Gun Violence – The Other Epidemic

Imagine what the state of gun violence in this country would be like if we put as much effort into establishing sensible restrictions on the sale and ownership of guns as we have put into the COVID pandemic. Although that kind of effort will never happen on a national level it is possible that individual states could do more to make it harder to own a gun.

The debates have raged for years. Those who hide behind the second amendment are nothing more than a bunch of selfish crybabies who have always lived in a world where they think everything revolves round their needs and wishes. Whenever we hear their cries for their brand of freedom we need to counter with some facts about gun violence.

Like Floyd Vietnamese Were Victims of a “Flourishing US Culture of Excessive Force Racism & Impunity”

The 27 $million to the family of George Floyd answering allegations that his civil rights were violated within a flourishing American culture of excessive force, racism and impunity by implication puts protective value on all lives in the USA. Remaining valueless are the millions of lives taken overseas by Americans, including by Black GIs who afterward return home to face mortal racist danger themselves.

Brattleboro Water Treatment Loan Article 11 Passes: 111-2

Good evening,

At Representative Town Meeting this year, scheduled for March 20, 2021, the body voted through Australian Ballot on Article 11:

“To see if the Town will authorize the capital improvement as the Water Treatment Plant Reconstruction Project, at anestimated cost of twelve million, five hundred thousand dollars ($12,500,000) and authorize the issuance ofnotes and/or bonds in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed twelve million, five hundred thousand dollars ($12,500,000) at a rate of interest not to exceed five percent (5%) per annum and for a term not to exceed thirty (30) years to pay to that extent the cost of said public improvement.  The vote on this article shall be by Australian ballot as required by law. The question to be voted upon is as follows:

A Ka-Razy RTM

It was a ka-RAZY meeting. The 2021 RTM ran into overtime and continued Sunday (3/21), and since the members only had the remaining agenda to handle, they were alert and curious at the end. Many members and the moderator made efforts to preserve even more time for the proposals of the RTM members.

BCS advanced an uncontroversial educational pamphlet for the members that passed overwhelmingly. Toward the end there were a glitch and a flurry of objections as the establishment didn’t have a quorum (enough participants) for a big money maneuver. The panic was hilarious, as the moderator counted the members three times and Tim Wessel apparently arranged for people to return from dinner to vote to “adjourn the meeting to a later date so we could convene only to officially end the meeting”.

Britain Threatens Humanity with Nuclear Winter Extinction Without Explaining Why It Foresees War by jay janson


Why do the rest of us allow the British (the former genocidal colonial power) to get away with claiming the right to destroy the world if Britain comes under some sort of less than clearly defined non-nuclear attack? Is there no legal authority to sanction the UK and its officials involved in threatening Humanity – the UN Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission, the IAEA, the WHO, the international Criminal Court?

Reform RTM? Maybe, But Let’s Understand It First

The dramatic front page Reformer article of March 17th, “Representative Town Meeting reform pitched” left me wondering if Kurt Daims and his “common sense” gang had really done their homework around Brattleboro’s current governmental structure.

Mr. Daims seems to have some confusion as to the roles of both Representative Town Meeting and of the Selectboard. Lately he has been fond of quoting our Town Charter (reviewed and revised as recently as 2013-2016) which states that RTM is “a guiding body for the town and a source of ideas, proposals and comments…” without allowing that full paragraph’s quote to continue with “It exercises exclusively all powers vested in the voters of the Town.” The mention of the powers of voters is the important phrase there.

Historic Vermont General Strike Authorization – Film of Full Debate and Vote As It Took Place On Nov. 21st, 2020

As political storm clouds gathered in the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, on November 21, just 18 days after Trump LOST, the 10,000 member Vermont AFL-CIO anticipated that a fascist coup could be on the horizon. To better prepare for the defense of our democracy, the Vermont State Labor Council brought to its rank & file a General Strike Authorization Resolution empowering the democratically elected eleven member Executive Board to call for such an action across the Green Mountains if events demanded.

This film (approximately one hour in duration) is now being made available to the public for the FIRST time. The film documents the full discussion, debate, and vote as it unfolded at our Convention (held remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Leading up to the Convention we had 72 Delegates & Alternates register for the event from 28 Locals involving 15 Internationals. With additional rank & file members attending (along with invited guests) the Convention had upwards of 100 Vermont Union leaders and political allies from all corners of the State in attendance. With the passage of this resolution (overwhelmingly supported by seated Delegates), the Vermont AFL-CIO became the ONLY State Labor Council in the Nation to take such a stand in defense of democracy.

Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Should Try A Warrant Committee

Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting members should try an experiment. The body should form a Warrant Committee for a trial period of one year and see how it goes.

What’s a Warrant Committee? 

When Bob Gannett brought Representative Town Meeting to Brattleboro, his experience with it began in Milton, MA. And in Milton, Town Meeting Representatives have a much bigger role in setting the agenda and budget to be voted on. Representatives elect a 15 person Warrant Committee to decide what articles will be warned.

Brattleboro Official Election Results March 2, 2021

Here are the official results:


Annual Town Meeting

MARCH 2, 2021

Pursuant to the Annual Town Meeting Warning recorded in Town Records Book 21, page 332 the polls were declared open at 7:00 A.M. in the three polling places. The polling places are stated in the Warning. At 6:55 P.M. the Town Clerk warned that the polls would close in 5 minutes. At 7:00 P.M. the polls were declared closed. After declaring the polls closed tally sheets from the Accu-Vote ballot tabulator used to record results of the Meeting were printed. The “unofficial” returns were then announced at the polling places. Ballot summaries were compiled by the Town Clerk and evening election workers.

Brattleboro Unofficial Election Results

Here are the unofficial results of the Brattleboro 2021 March election. Short version: Goodnow, Gelter, Quipp to Selectboard, Retail Cannabis yes, Charter Change yes, Schools Dissolve No, allow other towns’ schools to decide to dissolve No.

Stein Drops Out of Selectboard Race, Endorses Gelter

Jackson Stein has dropped out of the race for a one-year seat on the Brattleboro Selectboard.

“I would strongly urge anyone that was planning on voting for me to instead vote for Jess Gelter,” Stein said in a video posted to Instagram.

Stein explained their choice to drop out as “damage control,” stating, “it is a given that Daniel Quipp, as the incumbent, is going to win back his seat,” but that when it comes to the second seat, Brattleboro needs “anyone but Chadwick.”

Cannabis “Reeferendum”

Article II – “Shall the Town [of Brattleboro] permit the operation of licensed cannabis retailers subject to such municipal ordinance and regulation as the Selectboard may lawfully adopt and implement?”

* * *
It will now be legal to purchase spinach in state-approved shops, so long as it is not too fresh. Our political leaders hope that legalizing this popular vegetable with government-regulated distribution through specially-favored retailers, will squeeze out illegal growers and criminal spinach-pushers.

Seriously folks: 
I am having a hard time deciding how to vote. If I vote “no,” my vote will increase the anti-pot tally and be seen as opposition to legal marijuana. If I vote, “yes,” I will be voting for state-sponsored restraint of trade, meant to harm those of our friends who for decades took risks practicing illegal horticulture and free-enterprise, keeping us supplied.

Brattleboro March 2nd Election Information

Below is information that might be helpful to know for March 2nd local elections. The Windham Southeast School District vote will be held in addition to the Annual Town Meeting Day elections.

Polling places for all three districts in Brattleboro is the American Legion, 32 Linden St., from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm.

Due to COVID-19, masks will be required (and provided if needed) to enter the American Legion for voting, and hand sanitizer or gloves will also be provided. If you are unable to wear a mask and did not vote absentee, there will be a space outdoors for you to vote. Due to social distancing and reduced capacity indoors, please be prepared for potential wait times.

Brattleboro Selectboard Candidate Interview – Rikki Risatti

rikki risatti

Rikki Risatti is running for both a 3 year or a 1 year seat on the Brattleboro Selectboard.

Tell us about yourself…. 

I feel thankful to be elected as a 2020-2023 district representative and on the art committee, we need more People to apply online or through the municipal manager’s office. I recently have been welcomed to join partnership with People in the Post 5 Legion Auxiliary and the Adult/Adolescent Sibling match program. Neighbors passionately involved with making community impact efforts have been positive influences for me. I also feel so grateful of all the past and upcoming opportunities to meet with People dedicated to their causes; like the Masons, Co-Op, and Time Trade Bank members.

Americans Murdering People & Dear Children In the Middle East and Africa Hasn’t Mattered – Not Yet!

The issue of deadly racism in the USA has been brought to the attention of all Americans by the persistent efforts of impassioned activists, especially by carrying placards with photographs of African-American victims of deadly police actions. Article suggests how the greater toll of darker skinned people murdered by Americans overseas could become a burning issue of concern for American activists fighting racism at home.