Historic events for Jan 20

2009 BUHS Band at Inauguration

BUHS Band performs at Inauguration of President Obama in D.C.

1920 Centre Church Sells Property

Centre Church sold Goodhue property to Dunham Bros.

2015 Peter Elwell Appointed Town Manager

Peter Elwell becomes Town Manager for Brattleboro.

1893 Canal Street School Ready For Occupancy

The Canal street school building has been turned over to the village authorities by Pellet Brothers, the contractors.

1893 Emerson & Son Dissolved, But Continues

The firm of Emerson & Son has been dissolved, but will be continued under the same name. S. B. Emerson retires and his son, H. L. Emerson, is now the sole proprietor. The firm holds an enviable position among the substantial business concerns of Brattleboro, and enjoys and deserves a large patronage.

1893 Coasting Accident On Elm Street Hill

The first coasting accident of the season occurred yesterday when Michael Devine was knocked down on the Elm street hill by a traverse filled with boys. Mr. Devine was unconscious for some time after the accident, and was carried to his home on Vernon street.

1888 Housh & Co. Printing Business Thriving

Frank E. Housh & Co., printers, report that they now have a larger amount of business on hand than ever before. Nine tons of book paper are required this month, which will be printed into magazines, books, and catalogues.

1888 Petition To Widen Western Ave at Union

A petition, largely signed, was presented to the selectmen last week, asking for a widening of the highway at a point on Western avenue between the junction of Union street and the residence of Mrs. Mary Pitkin.

1888 Sherlock Sisters Return Engagement?

Another presentation of the “Chimes of Normandy” by the Sherlock sisters and our local company is talked of.

1882 Sleigh Suitable For Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde ought to have a ride in N. H. White’s “1756” sleigh. It is as gay as a sunflower, and an “esthetic” imagination might easily see in it the limp lily for so dear to Oscar’s heart.

1882 Chisel Accident at Estey & Co.

W.C. Dolloway got a bad cut in his hand, by the slip of a chisel, at Estey & Co.’s on Thursday. He will be disabled a fortnight or more.

1882 Larkin Mead Becomes Professor Mead

Larkin G. Mead has been elected to a professorship in the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts.

1871 Savings Institution Reaches 10,000 Depositors

The number of depositors at the Windham Provident Institution for Savings has reached 10,000.

1871 Tax Rate Set at 15 Cents On the Dollar of the Grand List

At the village meeting held on Monday evening last, it was voted to raise a tax of 25 cents on the dollar of the grand list to pay the expenses of the coming year. The members of the fire department are to be paid the same as heretofore.

1843 Full House for Dedication of Centre Church

The dedication of the Centre Church, recently completed in this village for the Brattleboro East Society, took place on Wednesday the 11th inst. Although the travelling was very unpleasant, at an early hour people from the surrounding country began to pour in, and before the commencement of the services every seat was filled, and a large number were unable to find seats.

1837 Lyceum Question Of Female Suffrage

Lyceum - Tuesday evening, January 24, Lecture by Dr. Hyde. Question for debate - “Ought females to be allowed the right of suffrage?”

1837 Brattleboro Population Reaches 1,442

The number of inhabitants in Brattleboro East Village, on the first day of Jan. 1837, was 1442: The number of children in District No. 2 (including said Village) between the ages of 4 and 18, was 381.