Historic events for Apr 24

1840 First Baptist Chooses New Pastor.

Reverend Joseph Freeman was chosen as pastor at First Baptist Church.

1885 Wheelmen Out In Force

The good weather of the past week has brought the wheelmen out in force, and it is evident that bicycling as a healthful and manly recreation is growing in favor with our young men every season.

1885 Emerson Coming To Brattleboro

Mr. Harry L. Emerson left Milford, NH on Monday for Brattleboro, VT where he will take charge of the large furniture business purchased there by the firm of Emerson & Son.

1903 New Tenements at Oak and High

The top story of C.O. Robbins’ new house on the corner of Oak and High streets has been put on this week. Mr. Robbins expects to have the house completed the coming autumn. It is divided into six tenements and in the centre is a large open space which admits light to all of the tenements.

1905 Watercure Mischief

Some boys who were either bent on mischief or did not know better piled some rubbish up against the watercure building on the north side of Elliot street one day this week and set fire to it, but fortunately they were seen in time to prevent what might have been a bad affair.

1896 Street Rail Road Schedule Update

There will be a change next Sunday in the Sunday schedule of the electric cars. The first car will start from Prospect Hill at 9 o’clock and from West Brattleboro at 9:20, running thereafter on 20 minutes schedule, pass Main street bridge at 10 minutes before the hours, 10 minutes after, and on the half hours.

1896 Doggies In The Window

Six Scotch collie puppies owned by Chas. W. Sargent are the attraction in the Farmers’ & Mechanics’ exchange window today.

1896 Bicycle Built For Two

A bicycle built for two, the Wolff American duplex, is attracting a deal of attention this week. Mellen & Proctor are agents.

1891 Horse Dentist Arrested

Joseph Hartnett, a horse dentist, was arrested near the Crosby store house last Saturday for intoxication.

1891 Ice Carts Out and About

Ice carts made their appearance on the streets last week.

1891 Wells Fountain Draped For Funeral

The water was turned on to the Wells fountain on Monday. The fountain was draped on the day of Mr. Wells’s funeral.

1891 Estey Piston Break Stalls Work

An accident to the engine at the Estey Organ works last Saturday morning has caused a suspension of the greater part of the works during the week. At twenty minutes past seven Saturday morning the piston head broke inside the cylinder, bringing the machinery to a standstill. It was necessary to carry the piston to Providence, R.I. for a new one to be made.

1885 Boys’ Playground To Be Discussed At Annual Village Meeting

The warrant is up for the annual village meeting, Tuesday evening May 5. Besides the routine business there are articles to see if the village will appropriate money for the observance of Memorial day — a matter which was forgotten at the annual town meeting — and to see if the village will buy a playground for the boys.

1874 Building Committee Buys Land For New Unitarian Church

By the purchases of land which the Unitarian building committee have recently made, a lot with eighty feet front on Main St., and one hundred and three feet in depth, has been secured on which to place the proposed new church edifice, which will stand about twenty feet further south and eighteen feet further west than the old church.

1874 Secret Society Lecture

People interested in secret societies should hear the lecture by Hon. Henry Clark of Rutland, at the town hall on Saturday evening next.

1862 Frost & Goodhue Improve Store

Frost & Goodhue have recently re-juvenated their store, and by the judicious application of various pigments have given it an unusually neat and jaunty appearance.

1862 Town Meeting To Discuss Repair of West River Bridge

The Selectmen have called a Town meeting for Saturday afternoon, May 5th, to see what action the town will take in relation to rebuilding the West River bridge, and in raising money to pay for the same. It is very evident that the bridge at that place must be rebuilt and that speedily.

1862 Great Flood of 1862

Great Flood of 1862. During the past week the inhabitants of the valley of the Connecticut river have witnessed, and many of them painfully experienced, a greater and more disastrous flood than any other that has preceded it within the memory of the “oldest inhabitants.” The rise of water was a full five feet above the highest marks of former freshets.

1858 Frost & Goodhue Add To Stock

Frost & Goodhue have just made an addition to their already large stock of groceries, provisions, &c. Without disparagement to other establishments it may be truthfully said that their stock of goods is the largest, richest and most varied of any grocery store in the State.

1840 Umbrellas, At Music Store

Umbrellas. New covered and otherwise repaired, at the Music Store. J. Woodbury.