Historic events for Jun 16

1880 Masonic Lodge Chartered

Brattleboro Lodge, No. 102, Masonic order receives charter.

1988 VY Fined

VY fined for using temporary sewage holding tank as a permanent tank.

1893 Broken Pipes from Chestnut Hill

A good many broken pipes on the Chestnut hill reservoir main are being found in West Brattleboro.

1893 Wantastiquet Tower Plans Continue

Curt Davis “takes the cake” on a mountain tower design so far. The rotunda of the sketch is conspicuously labeled “Refreshments” and the men, women, and children appear to be having a very gay promenade around it. This suggests that the lower section might be used for a brewery annex and top one for a rum cure.

1893 Merry Go Round Operating on Island

The merry-go-round is again in operation on the island.

1893 Crowell Pipe Connects Reservoir With West River

Ground was broken this morning for laying Mr. Crowell’s six inch pipe across the Brattleboro Retreat meadow, to connect the reservoir with the West river.

1905 Pratt & Estey Serve Tea

Mrs. C.S. Pratt and Mrs. J. Gray Estey will serve tea at the golf grounds Friday June 23.

1905 No Bikes On Sidewalks

The bailiffs have posted notices calling attention of the public to the fact that they will be obliged to enforce the law against riding bicycles on the sidewalks.

1905 Winton Touring Cars Popular

Dr. A. I. Miller received yesterday a Winton touring car, of the same style as A. D. Wyatt’s.

1916 Railroad Station Semaphores

Semaphore signals are being installed at the north ends of the two new platforms at the railroad station.

1916 Sherbert Works At Candy Store

Miss Lila Sherbert began work Tuesday in Miller’s candy store.

1916 Cattle Sale Reminder

A reminder of the cattle sale was the sight yesterday afternoon of five men, who had been at the sale, driving in a touring car through Main street with two small calves standing in the car.

1840 Ciceronian Society Meeting

Next Wednesday evening, there will be an Exhibition at the Central School House, by the Members of the Ciceronian Society, commencing at half past 7 o’clock.

1848 Monuments For Sale

Monuments. The subscriber has on hand both Rutland and Dorset Marble Grave Stones, which he can and will sell lower han can be afforded at any other shop in the vicinity. Those wishing to purchase may do well to call before purchasing elsewhere. Shop near the Cold Water Establishment. N. Kittredge.

1848 Lost Dog

Dog Lost. Broke away from the Express Wagon, a large Red Newfoundland Dog. The last seen of him he was taking a bee line for Chesterfield. Any information concerning him left at the Phoenix Office, will meet with attention.

1855 Magnificent Summer Residence Completed On Elliot Street

Mr. John Stoddard of Georgia had just completed a magnificent summer residence, on an eminence on the north side of Elliot Street, and in the rear of the Water Cure Establishments in this village. The house is of brick, two stories in height, underneath which is an airy basement containing the kitchen, washroom, store-rooms, &c. On the first floor is the main hall,a large dining room, sitting room, parlor, and library.

1860 Scarlatina and Measles Rife In Village

Scarlatina and Measles, a brace of the infantile diseases constituting the gauntlet through which incipient humanity is compelled to pass, are somewhat rife in our village, although the type is moderately mild. Fortunately the season of the year is propitious for an early convalescence.

1871 Strawberries, 25 Cents

Strawberries are selling freely at the stores for twenty-five cents a quart.

1871 Village Library Moving To Crosby Block; Librarian Added

The village library is to be removed July 1st, to rooms on the second floor of Crosby block. There will be a reading room in connection with it, and the whole will be under the charge of a librarian. The arrangement strikes us as an excellent one, and we are confident that it will prove a source of increased attraction to our young people.

1876 Despicable Thieves

If the theft of plants, flowers, and “slips” from the Brattleboro cemetery grounds continues as it has begun, it is more than probable that some of these candidates for the State prison will find themselves where they belong before the season is over. Let one of these despicable thieves be caught and he will be dealt with without mercy to the full extent of the law.

1876 Fourth of July Program Taking Shape

The committee of the Fourth of July celebration have not yet decided on all the details of their arrangements, but the general programme will be about as follows: 38 guns at sunrise, noon, and sunset; procession of antiques and horribles at 9 o’clock a.m.; at 1 p.m. a procession consisting of a brass band, Free Masons, Odd Fellows, soldiers of 1812, G.A.R., Fuller’s Battery, drum corps, firemen and citizens; dinner at 3 p.m. followed by brief speeches; fire-works in the evening.

1882 Please Ring Off When Finished With Telephone

The telephone exchange wishes to remind subscribers that if they will always be sure to ring off when through talking, an endless amount of trouble and confusion will be saved for the exchange and everybody connected to it.

1899 Chief of Police Appointed As Truant Officer

Chief-of-Police Hall has been appointed as truant officer for the village.

1899 New Railings, Sidewalks For Depot Street

An iron railing has been put up on Depot street next to Whetstone brook, in place of the old tight-board fence. The walks on both sides of the street are being raised up to the top of the granite curbing which has been put in, and they will be covered with concrete.