Historic events for Nov 18

2009 School Board Provides Suggested Skate Park Process

Brattleboro School Board provides suggested skate park process for Crowell Park site.

1898 Centreville School Children Donate Vegetables

The children of the Centreville school have sent a large number of vegetables to Mrs. Frank Wells to be distributed among the poor families of the town for use in their Thanksgiving supper.

1898 Main Street Bridge Iron Work Completed

The iron work on the new Main street bridge was completed Wednesday and the street was fenced off and the temporary wood flooring on the west side was toen up preparatory to putting on the concrete and vitrified brick flooring.

1898 The Second Mrs. Brattleboro

“The Second Mrs. Brattleboro’s First Thanksgiving” is the title of a story written by Richard Minturn Peck, which appears in the current number of Collier’s Weekly.

1892 Vermont Asylum To Become Brattleboro Retreat

To prevent confusion with the new state asylum at Waterbury, the name of the Vermont Asylum is to be changed to the Brattleboro Retreat, a bill permitting this to be done having been passed by the legislature.

1892 Hedgerow Debating Society

The Hedgerow Debating society of the North street school held its first meeting of the season in Wells hall Friday evening. The question was “Resolved, That the Windham county buildings should remain where they are." The decision was in favor of the negative side. After piano playing an advertisement party was enjoyed.

1892 New Comet Can Be Seen

It will interest many of the possessors of small telescopes that the comet recently discovered can be observed by them, and perhaps may be seen with the naked eye. Its position is near the Great Nebula in Andromeda, and 2 1/2 degrees south.

1887 New Storehouse for Crosby & Co.

Crosby & Co. will begin the sale of feed and meal at their new storehouse, Dec 1.

1887 Stock Broker Established in Brattleboro

Brattleboro reaches a new dignity this week in the establishment of a stock broker’s office. The firm of Miller Brothers, by whom the office is established, and a connection is had by special Western Union wire to Northampton, Keene, Springfield, Hartford, New Haven, and New York.

1887 Thanksgiving Poultry Prices Down

The prices for Thanksgiving poultry are considerably below those of last year, chickens retailing at 15 to 17 cents and turkeys at 20 cents per pound.

1887 Loisettian School of Physiological Memory

There are now 25 members of the Loisettian school of physiological memory.

1881 Main Street Curb In Place – Concrete Next Season

With their usual obstinacy and contrariness, the authorities, instead of laying those Main street curb-stones crosswise of the street as we suggested, have actually placed them edgewise in the ground as it was originally intended they should go. The concrete pavement will not be laid until another season.

1881 Larkin Mead Competes for King’s Monument

Mr. Larkin G. Mead is one of the competitors for the monument to be erected to King Victor Emanuel of Italy, 2000 designs which have been submitted.

1881 Annual Bike Race

At the annual fall race of the Brattleboro bicycle club on Tuesday afternoon, O.A. Marshall took the Hooker medal and W.S. Underwood the Club medal.

1881 New Depot Almost Ready

The railroad people hope to be able to occupy the new depot in course of another week. Better call it Dec 1st.

1842 Lyceum Question Is Mesmerism

There will be a Lyceum Meeting at Wheeler’s Hall, Thursday at 7 c’clock, P.M. The following Question will be discussed: “Is Mesmerism true?”