Historic events for Jun 21

1923 Ford Visits Brattleboro

Henry Ford visits Brattleboro. He has an Estey pipe organ built into his home.

1844 Rye, Corn, & Oats For Sale

Rye, Corn, and Oats for sale by J. H. Wheeler.

1844 New York Hams For Sale

1000 pounds New York city cured Hams, small sizes, superior quality, just received for sale by G. C. Hall.

1856 Mirror Of The Life Of Christ

Mirror of the Life of Christ. — An exhibition of this moving mirror will take place at the Town Hall on Saturday evening. It is spoke of by those who have witnessed the representation as well worthy of an examination.

1856 Brattleboro House To Open

The Brattleboro House, formerly the Central House, will be opened next week under the management of Wm. C. Perry. The house has been tho’hly repaired from cellar to attic. The external appearance of the house and the out-buildings has undergone a very sensible change for the better.

1878 Annual Fire Department Parade

The annual fire department parade is to be held on Saturday afternoon of this week.

1878 Railroad Survey Making Progress

The railroad survey is making rapid progress. Tuesday morning the engineers began on the north side of the “Branch,” and their work will probably be completed through Fayetteville this week.

1878 Rear Guard Of Rivermen Pass

The rear guard of the rivermen, numbering 80 men, put in their appearance here last Sunday morning, cleared out the logs during the day, camped on the island below the bridge Sunday night, and went on down the river Monday morning.

1889 Fish Route Sold

Frank Stockwell has bought H. E. Dunklee’s fish route, and will open a market in the basement of the Vinton shop.

1889 Broken Mountain Stone For Main Street

The surface mud was removed from Main street Tuesday morning after the rain, and a coating of broken mountain stone is being put on the street from the People’s bank corner to High street.

1889 Reckless And Needless Firing Of Rifles

It is evident that the time has come when decisive steps should be taken to put a stop to the reckless and needless firing of rifles and other firearms in the village and its outskirts.

1895 Town Hall Remodeling Contract Awarded

The contract for remodeling the town hall has been awarded to T. W. Rogers of Brandon, and experienced and successful builder. He will begin operations as soon as material for the foundation is secured, and expects that the work will occupy four months.

1895 Scribner & Smith’s Circus To Appear

Scribner & Smith’s circus, which will appear in Brattleboro next Tuesday, is the only large show of its kind that will exhibit here this year. It is twice its former size and has many new features. It includes 250 people, 125 horses, 10 cages of animals, three open dens in parade, three golden cars, two bands of music and strong ring performers.

1895 Cole’s Circus Parade and Performances Please Crowds

The parade of Cole’s circus Friday noon was rocky and belied the excellent performances which were given in the afternoon and evening. The trapeze, horizontal bar, tight rope, juggling, contortion, riding and leaping features were marvelous exhibitions of physical training and skill, and superior to the standards usually set by the larger shows. The wonderful intelligence of the trained dogs pleased everybody.

1895 Bass Fishing Season Opens

The season for bass fishing opened in Vermont last Saturday, but no good catches are reported.

1895 Baptist Phonographic Concert

An enjoyable phonographic concert was well attended at the Baptist chapel last evening. The selections were excellent and clearly produced, and were distinctly heard in all parts of the room.

1895 Trolley Construction Progress

Western avenue has witnessed the passing of the “trolley gang” this week and the “head of the line” is beyond Centreville bridge. The setting of the poles will be practically complete as far as the rails are laid down by the end of the week. The poles have been set on Main street and are being painted a dark green. On Oak street and part of High street the trolley wire will be fastened tot he trees. This is done at the request of the residents of those streets.