Shakespeare in the Park: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

June 20, 2024 to June 23, 2024 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Living Memorial Park

Memorial Park Drive, Brattleboro, VT

Following the success of their 2019 production of Macbeth, Vermont Theatre Company returns to the iconic venue with director Jessica Gelter at the helm. This marks Vermont Theatre Company’s first production at the Memorial Park’s Rotary Stage since 2019.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a story of power and loss. Each party that vies for power makes tragic choices that lead them to defeat.

Caesar rises to power in a tumultuous overthrow of his predecessor, Pompey, While many adore his charismatic leadership, there are those that fear his ambition. A wild storm brings fear to the community, but confidence to those who plot to bring Caesar down. As the conspiracy to overthrow the rising star Julius Caesar, many are swayed by the supernatural to divert the inevitable course of events, which end in Caesar’s betrayal by Brutus and other conspirators. Brutus tries to appease the crowd, but Caesar’s best friend, Marc Antony riles the mob to an emotional fervor that eschews logic in their violent intents. A war begins, which will determine the fate of Rome. The factions face internal power struggles. Many wish to fill the vacuum left by the great leader and return Rome to its glory, but guilt haunts the conspirators’ efforts and the battles leave power in the hands of the city’s young champion, Octavius, who will carry Caesar’s legacy of dictatorship forward.

This year’s VTC Shakespeare production will feature gender-fluid casting in this political tragedy, which will be set in a rubble-filled, post-war, alternative world. According to the director, actors will not be in togas, performing a historical reenactment. It is a story of yesterday, of today, and of tomorrow – it is a fantasy, and a nightmare.

Tickets for Julius Caesar will be on a Sliding Scale $5-$15 with kids under 12 free.

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