Historic events for Dec 11

1946 Bill Haley Married in Brattleboro

Bill Haley married Dorothy "Dottie" Crowe in Brattleboro, Vermont.

1923 Harold Mason Donates Hospital Equipment

Gift of laboratory equipment to the Hospital by Harold W. Mason

2008 Ice Storm Knocks Out Power

Ice storm cuts power and causes much damage in areas of higher elevation surrounding Brattleboro.

1896 Small Fire at S.A. Smith

A fire was started in the attic of the S.A. Smith & Co., factory Monday by the overturning of a lantern. The blaze was quickly subdued with the Hydrosal extinguisher.

1896 Anyone Have the Combination?

After the death of President Dowley of the Vermont National bank no memorandum of the combination to unlock one of the compartments in one of the steel safes inside the bank vault could be found. Two expert workmen were sent to remove the door.

1891 Mary Howe Marries

Announcement of marriage of Mary Howe and William J. Lavin in Cleveland, Ohio.

1891 Cigar Box Business Starting

Mr. Combs is now getting his cigar box business established on Elliot street. Emma Tooley, an expert box maker, comes here from Shelburne Falls to work for him.

1891 Large Auction of Horses and Sleighs

Tomorrow is the date of C.P. Gibson’s large auction, when 25 horses, 50 sleighs, and immense stock of harnesses and $500 worth of whips, robes, etc. will be struck off to the highest bidder at the Elliot street stables.

1891 Spruce Trees Head To City

Four carloads of spruce trees, to be shipped to the cities for Christmas use, were brought down on the narrow gauge train Wednesday.

1885 Esteyville Guard Rail Desired

Esteyville people make serious complaint of the danger which threatens foot-passengers on the approach to the iron bridge at the east end through the lack of a guard rail. They say that a single misstep in the dark would give one a dangerous tumble down the steep bank; and they say the authorities say, “It is of no consequence; the town is not liable for damages.”

1874 (Cryptic) Argument For Woman Suffrage

An argument for woman suffrage - the scandalous talk and behavior at the village meeting Monday evening.

1858 Village of Brattleboro Incorporated – First Act, To Build Reservoir

The annual meeting of the Village of Brattleboro was held at the Town Hall on Monday evening last. The act of incorporation passed at the recent session of the Legislature was accepted by nearly a unanimous vote. On motion, it was voted that the Bailiffs be empowered to build a reservoir on Cemetery Hill, of a capacity of about 100 hogsheads, provided they are assured that water will be furnished free of expense to the village.

1845 Connecticut River Bridge Tickets On Sale, Across Bridge

All persons wishing to purchase tickets to cross the Connecticut River Bridge the year ensuing, are requested to call on Dr. Chas. Chapin, Treasurer of the Corporation, at the dwelling house of Asa Sherwin, in Hinsdale, on Saturday the 27th day of Dec. inst., where he will attend to the issuing the same. A punctual attendance is requested.