Historic events for Mar 1

1960 Representative Town Meeting Adopted

Residents of Brattleboro voted to adopt Representative Town Meeting

1839 Editor Departing

The gentleman who has for some time past furnished the principal part of the editorial articles for this paper, will cease to do so after the present week; and he will not therefore be responsible for any thing which appears in any future numbers.

1839 Fresh Fruit For Sale

Fresh Fruit. Lemons and Oranges, by the box or dozen; Figs by the drum or pound; Raisins by the box, &c. &c. just received for sale by Chas. W. Hubbard.

1844 Cure For High Priced Tailors

Now is the Time for gentlemen that have been troubled with an Empty Purse, on account of paying Large Bills to Tailors, to find a sure remedy and a sure cure. Call on Kittredge, over the Book Store, where you can leave your cloth and be furnished with as genteel clothing as can be had in this part of the country, at prices that do not fail to suit all.

1856 Annual School District Meeting

The annual meeting of School District No. 2, which comprises the village of Brattleboro, was held at the central School House, on Tuesday evening. It was voted to purchase a set of Outline maps for each of the primary Schools at an expense not to exceed ten dollars each, and resolved that the District deem it expedient to build a new School House on Green or High street.

1878 Cat and Mouse Story

Here is a cat and mouse story which we have every reason to believe is true. On Tuesday afternoon a maltese cat belonging to Francis W. Taylor, who lives on W.F. Richardson’s farm, caught seven full-grown mice in succession without dropping any of them from her mouth till the whole seven were dispatched. The mice were in a box of oat chaff, and after taking care of the seven, pussy returned to the fray and disposed of five more in the same way.

1889 Mud On Main Street

Town meeting next Tuesday. We wish the twelve inches of mud on Main street could be uncovered for the next three days. In that case perhaps something would be done toward the permanent betterment of that disgraceful thoroughfare.

1889 Crosby Almost Buys Brooks House

It is understood that negotiations were pending early this week looking toward the purchase of the Brooks House by Crosby & Co., but they had no result. Common report says that the price put on the property by the administrators is $90,000.

1889 Sheet and Pillow Case Party

The Knights and Ladies of Honor give a sheet and pillow case party at Red Men’s hall Monday evening.

1895 Spring Vacation Coming

The village schools close for the spring vacation March 15.

1895 Vermont Wheel Club Considers Room Rental

At a special meeting of the Vermont Wheel Club held Wednesday night the matter of renting rooms in the new Farmers’ & Mechanics’ exchange block was discussed.

1895 Tiffany Gold Piece Contains Miniature Photograph

Major Childs has in his possession what at first sight appears to be a $20 gold piece. On pressing a hidden spring, the back of the piece is lifted, revealing a place for inserting a miniature photograph. The piece is from the well-know firm of Tiffany & Co. It is made from two coins and is a delicate and ingenious piece of work.

1918 Flag Breaks Window

During the high wind Tuesday afternoon one of the flags suspended from the Hooker block over Houghton & Simonds’s store blew down, breaking the south window in the north store.