Brattleboro Art Committee Meeting Agenda


1. Convene, quorum check

2. [10 mins] Introductions, Intents of Art Committee Members, Announcements

3. [10 mins] Elect officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Clerk)

a. Motions on rotating positions terms per meeting, monthly?

b. Motions on remedying previous published AC meeting minute notes

Announcing The 2020 Brattleboro Town Arts Fund Grantees

ACWC is pleased to announce the award of $15,000 through the Brattleboro Town Arts Fund to support six community-focused creative initiatives. The six grantees were selected from a competitive field of 39 proposals received in this first year of the Town Arts Fund (TAF) program. View the full press release.

The 2020 TAF grantees are: