Historic events for May 23

1904 Colonel Austine Promoted to Lietenant-Colonel

Colonel William Austine promoted to be lieutenant-colonel, with his commission from President Roosevelt bearing the date of May 23, 1904.

1873 Lawrence Renews Brooks House Lease

Chas. A Lawrence has renewed his lease of the Brooks House, as everybody supposed he would who has seen his ability to run a first class hotel, featuring superior accomodations which the house affords “for man and beast.” Country people in particular will be interested to learn that prices are to remain as low as at the other hotels.

1884 Lager Beer Taken from Firemen

A case of lager beer which was being dealt out during the firemen’s muster near Loomis’s blacksmith shop was confiscated by the authorities and handed over to the liquor agency.

1884 1884 Log Drive

The annual log drive down the Connecticut river is expected to reach here in about two weeks. The drive contains about 45,000,000 feet of spruce lumber.

1890 Granular Button Transmitter

The telephone exchange has just received a granular button transmitter, an improved instrument for the use of central office stations.

1890 Band Concert On Brooks House Balcony

The first band concert of the season from the Brooks House balcony was more than ordinarily enjoyable and brought out a large number of people, notwithstanding the cold weather.

1879 Defective Warrant Prevents Action at Town Meeting

The town meeting called on Monday last, to rescind the action taken at the previous meeting in regard to the Elliot street bridge, was quite well-attended, but somebody had discovered a defect in the warrant, and consequently no action could be taken.

1879 Spring Sanitary Bulletin Issued

The bailiffs have issued their customary spring sanitary bulletin, which will be as customarily disregarded — perhaps!

1879 Log Drive Advance Guard

The advance guard of the season’s big drive of logs has been running down the river for a week past.

1873 Revere House Modernization

The Revere house is to be modernized by the introduction of new four-lighted windows throughout. The glass will be furnished by Barna Clark.

1861 Company C Volunteers Mustered Into Service

The company recruited in this county for the 2nd Regiment Vermont Volunteers was mustered into the service of the State on Thursday of last week, by Gen. F. W. Hopkins of Rutland, who performed that duty at the request and under the direction of the Adjutant and Inspector General. The Adjutant General has informed Capt. Todd that this Company will be designated by letter as Company C, and that it will be the color company when the Regiment is formed.

1857 $1000 Bet Offered By Deputy Sheriff

We learn that S. B. Johnson of Vernon, a Deputy Sheriff for this county, has a mare of the Green Mountain Morgan blood, eight years old, that he offers to bet one thousand dollars he can drive from this place to Boston in fifteen hours. The animal in question is a good show of horse-flesh, whether or not she can do all that is claimed of her.

1857 Ornamental Work of Nature

The ornamental work of nature about these days is weather cold enough for February, rain storms in the valleys, snow-storms on the hills, and ice on the mountains. The emerald hue of the fields is not half as green as that of those persons who think this is the proper season for planting.

1845 Wesselhoeft Opens Establishment in Brattleboro

Dr. Wesselhoeft, a German Physician, who has resided for some years in Boston, and has there practiced in his profession with great success, has opened an establishment in our village for the reception of patients, on the model of the famous water-cure establishment of Pressnitz, at Graefenberg, Germany.