Historic events for Oct 14

1834 Anna Marsh Dies

Mrs. Anna Marsh dies; her will founded the Retreat.

1912 Oak Grove School Sessions Begin

Sessions begin at Oak Grove School.

1898 Brattleboro To Play Hinsdale in Foot Ball

The High school foot ball team will play a return game with the Hinsdale High school team on the island Saturday afternoon. The High school team is a very strong one, but it will find a worthy opponent in the Hinsdale aggregation. “Robbie” Blanchard, Hinsdale’s 425 pound fat boy, will play centre for the visitors.

1898 Many Applicants From Ministers

It is understood that the Congregational society has over 100 applications from ministers who would be willing to preach here as candidates, and that the Baptist society has upwards of 50 similar applications.

1898 Current Literature Club

The Current Literature club held its annual meeting Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Fremont Hamilton.

1892 Brattleboro Maple Sugar Superintendent for World’s Fair

The world’s Columbian commission for Vermont has appointed C.D. Whitman of Brattleboro superintendent of the Vermont maple sugar exhibit at the world’s fair.

1892 Greeting From Brattleboro March

C.L. Brigham has written a new march, “Greeting to Brattleboro,” which was played by the First Regiment band on fair day, receiving favorable comment.

1892 Barnum’s Wooly Horse

It will be remembered that Barnum’s wooly horse originated in Chesterfield, although the great showman states he procured it in Indiana.

1892 Ninety Drummers Drumming

Ninety drummers have been at the Brooks House the last three nights.

1887 Reckless Stone Throwing on High Street

Complaint has been made by residents of High street and vicinity of reckless stone-throwing by boys. It is high time for parents to inquire into this nuisance and see that it is abated.

1887 First Big Apple of Season

I.W. Cutter trots out the first big apple of the season - a “Blessing” measuring 13 inches in circumference and weighing 15 ounces.

1881 Lions Never Forget

Mr. Chas. K. Wood of this village, who for nearly 40 years was a manager in Van Amburgh’s and other menageries, visited the show and was conversing with the showman, when an attache said “Go over and speak to Mose.” Mr. Wood at once went to the cage and said “Hello, Mose” whereupon the old lion turned a somersault, whirled around, rolled over, and rubbed against the bars with all the delight of a pet kitten. He allowed Mr. Wood to handle and play with him, although he had not seen him for several years.

1891 Chinese Laundryman a Curiosity

The new Chinese laundryman is an object of greater curiosity to the young Brattleborean than was the dancing bear that passed through the streets on Tuesday. Wong Lung must have the elements of a good Christian in him to endure patiently the crowd of persistent gazers and hangers-on which continually beset him.

1881 Forest Square Reservoir Under Construction

David Downer has the job of constructing the Forest square reservoir for the fire department, and is now at work upon it. It is located near the northeast corner of the square and its dimensions are to be 50 by 10 feet, with 12 feet depth - sufficient, doubtless, for all probably contingencies.

1881 Narrow Gauge Freight Business Improving

The narrow gauge freight business shows a marked increase of late. Poplar wood for Turners Falls pulp mills, green beech logs for a Northampton basket factory, hemlock bark, granite, soapstones, and potatoes, are the leading items.

1881 Venerable Father Fish

The venerable Father Fish entered upon his ninety-fifth year yesterday. He is still hale and hearty, and bids fair to see many years to come.

1842 Cashmere Shawls For Sale

Cashmere shawls, a rich new style - for sale cheap - by A.E. Dwinnell, Brattleboro.