Historic events for Apr 8

1922 Crosby Block Sold

Crosby Block sold piecemeal by Greenfield real estate man

2010 PAYT Petition Filed in Court

Petition for Declaratory Judgement filed by Town of Brattleboro v. Moss Kahler, in Superior Court, Windham County

1910 Billy The Boy Artist

There will be a matinee tomorrow in the Auditorium with “Billy, the boy artist” as the bright particular feature, supported by a large company, mostly handsome girls.

1881 Stockwell’s Good Service

Mr. Stockwell is doing the village a good service by covering the muddy sidewalks with course sand and gravel.

1898 Dance Pageant Features Battleship Maine

E. Wales’s annual reception to his dancing classes will begin at 8 o’clock next Tuesday evening at Festival hall. The floor has been put in excellent condition this week. One of the features of the pageant will be a spectacular piece representing the United States battleship Maine. Twenty young people in costume will take part in the representation and calcium lights will be used.

1898 Yarick The Magician

James Carey, a former Brattleboro boy now known as “Yarick, the magician,” will give an exhibition of his skill in sleight-of-hand at Grange hall next Monday night.

1892 Will Established Endowment For Free Bed At Asylum

Dr. Draper’s will bequeaths $10,000 to the Vermont Asylum for the Insane, one-half for the endowment of a free bed in said institution, and one-half for the erection of a clock tower with a clock that shall strike the hours.

1892 Brooks House Annunciator Replaced

The old annunciator at the Brooks House, which was on the French system now generally discarded, and which was injured by fire several years ago, has been replaced by a new gravity-drop system of the most approved kind. All the wires run upon the surface instead of in the walls as heretofore, and are brought into an annunciator of 100 drops.

1892 New Tyler Street Sidewalk

A new sidewalk is to be laid on the east side of Tyler street.

1892 Canal Street School Grounds Surveyed

George A. Hines has been at work this week surveying the Canal street school grounds, and yesterday the committee decided upon the location of the proposed building, which is to be in the rear of the present schoolhouse. Work will begin as soon as possible.

1892 Easter Sale of Fancy Articles

The annual Easter sale of fancy articles, Easter cards and novelties, held by the women of the Industrial union, will begin at their room next Monday evening and continue through the week.

1887 New Building Lots for Oak and Chapin Streets

It proves that E.C. Crosby and L.F. Adams are the purchasers of Mr. Chapin’s three remaining lots on the west side of Oak street, and these lots they will divide and dispose of on a plan of their own. They will continue Chapin street through to Forest street on a slight angle, and will make the north side of the street fronting on Oak street one lot and on the south side two lots. In the rear of these will be two lots on each side fronting on Chapin street, making seven lots in all.

1887 Bright Eyes and Mr. Tibbles To Lecture

The ladies of the Brattleboro Woman’s Indian association have been so fortunate as to secure the service of Mr. T.H. Tibbles and his wife, the well known “Bright Eyes,” an educated Indian woman of the Omaha tribe, to address the people of Brattleboro at Crosby hall on Monday evening, April 11, at 8 o’clock.

1887 Bills Against The Village Desired By Bailiffs

The end of the village year is near at hand, and the bailiffs want all who have bills against the village to pass them in promptly.

1887 New Law Requires Temperance Teaching

At a meeting of the school committee held on Monday evening the attention of the teachers of all the village schools was called to the new law which compels the teaching of temperance in every public school in the state, and arrangements were outlined under which the study will be taken up with the new text books provided by the state.

1887 Estey Guard Receive New Rifles

The Estey Guard have received their new rifles and drilled with them last evening for the first time. They are of the latest Springfield pattern, 45 calibre, with globe sights, blue steel barrels and bayonets and no polished parts. The weight of gun and bayonet is 10 lbs., four ounces less than the old ones.

1881 Essential Part Of Dog Law A Dead Letter

One hundred and twenty six dogs were licensed by Town Clerk Newton up to April 1st — about one-third, probably, of the number of dogs in town — but the other two-thirds will be allowed to live just the same as though they had the legal right, and the essential part of the dog law will remain a dead letter, as usual, and help to bring the law into contempt.

1881 Brattleboro Bakery Sold

The Brattleboro bakery was sold at auction on Thursday to C.B. Dickinson, for $900.

1870 Please Return Suffrage Petitions

Those persons to whom petitions have been sent recently, are requested to place them in the hands of some woman or women, who are interested in the present movement for woman’s suffrage, with the request that all those who desire to sign them may have an opportunity to do so. Let the work be done speedily and well.

1870 French Class To Form Again

A French class, under the instruction of Mlle. Augusta Appel, will be formed again at the High school at the beginning of the term commencing on Monday, April 11. Those wishing to take lessons will do well to join. Tuition, $6 per term.

1870 Insurance Business Copartnership Forms, Plus, House For Sale

E.B. Campbell and T.J.B. Cudworth, experienced and well known citizens, have formed a copartnership to carry on the insurance business; and they advertise a house for sale.

1847 Sooner the Better To Pay Up

A gentle hint. All persons having unsettled Accounts of Notes with the Subscribers, are hereby notified they will find them in the hands of A. & G. Keyes, and the sooner they are paid the better it will be for those indebted. G. & C. Lawrence.

1921 Relief for Ireland

The committee in charge of raising money for the relief of distress in Ireland has decided to conduct the local drive during the week of April 10-17.

1921 Children’s Spring Time Frolic

The name of Children’s Spring Time Frolic has been given to the children’s fair to be held April 16.

1921 Gasoline Torch Explosion, Human Torch

With his clothing aflame, giving the appearance of a human torch, Clarence O. Rinfret, assistant cashier at the Central Vermont railroad freight office, jumped from the roof of one of the Roberts Auto Co.’s buildings on Elm street Tuesday afternoon and shot down 18 feet to the ground, rushing thence to the Whetstone brook, near-by, into which he plunged and thereby probably saved his life.