Historic events for Aug 4

1837 Anti-Slavery Society Meeting

A meeting of the Anti-Slavery Society of this village will be held at the Chapel. Petitions to Congress against the admission of Texas and abolition in D.C. will be discussed.

1871 Stone & Murray’s Circus Coming

Stone & Murray’s circus, next Thursday, is expected to attract a multitude of people, should the weather prove fine. Don’t fail to witness the balloon ascension at 1 o’clock p.m.

1882 250 New Books at Library

The new books ordered for the town library arrived yesterday. They are about 250 in number and include recent and valuable works of fiction, travel, history, science, etc.

1882 High Street To Widen

A very desirable and much-needed improvement has been begun on High street hill. Near the top of the hill the street is to be widened by setting back Dr. Post’s wall for a distance of two or three rods; a large tile drain is to be laid next to the wall and the present gutter covered over, giving a sidewalk on that side as well as widening the street.

1893 Governor Fuller Granted Reed Organ Patent

In the list of patents granted recently appears the name of Gov. Fuller, for a reed organ.

1893 Sutter Brothers Shipping Tobacco

Sutter Brothers have made several shipments of tobacco this week from their warehouses here to several places in New England.

1893 Large Log Drive Passes Brattleboro

The rear of the log drive passed Brattleboro Tuesday. The drive this year is one of the largest ever run, consisting of 85 million feet of logs.

1899 Elevator for Bradley Residence

Col. Richards Bradley is to equip his residence with an elevator.

1899 Street Railroad Business Boosted by Brookside Park

The business of the street railroad has increased more than half since the opening of Brookside Park. Without the business afforded by the park the season’s receipts would have been light. As a result of it the business is exceptionally good.

1899 Santanelli the Hypnotist at Brookside Park

Brookside Park has been the scene of much laughter, much surprise and of some scepticism this week on account of the wonders wrought by Santanelli, the hypnotist, who has given exhibitions there every evening, beginning Monday. The power of this slender, long-haired personage over his subjects is really marvelous, and the antics which he caused them to go through when in hypnosis form an evening’s entertainment worth seeing.

1905 Stairway to Prospect Street

A new flight of stairs has been built by A.W. Stowe this week from South Main street up the bank to Prospect street.

1905 Village Ownership of Water Supply Considered

The committee appointed at the village meeting to investigate the subject of village ownership of the water supply met in the offices of E.W. Gibson Saturday night for further consideration of the report submitted by the civil engineer who made a survey of the local territory. George E. Crowell, owner of the Chestnut Hill reservoir, was present to discuss the matter of the valuation of the system now in use and what he ought to receive for it in case the committee recommended its purchase by the village.

1843 Harboring The Poor

Caution. The subscriber having contracted with the Overseers of the Poor of Marlboro, to provide for the poor the present season, herby forbids all persons from harboring them or furnishing them at his expense, as he has made ample provision for them at his house, and at other places in town. Hubbard Kelsey.

1843 And The Better Kind

For Sale By E. Farnsworth, White Pine Boards, common and the better kind. Brattleboro East.

1848 Cash For Wool

Cash for Wool. A Few Thousand pounds of medium and low grade Wool, wanted by G. C. Hall.

1848 Ross’ Medicated Crystalized Soap

Frederick N. Palmer is agent for Ross’ Medicated Crystalized Soap, at the Post Office in Brattleboro, where it may always be found at wholesale or retail.

1848 Everyone Will Be At The Fair

The Fair this (Thursday) Afternoon and Evening at Wantastiquet Hall, — Of course every body will be there.

1855 Kelty’s Improved Metallic Curtain Fixture For Sale

Kelty’s Improved Metallic Curtain Fixture, the best article of its kind in use. Also, a large assortment of Painted Window Shades, Cords, Tassels and Cornices, for sale at the lowest prices, A. E. Dwinell.

1855 Theater at the Lawrence Water Cure

The first theatrical entertainment of the season took place at the Lawrence Water Cure on Friday evening last, being an amateur performance got up by the guests of the Establishment. The plays selected for the occasion were “The Morning Call” and “Box and Cox,” both of which were represented in a manner highly creditable to the histrionic ability of the actors.

1860 Brattleboro Gymnasium, For Ladies and Young Ladies

Brattleboro Gymnasium. Mr. Henry Gebhard respectfully informs the Ladies and Young Ladies of Brattleboro, that his Classes for Ladies and Young Ladies will begin on Monday next. For terms and particulars, apply to Henry Gebhard, Wesselhoeft Water Cure.

1860 Tall Spring Wheat

Several stalks of spring wheat have been exhibited at Brattleboro House, recently, which were nearly six feet in height. They were grown in Marlboro, but upon whose farm we did not learn.

1865 New School House For Canal Street Planned

An adjourned meeting of School District No. 2 was held last, Thursday, evening to hear and act upon the report of a committee in regard to locating and building a school house in or near Canal Street. The Committee reported in favor of building a school house not to exceed in cost $1200 exclusive of land, to be located near the spot where the present one stands, or on land in that vicinity.

1922 Wall-Eyed Pike in Sunset Lake

Some Brattleboro persons were much interested to see a wall-eyed pike fingerling in Sunset lake Sunday. The lake was stocked with wall-eyed pike fry three years ago, but no evidence of their presence had been seen until Sunday and it was feared they had failed to survive, but the discovery of the fingerling shows that at least some of them are still alive and are breeding. Wall-eyed pike are a deep water fish and are night feeders, and so far is known there has been no fishing especially for this breed in Sunset lake.