Summer Intensive Training in Puppetry at Sandglass Theater Begins

July 5, 2020 9:00 am

Sandglass Theater

17 Kimball Hill Road, Putney, VT, 05346


July 5th – 18th, 2020

Sandglass Theater offers a two-week intensive workshop in Puppet Theater. This program is for puppeteers, teachers, actors, directors, designers and writers who want to expand and deepen their skill and understanding in the art of the puppet.

The Method

Sandglass Theater believes that the puppet unlocks doors to our more secret sides, integrating parts of ourselves. This includes the worlds of our dreams and memories, leading to the metaphorical possibilities of theater and to some outrageous comedy.

Classes during the intensive will be scheduled for five and a half days per week. Daily sessions will include body training and breath development with relation to puppet performance, training in manipulation technique and its relation to artistic statement, and in materials and their metaphorical implications.
We use devised creative techniques in which narratives and physical scores originate from active work by participants. Guided improvisations lead to development of work that stresses ensemble creation and directing techniques for Puppet Theater. Participants will also receive open workshop time for puppet building. The program will include some evening and weekend sessions with Sandglass company members and guests on a variety of subjects. Guided creations may be presented to an informal public audience.

The Faculty
Eric Bass, Institute Director: Co-Founder of Sandglass Theater and recipient of 5 Citations of Excellence from the Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA).
Ines Zeller Bass, Instructor: Co-Founder of Sandglass Theater and director of Sandglass Theater’s children’s programs. UNIMA Citation winner.
Shoshana Bass, Instructor: Co-Artistic Director and Ensemble performer at Sandglass Theater.
Jana Zeller, Instructor: Producer and Artist with Sandglass Theater.

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