Historic events for Aug 24

1888 Cemetery Hill Boys Make Noise

Some of the good people on Cemetery Hill protest that their only objection to the playing of the boys on the school house grounds is the noise they make, which seriously disturbs people who are ill.

1906 Baby party at Crowell Lawn

George B. Crowell’s lawn was the scene of a gleeful baby party last Friday. 30 little people attended. The beautiful display of dahlias and the evergreen arch were the striking features. Children each received a toy.

1906 Green Street Fire Hydrant Requested

A petition signed by business men requests a fire hydrant be placed on Green Street.

1866 Masquerade Ball at Lawrence Water Cure

There was a great gathering at the Lawrence Establishment on Wednesday evening last, of towns-people and strangers, drawn together by the attractions of a “masquerade ball.” The spacious hall was not only crowded, but the street was also fuilled with admiring spectators, who were eager to catch glimpses of scenes within.

1866 Fair Arrangements

We believe that those who have charge of the coming Fair are making all necessary arrangements for the accomodation of those who may attend. The track is in good order, the buildings for the exhibition of manufactured articles, fruit, grain, ornamental works, &c., are put in readiness, stalls for animals and food for the same are in preparation, and the hotel keepers are providing for the board and lodging of large numbers of guests.

1877 Voice of the Katydid

The voice of the katydid is heard in the land.

1877 Larkin Mead Is Rusticating

Larkin G. Mead, the sculptor, with his wife, reached Brattleboro from Bennington via Wilmington on Monday, and is now rusticating at Chesterfield lake.

1877 Thieves Followed President Hayes To Brooks House

A gang of thieves, who seem to have followed President Hayes’s party to this place from Bennington, did a brisk business during the rush and jam at the Brooks House incident to the reception. They were experts at the business and managed so shrewdly that they escaped arrest, and for the most part even suspicion, until it was too late.

1877 President Hayes Renews Acquaintance With Boyhood Scenes

Soon after arising in the morning the President was waited upon by a few citizens, who expressed their pleasure at seeing him in Brattleboro, and tendered him any hospitalities within their reach. In reply Mr. Hayes said that the arrangement of the day’s programme was in their hands, his only purpose for himself, during his stay, being to visit his relatives, and renew, as far as possible, in the brief time afforded, his acquaintance with scenes with which he was familiar in his boyhood.

1883 Man Trap Repaired

The man-trap at the railroad crossing has been repaired. How long, O Lord! how long ere it will be removed altogether.

1883 New Cross Street From Western to Elliot

The selectmen have at length yielded to the demand for a new cross street from Western Avenue to Elliot street bridge, and last Saturday they laid it out in accordance with the recent petitions, making it continuous with Cedar street.

1883 New Sidewalks Completed by Surveyor Stockwell

Surveyor Stockwell has just completed a concrete walk the whole length of Birge street, and is now laying one on the east side of Oak street, from High to Grove. One on the east side of Walnut street, from Main street to the Catholic church, is to follow.

1888 Battle Canvas

The Battle of Gettysburg on canvass will be presented here in a few weeks.

1888 Weather Signal House Disfigured

Someone has been disfiguring Mr. Childs’s weather signal house on the mountain this summer. It may have been an act of thoughtlessness; if so the parties will take warning from this notice and not repeat it. If the defacement continues, Mr. Childs will seek an interview with the perpetrators through the proper officials.

1888 Prohibitionist Banner Over Main

The prohibitionists have unfurled across Main street just above Elliot a handsome flag bearing the names of their candidates.

1888 Sarah Goodhue Window at Centre Church

The window which the children of the late Madam Sarah Goodhue have placed in the remodeled Centre church in her memory is of miffled English catherdral and selected opalescent glasses, and is remarkable for brilliant irridescent effects and the harmonious blending of color tones. It is an artistic production, highly creditable to the house of Phipps, Slocum & Co., of Boston, which furnished it.

1888 Octagon Soap Distribution

The agents of Colgate & Co. of New York have been in town this week distributing large quantities of the celebrated “Octagon” soap.

1888 Testimonial Concert For Mary Howe A Success

The testimonial concert given by the citizens of Brattleboro, on Friday evening last, to Miss Mary Howe, was in all respects a brilliant success. Indeed, so great was the demand for seats that it was found necessary to repeat the concert on the following evening to accomodate those who were unable to procure tickets for Friday.

1894 Low Lake Spofford

The water in Lake Spofford is lower than ever known. A sand bar north of the island is dry 30 rods in length. A mutual agreement has been made between the lake dwellers and the mill owners, under which the latter will be allowed to use ten inches more of water from the lake.

1894 Millions of Cucumbers Pickled on Flat Street

Three to four million cucumbers have been received this season at the pickling establishment on Flat street, and is is probable that not over half the crop has been harvested. About 80 acres in Brattleboro and vicinity were planted to cucumbers. The farmers receive $1 per thousand.

1894 Concrete Walk On Elliot Street

A concrete walk is being put in on Elliot street from Church to School street.

1894 Vermont Wheel Club Race Meet

The race meet of the Vermont Wheel club on Thursday next, August 30, will surpass any ever held in Vermont, or any that has been held in New England this year. The value of the prizes offered in the seven races exceeds $600. Over 200 entries have been received, representing 60 different riders, among them the fastest class A riders of New England.