Vermont Suitcase Company at Midnight’s!

July 13, 2024 9:00 pm

Vermont Suitcase Company is back with a new fast-paced comedy for all ages!
Show begins at 9:00 and runs for about an hour. Join us at the new favorite bar in Brattleboro, Mignight’s on High Street!
This is a story of love and money,
About a man so rich it’s not even funny.
But knowing him, you’d be none the wiser,
For this cranky old fellow is, a Miser.
He will not spend a single cent in town,
Which.. you know, makes economy go.. down.
Not even his children touch his pennies;
Their weddings are booked at the local Denny’s.
Unless, a servant can swiftly intervene,
Entrapping the old man in a Pyramid scheme!
This summer come watch! Come! away from your Telly!
You’ll see with your eyes and laugh with your belly!

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