Historic events for Jan 22

1811 Library Society Formed

A Library Society was formed.

1897 Second Crop Of Ice

A second crop of ice is soon to be cut from Frost’s pond.

1897 The Meat Sleigh

Carl Schorling appeared with a new meat sleigh yesterday.

1897 Bringing Industry To Brattleboro

An informal meeting of about 50 business men of Brattleboro was held at the People’s National bank Tuesday evening to discuss the ways and means which might be provided for bringing to Brattleboro some industry which would give good employment to the laboring men of our town who are out of work because of the general business depression.

1892 New Coins Received In Brattleboro

Specimens of the new 10, 25 and 50 cent pieces, which have just been put into circulation, have been received in Brattleboro. These coins contain the head of Liberty on the obverse side and on this side of the larger pieces are the words “In God we trust.”

1892 Accident Occurs Prior To Signing Estey Benefit Card

F.J. Bohrman cut a thumb quite badly at the Estey shops on Monday and will be disabled for two or three weeks. At the time of the accident Mr. Bohrman had in his possession one of the membership cards of the Estey Organ company benefit association, but had not filled it out.

1892 Resident Offers South Main Street Property for Home for Aged

Mr. Royal G. Wood, who feels a strong interest in the proposed home for the aged and infirm, has stated his willingness to give a site for such a home on the land owned by him on South Main street, provided that should be thought to be a desirable location. Who is the person to make the next move?

1892 Estey Organ Company Benefit Organization Fully Organized

The Estey Organ company benefit organization is now fully organized. 318 men have joined.

1886 Suggestion For Boxes Around Town To Put Mail

The idea is suggested that, with the incoming of a new postmaster at this place, the time would be a favorable one for the introduction of street letter boxes in various parts of the village where letters could be deposited by those living in the vicinity, and their contents gathered up at stated hours of each day and taken to the post office for mailing.

1875 Universalist Sunday School Raises Funds For Grasshopper Sufferers

The Universalist Sunday school raised $64.25 last Sunday for the grasshopper sufferers in Kansas and Iowa.

1875 Big Audience For Whitmore & Clark’s Minstrels

Whitmore & Clark’s minstrels had a big audience Tuesday evening, and in the performances they fairly outdid themselves. No better minstrel troupe travels.

1875 Vicious Dog Leaves Town

The vicious dog spoken of last week as a terror to the people of Brattleboro House has left town. He can be spared.

1875 25 Below Zero

Mercury 15 to 25 degrees below zero Wednesday morning.

1859 Dangerous Main Street Sidewalk

The side walk from the corner of Main and High streets to the Brattleboro House is in a dilapidated, slippery and dangerous condition. During the winter it is covered with ice to the great annoyance of those who have business at the post office, and in the spring it is under water.

1859 Anti-Nervous Smoking Tobacco

Messrs. Frost and Goodhue have a supply of anti-nervous smoking tobacco, an article that will delight the palate of those who are votaries of the weed in this form.

1846 Buggy Trimmings!

Buggy Trimmings, Cheaper than ever. Brass and Plated Buggy Bands, some new and elegant patterns, Buggy Lamps, Drab Cloth, Oil Cloth, Coach Lace, Tufts, Ecliptic Springs, and Dash Frames, received and for sale at very low prices. B. Ranger.

1846 1850 Inhabitants of Brattleboro (in 1846)

The census of this Village has just been taken by Mr. F. H. Fessenden, with the view of ascertaining the No. of children between the ages of 4 and 18, belonging to School District No. 2. Whole No. of inhabitants, 1850, - being an increase of 230 since last January. No. of children between the ages of 4 and 18, 468.

1836 Lyceum To Discuss Influence of Women in Society

Lyceum Tuesday evening, half past six. Lecture by Dr. Gilbert; subject, “Science of organic bodies.” Question for discussion, “Does woman exert a greater influence in society than man?”

1836 Town Meeting at Chase’s Inn

The Town Clerk, Justices of the Peace, and Selectmen of the Town of Brattleboro, are requested to meet at Col. Chase’s Inn on Saturday, the 23rd inst. at 3 o’clock P.M. on business of said town.