Historic events for Sep 28

1835 Retreat Begins

Vermont Asylum for the Insane, the 11th mental hospital in the United States, was founded at the first meeting of its board of trustees, with William H. Rockwell as the first superintendent.

1883 Band Stand at Highland Park

Crowell’s workmen at Highland park have been engaged this week in building the band-stand, which is a plain structure occupying the height north of the reservoir.

1883 Library Use Growing

The number of patrons of the public library has now reached 1375.

1883 Higby Sewing Machines

The first lot of Higby sewing machines has just been completed.

1877 Beautiful Autumn Colors

Old age and the dry weather begin at last to tell upon the forest leaves, and Wantastiquet is putting on its beautiful autumn colors, with dots and patches of flaming red, and yellow in various shades, set against the background of green which most of the foliage still wears.

1877 Stage Adopts Winter Schedule

The Jacksonville stage will adopt the winter arrangement next Monday, leaving here at 2 o’clock, P.M. instead of 6.

1894 Connecticut River Oysters

Lovers of the succulent bivalve, who are largely dependent upon the Connecticut crop, will be interested to know that the indications are that the present oyster season will yield the greatest harvest in the history of Connecticut oyster growing. It is estimated the harvest will exceed that of 1889, when 1,000,000 bushels were gathered.

1894 O.F. Beverage Engaged As Principal

O.F. Beverage, who has been engaged as principal of the Brattleboro High school, was born in North Haven, Maine. He has been unusually successful as a teacher, and the prudential committee consider themselves fortunate in so early securing an able and experienced instructor.

1838 Four Pews Wanted

Wanted to hire, 4 Pews, well situated, in Rev. A. Brown’s Church. Apply to this office.

1838 Intelligent, Faithful Laborer Wanted

Wanted, An intelligent, faithful laborer, to work on a farm — one who can and will manage and do as well in the absence of the owner as when at home — to commence now for a year. To a good man liberal wages will be given. Inquire at this office.