and women
and children to survive
as they could with their bare,
bloodied hands.

Now, I ask the Democrats in Vermont,
and everyone else
who is criticizing President Donal Trump:
When a government of a Country
provides no help to earthquake victims,
is that
or is that not,
a "shithole" Country?

Couldn't the Democrats and others
have "won"
the "Art of the Deal"
by saying to President Donald Trump,

"Yes, Mr. President,
we agree that some of these are "shithole" Countries,
and therefore we ask you to agree with us
that it is time to sit down together at the table
and talk about immigration reform,

in full consideration of the facts
that some of these "shithole" Countries
have wars between various factions and groups
going on inside with regular people at the
crosshairs getting injured;

and some of these "shithole" Countries
abuse women and beat them and don't
give them equal rights;

and some of these "shithole" Countries
put little girls up on the kitchen
table and cut off their clitoris
so that they will have no sexy feelings
or desire boys their own age
when they are forced to get
married at 13 to an older man in the village;

and some of these "shithole" Countries
have no adequate medical resources or
treatment for their citizens left
suffering with diseases;

so, Yes, Mr. President Donald Trump,
we agree with you 100%,
some of these Countries in Africa
and elsewhere are "shithole" Countries
so please sit at the table with us
and discuss what we can do to help them.

Thank you, President Donald Trump,
for speaking the truth about the conditions
in some African Countries and some other
Countries with inadequate emergency help
like Haiti, Thank you for being brave
enough to call a "shithole" a "shithole".

That's why you were voted into Office,
President Donald Trump,
we got tired of other candidates putting
frosting on rotten cakes.




Why can't Democrats just AGREE with President Donald Trump
that some of these Countries have problems and
sit down at the table and work out a deal to help them?

Violence Against Women in Haiti

Survivors of Haiti's Sexual Violence Crisis
... "rape is a perennial problem in Haiti
because of poverty, instability and attitudes toward women,
reports of sexual violence surged after the 2010 earthquake"...

Sexual violence in Haiti is a public health problem:
charity - Reuters
Jul 19, 2017 ... BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
... "Rampant sexual violence in Haiti against women and children,
including some toddlers,
should be treated as a public health issue
and more care made available for survivors
the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said."....

Violence Against Women In Africa

Jul 28, 2016 "Many people have wondered why Africa
has not made significant progress in
protecting women against violence
despite the clear commitment made in 1995
by 53 African nations with the
African Union's Protocol on the Rights of African
Beyond the lack of political will, and the unequal" ...

Taking on violence against women in Africa - the United Nations
"Kenya's current law against wife-beating
was prompted some years ago by a
particularly dramatic incident
of a common problem —
one that is not unusual
across Africa."...

South African men march against abuse o
women and children - BBC
May 20, 2017
"The protest in Pretoria
follows a spate of sexual attacks
and murders that has
shocked the country."...

Domestic Violence and Poverty in Africa
Jan 18, 2016
... "what has been happening to women's
attitudes and incidence towards domestic violence
following Africa's hopeful economic turn-around? ...
The link with a country's overall level of development
(or household income within countries) is weak;"...

Facts and figures: Ending violence against women | UN Women
..." how psychological violence is measured across
countries and cultures...
... Child marriage is more common in West and Central Africa,
where over 4 in 10 girls were married before age 18..."

Violence against Women in Ghana:
Unsafe in the Second Safest ...
Jul 28, 2016 ...
"making it the first nation in sub-Saharan Africa to shatter the chains" ...

The Epidemic of Violence against Women in Africa - Rainbo
... "an extremely high rate of violence against women. The United Nations (UN) defines
violence against women as "any act of gender-based violence"...

Education Helps Break the Silence Around Domestic Violence in ...
Apr 27, 2017
..."more than 90 percent of women say a man is justified
in hitting or beating his wife
if he perceives she's
done something wrong.
In more than a dozen African other countries" ...

Understanding Cultural Perspectives on Domestic Violence
..."Despite the increasing number of African countries creating laws against
domestic violence, women who are victims of abuse continue to face multiple
barriers to accessing justice. These barriers are both systemic and cultural, and
may continue to impact a woman's willingness and ability to seek help even after


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