Historic events for Sep 23

1836 Brattleboro, Athol, and Boston Stage Schedule

Brattleboro, Athol, and Boston Stage will leave Brattleboro from Chase's at 2 o'clock on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Fare $3.75

1904 Lake Erie Grapes

S.B. Emerson is receiving his annual consignment of grapes from his Lake Erie vineyards for the supply of the local market. The crop is abundant and the fruit unusually fine in appearance and flavor.

1904 Winds Take Out Phone Line to Newfane

The telephone line between Brattleboro and Newfane was out of business a large part of the day Wednesday, a tree having been blown against the wire by heavy wind Tuesday night.

1898 English Pheasants of Esteyville at Valley Fair

A special attraction in this year’s poultry department at the Valley Fair will be an exhibit of English pheasants by Peter S. Chase of Esteyville. He has raised this year a large number of chicks and he will exhibit in all 50 birds, shown in several pens.

1892 Sewing Machine Needles For Sale

Those who have hunted through the town to find sewing machine needles will be glad to learn that Morse & Simpson are to put in a line of needles for machines of various makes.

1892 Merry Go Round At Island Ball Ground

The merry-go-round, which did such a thriving business at Bellows Falls for several weeks, was brought here Monday and put in operation on the island ball ground.

1892 Estey Monument Cart Builder

F.D. Williams is building for E.E. Stockwell a cart weighing two tons, which has four-inch steel axles and tires six inches wide. It is to be used in drawing the Estey monument from the station to the cemetery. Sixteen yoke of oxen will be attached. One piece of the monument weighs 20 tons.

1887 Valley Mills Add Grain Elevator

The Valley Mill company have completed their new elevator, which greatly enlarges their storage capacity, and enables them to handle 500 bushels of corn per hour, or to unload a new car of corn in 20 minutes.

1887 Heating Apparatus for Town Hall

The work of putting in the heating apparatus at the town hall was begun yesterday, and today the carpenters are to begin laying the new floor.

1881 Sorrow After Garfield’s Death

The news of President Garfield’s death caused a profound and universal feeling of sorrow in this community - a feeling which found expression not only in spoken words, but in the look on men’s faces and their movements on the street. All business places are draped in black and many private residences wear mourning emblems. Memorial exercises will be held Monday afternoon at the town hall at 2 o’clock.

1842 New Brattleboro School System

Brattleboro, East Village, is comprised within one school district. It contains about 1500 inhabitants, not far from 400 of whom are from four to eighteen years of age. The average attendance at our schools is about 300. We have 5 public schools, 4 taught by females, the other by a male teacher. The children in the primary schools are required to go through a prescribed course of studies preparatory to the Central School.

1847 First Frost of ’47

The First Frost visited us on Wednesday night of last week, and was followed by another one on Thursday night. No essential damage was done in this vicinity, so far as we have heard.