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Terms & Conditions

iBrattleboro.com Terms And Conditions

iBrattleboro.com is a community news and information site open to anyone in the community who wants to participate. In order to make sure that we provide a welcoming atmosphere to our users (and neighbors), we require that all users who submit words and pictures to the site abide by the following terms and conditions.

Do Not Plagiarize

iBrattleboro encourages original writing and photos. Do not submit others work as your own. Please attribute all information you get from other sources, including people, tv shows, websites, blogs, or traditional publications. If you need help with an attribution, contact us at info@ibrattleboro.com.

Respect Copyrights

Your original work in your own words is your best submission.

If you want to tell others about an article found elsewhere on the web, please provide a link rather than copying and pasting the entire article. You may not republish someone else's copyrighted material on iBrattleboro without permission of the copyright holder.

To link to an article, use the following code in your post, <a href="website_address">your link text</a> and choose HTML as posting method, or just paste in the url.

Here's an example using HTML code:

<a href="http://www.ibrattleboro.com/stats.php">iBrattleboro Stats</a>.


If you have a personal or business relationship with the subject of an article upon which you are writing, please mention it so readers will know. For example, the Estey Organ Museum gets written up on iBrattelboro because Chris is the president, and we state this in the FAQ as well as here.

Write With Civility And Respect

An important purpose of iBrattleboro is to provide all users with a forum for information-sharing, discussion and debate in a respectful and friendly atmosphere. Personal attacks and mean-spirited postings discourage and utimately kill useful communication. Submissions that appear to be primarily for the purpose of defamation, libel, or maligning and impugning others may be deleted. iBrattleboro is concerned with building community. Community is built on goodwill, respect and trust.

Disagreement need not be synonymous with anger, bitterness, loathing, intolerance or other non-productive negativity. Discussion is encouraged; fighting is not.

Users who are found to repeatedly violate minimal standards of respect and decorum may, following multiple warnings sent to the email address used to sign up, be suspended or banned from the site.

You must use an e-mail address that you check and we can contact you through.

Agree To Editing

By submitting a story to iBrattleboro, you agree to allow possible editing of your story for capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and/or length. Your story will never be edited as to content or substance. We may try to contact you for further information.

By submitting a comment to iBrattleboro, you agree to allow possible deletion of your entire comment if a portion breaks the rules. We cannot edit comments; they are all or nothing. (Keep copies of your submissions so you can submit a new, edited version if necessary.) We are willing will help you find a way to get your point across without violating the site's terms and conditions.

With regard to categories, when submitting a story you may suggest a category. However iBratteboro reserves the right to recategorize it more appropriately.

Please Leave Site Policing To The Moderators

It's not necessary for site users to police each other's comments by adding comments about other's use of the site. If you would like to report a possible violation of site policy, please email us at info@ibrattleboro.com and refer us to the offending url/comment. We'll take care of it so you don't have to. You can also use the "report abuse" feature.


Registering as a user on iBrattleboro.com constitutes acceptance of this site's policies and agreement to abide by the terms and conditions of the site.

iBrattleboro.com is not responsible for stories and comments posted on this site. Information posted on the site is the responsibility of the individual posters and not iBrattleboro.com.

iBrattleboro reserves the right to refuse publication of any story or comment, for any reason.

iBrattleboro reserves the right to ban or suspend any user at any time, with or without warning, for activities that put the site at risk.

These policies may be updated at any time.


Comments that may be deleted include, but are not limited to:

  • Demanding that another user reply to a comment or story
  • Complaints about a comment being deleted
  • Antagonistic and/or off-topic comments
  • Comments about how others use or don't use the site
  • Repeated postings of a similar comment meant to antagonize or harass
  • Comments including name calling, insinuation, character defamation, slander, libel, or other similar statements against other users of the site or members of the community
  • Comments intended to intimidate other users
  • Personal attacks on other users
  • Revealing personal information about other users without permission

    Again, if you would like to report a possible violation of site policy, please email us at info@ibrattleboro.com and refer us to the offending url/comment, or use the report abuse feature.


    If you feel you have been wronged somehow by the carrying out of this policy, you may argue your case to us by sending an e-mail to info@ibrattleboro.com.

    Thanks for reading this page. It is official as of November 24, 2005 and was last updated July 18, 2011.

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