Historic events for Oct 28

1881 Removed From Forest Square

Mr. D. Leonard has removed from Forest Square into Dr. J. M. Clark’s house on Green Street.

1898 Bridge Girders Drilled Incorrectly

The two remaining girders for the Main street bridge and all the other iron to be used on the bridge arrived during the present week. The holes on one side of the girders, for almost its entire length, do not correspond with the holes in the iron plate which will make the foundation for the roadway.

1892 Partial Eclipse

A partial eclipse of the sun last week was watched by many Brattleboro people. The next eclipse will be that of the Democratic party, which occurs Nov. 8.

1892 James King, Boy Robber

James King, the boy robber, who operated successfully in Brattleboro, Guilford and Vernon, and who escaped detection, has recently committed burglaries in Northampton, Easthampton, Holyoke and vicinity. He is now supposed to be hiding in the woods between Northampton and Easthampton.

1887 Crowell Buys Property on Green Street

Editor Geo. E. Crowell of The Household has purchased the Charlier place, at the head of Green street, with the intention of making it his home.The house was built in 1860 by James. B. Eustis, a wealthy southerner.

1887 Mary Howe’s First Public Engagement A Success

Mr. C.L. Howe’s family have learned that Miss Mary’s appearance in her first public engagement, three weeks ago, was a most gratifying success in every respect.

1887 Blacksmith To Open On Elm Street

Martin Austin is preparing to open a blacksmith shop in the Bemis building on Elm street, and will make ox-shoeing a specialty.

1887 Brattleboro Men of Means Interested In Electric Street Cars

It is understood that some Brattleboro men of means are financially interested in the experiment of running street cars by electric storage batteries. It is confidently predicted that the next two or three years will see electricity generally used as a motive power for street cars, and when Brattleboro has a street railroad the cars will be run with this motive power supplied from the plant up on the brook.

1881 Accident at Bickford Knitting Machine Company

Mr. J. L. Simonds, superintendent of the Bickford Knitting Machine Company’s works at Centerville, met with a very serious accident last Saturday. The company’s dam was undergoing repairs, and he had walked out to watch the progress of the work, when he stepped on a plank which was tilted and threw him down a distance of 15 or 20 feet on the rocks below. He is now slowly improving, but some time must elapse before his complete recovery.

1881 Curiosity Of A Curious Season

Trailing arbutus in full bloom, fresh and fragrant as May, is one of the curiosities of the curious season.

1870 Contract for Grading West River Railroad

The West River Railroad has been put under contract for grading from South Vernon to the Connecticut river at the point where it is to cross that river and pass up on the east side through Hinsdale.

1870 Old Elm On Main Street Cut Down

The old elm at the corner of Main and Elliot streets, which, previous to its injury by the fire of last year, formed so noticeable an ornament to that locality, has at length been cut down. It was set out by John R. Blake of Boston, the former owner of the premises, about the year 1825. Not alone the bill poster and the early robin will miss its graceful form.

1870 Roof Being Added To Crosby Block

Crosby’s new block will soon exhibit its full proportions. On the south end, the roof is already being put on.

1842 Fresh Quinces

Fresh Quinces - Just arrived for sale by C. Townsley & Son, Brattleboro.

1921 Cocoa Cola Price Change

The Brattleboro merchants who are dispensing sodas and other soft drinks have reduced the price of cocoa cola to eight cents, including one cent war tax, and of milk drinks to 10 cents, including one cent war tax. Cocoa cola has been sold for 10 cents and milk drinks for 11 cents.