Harsh Armadillo w/ Schwizz

June 15, 2019 8:00 pm

The Stone Church

210 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT

Harsh Armadillo funked up the Stone Church like nobody’s business last time they played. Don’t get left out! You’re not gonna want to miss this amazing band!

Harsh Armadillo is six guys and a girl who don’t sleep until you’ve burnt through your insoles, and tried that breakdance move from your fifth grade talent show. They create original music for moving to– a combination of funk and hip-hop roots with the bass, the drums, the horns, and the voices that hit like a vitamin for your soul. The gang hails from Boston’s leafy hat; a little known mecca they like to call New Hampshire. They have no affiliation with the state of Texas and have never encountered a wild armadillo. You can find their music, videos, and tour dates at harsharmadillo.com.


Founded in a moldy basement in 2013, Harsh Armadillo continues to crush doctor’s predictions for a blindly short lifespan with the release of their new EP ‘BITE’. The previous five years consisted primarily of blue Gatorade fueled rampage, punctuated by two full length releases– ‘Thayer It Is’ (2014), and ‘Blame Bad Habits’ (2017). They live for the live show, and look forward to getting funky in a dimly lit room near you. Stay harsh.


ShwizZ is a one of a kind duo from Nyack, New York.  Drawing a substantial influence from classic progressive rock and funk, they consistently put their musical abilities to the test to deliver a high intensity and musically immersive show.  By using thier skills in the studio, the duo is able to recreate the feeling of listening a record, only live in front of your face!


If Frank Zappa, Umphrey’s McGee, James Brown, Lotus,The Grateful Dead, Genesis and Dream Theater had a lovechild…and it was named ShwizZ.

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