Selectboard Candidate Interview – Rikki Risatti

rikki risatti

It’s time once again for selectboard candidate interviews. All candidates have been emailed questions and we’ll put up answers as they come in.

First up, running as a write-in candidate for selectboard, is Rikki Risatti.

Give us a brief biography – who are you? What do you do?

As an Artist, Educator, and Supreme Court Litigant: I advocate with Public Liberation Unions. I have had to wear many hats. 

As an arrested water protector, as a Feminist Trans Queer of multi inter Ethnic families Whom went through foster care, Who has been homeless for years from escaping abuse, on one family side as a second generation west northern continent migrant Who farmed from east to west coast, as a model who has been raped and Miss VT USA contestant, as a Ayurveda Practitioner with disabilities, and also on another family side as a decedent of all Male Veterans of Whom my Grandfather was of the first deployed to Nagaski after the bomb dropped and suffered deeply as a serial killer murdering the Natives with flame throwers, tanks, and however the mission of imperial colonization compelled him to at the risk of nuclear exposure symptoms inherited by all offspring and the resulting alcoholism influencing his behaviors to threaten to  rape his daughters children who could only have supervised visits where we would tour his hoarding grounds which centered a sculpture He made which He called, the” Melting Man.” I Love and forgive Him, as I can not imagine the Hell He exists in as the last survivor of His deployed troupe. 

Attached is my Political Bank Profile Picture by International Photographer Mr. Ricardo Scipio.

What impresses you about Brattleboro?

I feel infuriated by elitist People in government causing gentrification as socio economic genocide targeting communities with anti unity and freedom agendas, but I Love preserving mountains and nature conservation.

Why are you running for Selectboard as a write-in?

All of the People on the ballot earned no trust from their unethical and shamefully cowardly positions presented at the candidate forum, and I encourage more write-ins asap to promote and nominate Their selves through Our amazing Town Clerk’s office in the Municipal Center. We must pay all Municipal roles to be salaried liveable wages so We may benefit from the most qualified applying, where as now only People leveraged by alternative income volunteer spare time to Civic Service. The time and skills invested into performing such vitally impactful and consequential responsibilities, should not be by donation by only People currently with the comfort of financial security during this fiscal depression.

Do you have a long-term vision for Brattleboro?

Direct Democracy

• Self governing separate from federal /senator mandate

• Municipal Currency Generation/Distribution

• District subsidized/affordable housing

• Enviromentaly sustainable/free mass transit with the Tesla Boring Company

• Farmers Market Accessability

• Sanctuary Status

• Ending Military Enlistment which requires Men to sign or else lose welfare

• Banning non critical infant genital modification

And unfolding much more on the PLU FB Page

What current issues need our attention?

We must suppress opression by ceasing any tax increase proposal on non property owners whose annual net income is less than $50,000, of course exempting any Indigenous First Nations’ Tribes Survivors from any fee collections. The air spent on defending the common majority must be progressed without distraction by focusing energy efforts on realizing universal health care, basic income, prision abolition for non violence, and implementing the Consensual Adult Trade Acts (CATA).

Almost every selectboard member for the last 20 years has said high taxes or affordability is an issue to deal with, but taxes seem to increase every year. Is it impossible to reduce costs/taxes in Brattleboro? Why/why not?

We can absolutely resolve having no taxes and not reduce any costs, We must in fact, increase all costs in respect of and gratitude to Life quality and dignity to rehabilitate from, mediate, and prevent further traumatically violent crises.  

We must pay at least a $25 minimum hourly wage.

Do you believe Brattleboro deserves special compensation for being the “hub” to surrounding communities? (Are surrounding towns freeloading in some way?)

We must graciously Welcome and accommodate hosting, not detour, precious Neighbors, visitors, and guests. All of Whom are mutually supportive allies just by existing peacefully, there is no reason or purpose to manipulatively exploit resources. We have every obligation to share together. Benefiting from cooperation is the only success possible if any.

What should we do about panhandling/poverty? 

The answer is a motto known as, “Stand Where?”

We have every means to end People Whose corrupt choices are causing poverty, We have every opportunity to end systemic Poverty, but even then when ideal circumstances are achieved, culture must still revere and honor space for People occupying the streets or hermitages. Whenever networks efficiently coordinate safer options to be totally available immediately, some People will still go through periods for whatever decided perogative to not be dependent on receiving structured aid assistance, but rather choose alternatively to rely on trusting begging among the public. No one may caste their selves as above the integrity of People braving the vulnerability to be so humbled. Bernie Sanders, any politician, is no better/valued/or has more rights to anything more than any Person peacefully, non violently, existing where ever on public property they may stand, with understanding that non First Nation’s Indigenious’ Tribes People owning private property is actually a toxic practice of violently criminal theft which no one is entitled to, especially as burials with gravestones claiming land.

What should we do about funding the arts?

Yes, that’s not even a question, Arts have been underfunded and look at the resulting horror!

Does Brattleboro do enough about climate change? 

Not yet.

How would you like to see Putney Road developed?

No fracking investors allowed.

You aren’t running for school board, but can you share feelings on the current state of our schools? 

Pro unlimmited Youth Vote and full Emancipation so as to not enforce jailing students in formal education or be punished.

Does the Long Term Financial Plan and Comprehensive Review of Town Operations, both long-term plans, confine the selectboard in any way?

Data collection of demograrphic statistics are necessary guides of how to alter unfair conditions.

Are you just implementing a pre-made plan? What’s your actual role on the board?

I will nominate myself as Chair, while insistent all nominees are chosen by a second public election.

What’s been filling your free time lately? Have any books or movies to recommend? 

I’ve been making refuge in Buddhist Yogin meditation and Chaplaincy, I’ve been adding to a collaborative revolutionary spotify music playlist, which is open to anyone adding too, overwhelmed trying to recover my service dog, although I went to college for sustainable management- I just finished a program lobbying for organizational suicide awareness. I recommend everyone see  Black Panther and make noise yelling during Black KKKlansman during the insane wyt scenes. 

Have any questions for voters? This is a two-way street…

How may We help empowerment without a savior complex?


Supreme Court Litigant

District 2 Municipal Rep. Select Board, And Public Funds Trustee Write In Candidate, 2019

Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont 

Thanks for spending time with iBrattleboro!

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