Historic events for Dec 3

1869 Bakery Reopens in Cutler’s Block

J. Cutler & Son announce re-fitted and re-opened bakery in Cutler's Block, with fresh crackers, bread, biscuits, pies and cakes made fresh daily.

1897 23 Buffaloes in Brattleboro

Twenty-three buffaloes were seen in Brattleboro Tuesday. They occupied two cars and belonged to the estate of Austin Corbin. The animals were docile with the exception of the leader of the herd, “Major Mckinley.”

1897 Perpping the Home for Aged and Disabled

The ladies have this week begun to unpack and arrange the furniture and other goods which have been given from time to time to the Home for the Aged and Disabled. Many applications for admittance to the home have already been received.

1897 Birds Get Relabeled

The birds in the natural history collection at the Free library are being relabeled by Taxidermist C.H. Evans of Townshend.

1897 Boys Guild Formed

The Boy’s Guild of St. Michael’s church was organized at a meeting held at the residence of Dr. Roberts on Wednesday evening.

1886 Lend a Hand Jolly Bubble Party

The members of the 'Lend a Hand' club held a very jolly soap bubble party at their room in Crosby block last Saturday evening.

1886 Beginning of Electric Lights in Brattleboro

C.E. Barrett, the machinist, is the first man to make a beginning of electric lighting in Brattleboro. The apparatus will be ready for trial in a day or two.

1886 Emerson & Son Holiday Hours

Emerson & Son, in order to accomodate their customers during the holiday season, will keep their store open until eight o’clock every evening until after Christmas.

1886 Residents Not Clearing Sidewalks

The bailiffs have had numerous complaints in regard to the neglect of people to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice since the recent storms, also in regards to dumping coal ashes into the streets and they propose hereafter that the village bylaws in this regard be enforced.

1880 New Masonic Lodge for Brattleboro

A dispensation has been granted by the Grand Master of Vermont for a new Masonic lodge in this place, to be called the Brattleboro Lodge.

1880 New Street Connects Asylum and Forest Square

The new street extending from Forest square to the neighborhood of the Asylum is open for travel.

1880 Christmas Good’s In Forest Square

Christmas goods in variety may be found at Cora Hatch’s on Forest square.

1875 Retting Makes Good Furniture

A recent visit to the furniture manufactory of Messrs. J. Retting & Co., shows that they are turning our some extra nice chamber sets. The establishment is acquiring a reputation for good workmanship and square dealing, which, as the times improve, will be likely to have a healthy effect upon the business.

1875 Waite’s New Road Opens

Waite’s new road on the east side of the Connecticut, opposite this village, has opened for travel.

1875 O. L. Miner Ships 188 Boxes of Poultry

We learn that O. L. Miner shipped this year for the Thanksgiving market 188 boxes of poultry, weighing 30,443 pounds, net. Pretty good for Windham County.

1869 Good Deal of Village Activity

This village exhibits a good degree of activity and stir. Drilling and blasting and moving stone, laying walls and abutments, repairing shops and building a dam across Whetstone brook, setting glass and painting, repairing buildings and erecting new ones, constructing sidewalks, &c, gives the appearance of earnestness and determination to repair the damages of flood and fire, and to make substantial and permanent improvements.

1869 Send Us Local News Frequently

We will thank our correspondents in the several towns to send us the local news frequently, and thus aid in giving interest to the paper.

1859 Wheeler Developing Skates

About a year since Mr. Asa Wheeler of this town received letters patent for a new and greatly improved kind of skate of his own invention. During the past season he has been engaged in putting machinery into his axe factory and making necessary preparations for the manufacture of these skates. In these improved skates a neat leather casing is buckled over the top of the feet, entirely enclosing the foot from any movement independent of the skate.

1859 Long and Not Brilliant Presidential Message To Be Published

We shall publish the Annual Message of the President in a supplement to The Phoenix, next week. Our readers must prepare themselves for a long and not very brilliant homily on “the great value of the Union,” and a dissertation on “Sectional Strife,” or more precisely, that sort of strife that is engendered by anti-slavery men. Southern sectionalism will, of course, be let off with a very gentle reprimand, merely for the looks of the thing.

1846 Harness and Buggy Trimmings For Sale

Harness Trimmings. Brass, Plated, Tinned and Jappan’d Harness Trimmings. Buggy Trimmings, Laces, Bands, Springs, &c., received and for sale at the very lowest prices. B. Ranger.

1846 Earl’s Cheese For Sale

Cheese! Cheese! Earl’s Cheese for sale by Dutton & Clark.