Historic events for Aug 19

1921 Welcome Home Party on Williston Street

A welcome home porch party was given by Mrs. J.C. Day for her neighbor Mrs. W.A. Gilbert. Twenty Williston Street ladies were present and found much pleasure in the gathering.

1921 Valley Fair Sign Trips Electric Company Protection

High winds blow sign advertising Valley Fair at Bridge Street near train station into power lines causing automatic switches to protect electric plant.

1904 Christian Science Church Organized

Articles of incorporation have been filed by the First church of Christ, Scientists in Brattleboro. It is organized for the purpose of promoting the interests and knowledge of the Christian science faith. The papers bear the signatures of 13 subscribers, all of Brattleboro.

1904 Hooker Building to Add Dunham Brothers

Gardner & Gardner, Springfield architects, have completed for Mrs. G. W. Hooker plans and specifications for the proposed new brick building in the rear of the Hooker building, for the use of Dunham Brothers. The contract for the masonry and other work will be placed as soon as possible.

1898 Selectmen Unable To Remove Piggery

The selectmen rendered their decision Tuesday morning in matter of the petition for the removal of John Sargent’s piggery at West Brattleboro. The decision was that the selectmen had no authority to order the removal of the piggery.

1887 East vs. West Ball Game

The east and west sides of Main Street expect to play their second game of baseball next Tuesday afternoon.

1881 Brattleboro Gas Company Extension to Forest Sqaure

The Brattleboro Gas Company are preparing to extend their line up Western avenue and on to Forest square.

1881 Mother Abducts Daughter

The wife of Geo. W. Burnham, who left him some time since to live with a “handsomer man,” came to the house where Burnham resides and, aided by a male accomplice, undertook to carry off her 12 year old daughter during Burnham’s absence; but the girl offered so much resistance that after taking her as far as the "little bridge” in New Hampshire, they let her go and she returned home.

1881 S. M. Waite Would Like a Nicer Jail

S. M. Waite is somewhat discontented with his pleasant quarters in the House of Correction at Rutland, and is desirous of being removed to a more congenial place.

1847 Tailoring Apprentice Desired

Wanted: A smart, active boy from 14 to 16 years of age, as an Apprentice to the Tailoring Business. Also, a Journeyman wanted. - Chase & Crandall

1892 Wheelmen Suggest Fall Tournament

Several Brattleboro wheelmen would like to see a tournament held in town this fall. There are several promising riders and little difficulty would be experienced in securing prizes.

1892 Tickets For Howe-Lavin Farewell Concert

The sale of tickets for the Howe-Lavin farewell concert opens at Chapin & Co.’s drug store next Monday, Aug. 22, at noon. There has been a large call for seats from out-of-town people.

1892 Trotting Race Prize: Oats

The trotting race for 25 bushels of oats attracted upwards of 500 people to the Valley fair ground on Saturday. There were seven starters.

1892 People’s Savings and Loan Branch Organized

A branch of the People’s Savings and Loan association of Minneapolis, Minn., was organized here Tuesday night, with J. L. Martin, President.

1870 Cast Iron Apple Grinders

Wood & Marshall have for sale cast iron apple grinders, for cider mills, capable of grinding 60 bushels of apples an hour.

1870 Trot To Excel Previous Trots

The trot arranged for the 25th will excel all previous trots given by the Association, and extra trains will run to Northampton and Athol, for the accommodation of those wishing to attend.

1870 Well-Employed Lock-Up

The lockup is well employed now-a-days in furnishing cheap and convenient lodgings to wandering and unfortunate humanity. Would that this were its only use.