Historic events for Feb 23

1740 Moses Johnson Born

Moses Johnson, designer of Brattleboro's first meetinghouse, born in Connecticut.

1894 Local Farce Comedy

Claude Freligh is writing a farce-comedy, based on local events, which will be presented soon.

1894 Retreat Lecture on World’s fair

The Retreat family enjoyed an evening of delightful entertainment. Saturday night M.C. Robbins presented his “Visit to the World’s Fair,” which was of special interest to the large number of shut-ins who in this way had their first glimpse of the wonders of the exposition.

1894 Legal Chickens Return

Charles Ebbighausen is rejoicing over the prompt way in which a very official looking legal document brought home his missing chickens.

1883 Shall Brattleboro Rescind a Town Meeting Decision?

The warrant for the annual March meeting has been posted. Aside from the usual routine business there is a special article to see if the town will rescind its action voting aid to the Brattleboro & Bennington railroad and electing commissioners.

1883 Estey & Co Install Time Detector

Estey & Co. are putting in an electrical watchman’s clock or time-detector, which will record the movements of the watchmen during the night, registering the precise moment at which each man passes certain points in each shop or building, where push buttons are placed which the watchman must touch - the touch registering the exact time of the action on a dial in the office.

1883 Mother Goose Dancing Party for Children

The children’s dancing parties at Crosby hall are proving exceedingly pleasant and profitable. They will close on March 28th with a “Mother Goose” party.

1877 Asylum Boiler Room Roof Repaired

The roofing-in of the boiler house at the asylum has been completed, and comparatively few traces of last week’s fire are now visible. The work of permanent rebuilding will not begin until spring opens.

1877 Dullness Climax

We trust the dullness of business and the drouth of local news has reached its climax this week

1866 Town Meeting Article To Compensate Draftees

Town Meeting Article: To see if the town will vote to pay some compensation to Erastus Simonds, S.W. Wilder, and Lerenzo Elmer, who were drafted and actually went into service of the United States under the call of the president.

1856 The Storm and the Blow

The storm of Saturday night and the blow ever since have thrown the trains on all the roads (in this vicinity, at least) into the utmost confusion. No storm this winter, which has already been embarrassing without precedent, has so paralyzed railroad passage.

1849 Hinkley’s Bonnets

Mrs. E. Hinkley has on hand a splendid assortment of Winter Bonnets, which she will sell at cost, it being so late in the season. Also, a great variety of Rich Millinery Goods, consisting of Caps, Head-Dresses, Laces, Flowers, Wrought Collars and Chemisetts, and an uncommon assortment of Ribbons, Mourning Bonnets, Caps, and Collars. Grave Clothes ready, as usual. Straw Bonnets bleached and repaired in the best manner. Likewise, Dress making in the best style.

1844 Spring Prints at The New York Store

Prints! Prints! 50 PS., new patterns Spring Prints, just received at the New York Store, and offered at low prices. W. P. Cune.

2017 Warm Weather in February

Temperatures above 60 degrees in Brattleboro, just days after the ski jump.