Historic events for Apr 21

2004 Radioactive Fuel Rods Lost

Two radioactive spent fuel rods from VY were lost.

1860 1860 Business Card Ads

Business Card Ads: • Rev. Addison Brown teaches pupils at his House on Chase Street. • S.S. Joy, Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeon, will attend to all cases of Disease of Horses. House on Walnut Street. • Moore & Nash’s Livery Stable, in the rear of the Brattleboro House, Main Street.

1899 Electric Hose

The Electric Hosiery company have ordered some new machines to meet the demand for their product. They are now making 40 dozen pairs of hose a day, and after the new machines are set up the daily product will be 60 pairs.

1899 Poverty Party

The residents of Poverty Alley will give a social in Grange hall next Wednesday evening. There will be music by the Alley Band, a stage entertainment, and a poverty supper will be served. Prizes will be awarded to the man and woman in the most poverty stricken looking costumes. The entertainment will close with a short dance.

1837 Grape Vine Roots For Sale

Grape Vine Roots. Isabella, Cataroba and Bland, — for sale by J. Steen.

1837 Tuell & Kittredge Cash Store

New Cash Store, Opposite Dutton & Clarke’s. where a general assortment of Store Goods will be kept constantly on hand and at reasonable prices. Tuell & Kittredge.

1843 Copious Rains and Melting Snow

The recent copious rains, together with the melting of the snow, (of which we still have abundance in this region,) caused a rapid rise in the streams in this neighborhood, and in the noble Connecticut, which threatened serious damage.

1848 Trunks For Sale

Trunks, Trunks. Just received another lot of those beautiful Russett Leather Trunks. Also, Money and Book Trunks, Valises, Carpet bags, Satchels, Umbrellas, &c. ALSO — A new assortment of Whips and Lashes which are ready for inspection, at the Hat Store opposite the Stage House. W. C. Spurr & Co.

1855 Engine Co. No. 3 First Training With New Uniform

Engine Co. No. 3, with the tub “Hydropath” made their first public appearance in their new and beautiful uniform, on Saturday last, — Francis Goodhue, Foreman. Although the mud was ankle deep the company spent two hours very pleasantly in marching through the streets, and in practicing with the “machine.” Their success was satisfactory, to themselves at least, considering that it was their first trainin’.

1855 Town Hall Walls Going Up

The workmen have commenced on the walls of the new Town Hall, and the work will be prosecuted rapidly to completion.

1860 Plant A Tree

Plant a Tree. The season for transplanting trees is fast upon us. Much of the beauty of our very beautiful village is due to those by whose wise forethought shade and ornamental trees were either left growing in their native strength and loveliness, or were transplanted to our streets and grounds. Let us not neglect an example so worthy and beneficent, but each add our mite to a contribution so beneficent. If more shade trees are not wanted, plant fruit trees.

1876 Estey Guard Masquerade

Estey Guard sheet-and-pillow-case masquerade this evening.

1876 Henry Ward Beecher Lectures at Town Hall

Henry Ward Beecher registered at the Brooks House and gave a lecture at Town Hall on “The Moral Aspects of Education.” He spoke without notes, and his manner was not lacking either in liveliness or vigor, albeit his locks are becoming thin and quite gray, and age is beginning to tell upon him.

1882 Free Fishing Poles With Suit Purchases

Hereafter Starkey & Wellman give every boy buying a suit of them a bamboo fishing pole.

1882 Petition For New Street Connecting Western and Elliot, Near Cedar

A petition is in circulation to have the selectmen lay out a street leading from Western avenue, at a point opposite Cedar street, to the iron bridge on Elliot street. Such a street would be a great convenience to many.

1893 Suffocating in Dust

There is one good thing about the snowstorm. It has laid the dust. It seems rather strange, when you think of it, that a civilized business community should allow itself to suffocate in dust for a month or more every spring and fall, when there is no good reason whatever for tolerating the nuisance.

1893 The School Dial of North Street School

We wonder how many of the people in this village know what a bright, readable paper the pupils of Miss Sawyer’s North street school are publishing, in “The School Dial,” issued once a quarter.

1893 Reed Street Schoolhouse Sold

Dr. Holton bought the Reed street school house at auction Tuesday for $610. He will convert it into a tenement.

1893 Odd Fellows Dance Delayed, As Not To Distrurb

The dance at the Odd Fellows hall, announced for to-night, has been given up as it was feared that the music would disturb Mrs. Glidden, who is critically ill at the Brooks House.

1893 Brattleboro Sends Maple To World’s Fair

The Vermont exhibit of maple sweets for the Columbian Exposition was shipped from Brattleboro yesterday.

1916 Linoleum Improves Auditorium

The lobby of the Auditorium has been improved by covering the floor with inlaid linoleum, making the place much more attractive.

1916 Discourtesies Toward Salvation Army

A youth who was one of 100 or more boys and men at the corner of Main and Elliot streets Sunday night during the Salvation Army service threw an empty cigaret box from the steps down on the bass drum which was on the ground. Other discourtesies had been shown.

1916 Daughter Of Trolley Superintendent Hit By Trolley

Dorothy Tripp, 6, daughter of Supt. A. L. Tripp of the street railway, stepped from the curbing near her home Monday directly in front of a trolley car and was struck and knocked down by the car. Quick action in stopping the car saved the child from injury beyond a few bruises.