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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Canal Street Story?

What's happening on lower canal by Gouger's Store? (About 5 PM) Beoucoup cops, Staties with rifles, many onlookers?


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By Gouger's

Everybody's asking what happened but nobody's answering.


Similar thing happened on Wednesday

I don't know anything about what was going on near Gouger's today, but yesterday, about noon, 3 Brattleboro Police cars and then 3 State Trooper cars came tearing down Main Street, sirens and flashing blue lights, and turned left at Plaza Intersection (I don't know whether they went over to Hinsdale, or not).

I wonder if the event today and the event yesterday are related.


False alarm?

From today’s Reformer News:

Chase suspect is wanted man in Virginia By BOB AUDETTE
BRATTLEBORO — A man who led police on a two-state vehicle pursuit before abandoning his stolen car in Hinsdale, N.H., and taking off on foot, was arraigned in court in Keene, N.H., Thursday.

Brattleboro police officers and Vermont State Troopers assisted officers from the Hinsdale Police Department for several hours as a search for the subject was undertaken. Police established a perimeter, closed several roads and requested a K-9 unit from the Keene Police Department to assist in the effort to locate the suspect.

And Continued:
At about 8:45 p.m., Hinsdale officers were alerted to a suspicious male in the area of 106 Monument Road. Corp. Michael Bomba and Officer Gerald Palmer responded to the area and located the suspect, who again attempted to flee.
He was apprehended and identified as Converse.
According to the Hinsdale Police Department, Joshua Converse, 40, of Richmond, Va., was charged with several violations, including resisting arrest, possession of a controlled drug, loitering and prowling, receiving stolen property and criminal mischief. He is being held at the Cheshire County House of Corrections.
Converse was released from a federal prison in Pennsylvania on July 27, 2012, after serving three years for bank fraud and aggravated identity theft and then was remanded to Florida, where he was released on Oct. 9, 2012, with five years of supervised release. Converse is wanted by the state of Virginia, where he is known as Robbie Joshua Converse, for violating his parole. A warrant for his arrest was issued on April 16.

This does not appear to be related to the “Gouger’s “ activity.


Yesterday on western ave in

Yesterday on western ave in front of Avenue Hair Design where I was going in to get a hair cut an incident connected to the Canal street incident was going on. Several men were being talked to and were in handcuffs. While a woman was talking to the police. As I sat and watched the police take away the vehicle they were driving it seemed to be a very serious matter.

There was at least 4 police cars one was a county sheriff the others I believe to of been all Brattleboro police. I later found out on the news that the men had kidnaped two women at gun point and one of the four men involved ran off to canal street, I believe.

That's about all I know. This all happened just before 1:00 pm.


Today's Reformer

From today's reformer, it appears that there was a kidnapping case (of 2 adult women) and several people were arrested. It does not appear to be related to the Virginia man arrested in hinsdale.



Poor baby!



Grateful to police

Women shoved in cars by men with guns ? That is crazy.

If were to go in on my own volition and try to capture that man, or rescue the kidnapped women, I would be either crazy or a hero.

Police do it and it is seen as their job.

Their job is to be heros.

I am grateful to them for their hard work.



Welcome to Brattleboro.

Just another day in the life of a Socialist Ghetto.

You'll get used to it.


Get used to it.

Crime is a capitalist enterprise. And poverty, an underlying cause of crime, is a requirement for capitalism to flourish.


Smoke another joint.

So if these drug dealers would just practice Socialism with their drugs we wouldn't have this problem?



... we wouldn't have this problem?

I am sure that we will have problems with any system... especially if the best we can do is to joust with one another without any deep understanding.

Every system, no matter how good it sounds, will come short. Life will always be challenging. Christ said, "love your enemy." Can any of us truly understand that?


practicing Socialism with drugs

So, Mike, enlighten me:
How does one practice Socialism with drugs?


I always laugh when I see

I always laugh when I see people say that socialism is coming to destroy America if we're not careful. What they don't realize is that fascism is already here and they've never seen it coming.


Socialism with drugs

Mr. Mike’s sarcasm might have an unintended point. One reason drugs and crime and so linked is that there’s big money to be made in trafficking drugs. The higher up the chain you go, the richer you get. The folks at the tippy top, who make the most money, don’t handle the drugs themselves. They pay underlings to do the dangerous work, profiting off the labor of others. And because drugs are illegal, drug cartels are the epitome of unbridled capitalism.

Another reason for the drug-crime pipeline is, of course, the addictive nature of many drugs. That has nothing to do with socialism, capitalism, or any other economic system. Physiologically, addiction is an equal opportunity condition. However, the social determinants of addiction do seem to follow a capitalist model with traffickers, who seek maximum profit, targeting the poorest among us, and treatment options being inequitable in terms of quality and distribution.

Perhaps a bit of socialism with our drugs wouldn’t be a bad thing.


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