Youth Power Snack & Yak and Silk-screen Training

April 18, 2018 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Community Service =========== Youth Power Snack & Yak

Brattleboro Common Sense is offering training and orientation for the Youth Power campaign. Let Youth Vote and Hold Public Office.

The BCS Youth Vote amendment will allow youth 16 and 17 to vote on local issues, and to serve on the school board and at representative town meeting. The process requires a petition, a local vote and then state approval.

This is a youth-led meeting, but seniors and other adults are welcome.

16 Washington Street Brattleboro 6:30PM Wednesday April 18

The Federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 says that young people are educated enough to vote: “any person . . . who has completed the sixth grade . . . possesses sufficient literacy, comprehension, and intelligence to vote in any election.” Young people possessing the same level of education as many adults are qualified to vote.
Those of us who don’t care won’t vote. Those of us who do care will educate themselves and vote.
No taxation without representation! You pay sales and income taxes. Shouldn’t local politicians be accountable to you as well as your parents?
You have to attend school until at least 17: shouldn’t your voice be heard on how your school runs?
Join us! Volunteer, donate, and contact us at

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