Historic events for Jul 2

1910 $15,000 for New Railway Building

Brattleboro voted to appropriate $15,000 for a new railway building along the Connecticut River.

2005 Downtown Improvement District Created

Brattleboro's Downtown Improvement District (DID) is created.

2010 Marina Destroyed By Fire

Marina restaurant was destroyed by fire; employees march in the 4th of July parade two days later.

1897 Record Butter Output at Creamery

The Brattleboro creamery made 15,068 pounds of butter in June — the largest record for a single month since the creamery was established.

1897 1897 School Taxes

The total tax of the school district No. 2 is $24,301.59

1897 Carrier Pigeons Fly Springfield to Brattleboro

L.F. Adams took eight carrier pigeons belonging to his son George to Springfield, Mass., and released them near the depot. They did not circle around in the air as usually, but started at once toward Brattleboro, where they arrived at their loft in 65 minutes.

1897 Enforce Swine Laws

Query: Wonder why the bailiffs don’t enforce the law prohibiting the keeping of swine within the village limits?

1886 Prospect Park Planned

Some of the residents of Prospect street have started a project to purchase a tract of land on the north side of the street and present it to the town as a public park. About $800 of the $1050 needed has already been subscribed.

1886 Cobblestone House Sells

Mrs. A.M. Carlton has bought of the Davenport brothers the cobble-stone house on Canal street and the one adjoining it.

1886 Brattleboro Considers Paid Fire Department

A Town Meeting will be held July 6 to receive and hear the report of the committee appointed to consider the expediency of establishing a paid fire department.

1880 Squib Firing and Horn Blowing on 3rd of July Only

The bailiffs will confine the firing of squibs and the blowing of horns by the boys strictly to tomorrow morning.

1880 Drought of Early 1880

Monday last was the banner day of the season thus far for heat, oppressive sultriness and positive discomfort. The protracted drought is having a disastrous effect on grass lands, and promises to become a serious calamity to the farmers, unless soon relieved.

1880 Fisk Monument Broken

Somebody, through either accident of malice, broke a hand off one of the statues of the Fisk monument last Sunday. The perpetrator of this sorry piece of vandalism is not known.

1880 London Circus Soap Artist

A deft-handed fellow is that London circus artist in soap who decorated the store windows about town on Wednesday,

1846 Kegs of Powder For Sale

Just Received, for the glorious Fourth, or any other time, 20 kegs 4, 5 and 6F Powder; 30 kegs 1, 2 and 3F Powder; 12 1/2 and 1/4 do., Extra Rifle do.; which will be sold low, by the keg or single pound, by Townsley & Sons.

1846 Girls wanted At Silk Factory

Wanted. 6 Girls at the Silk Factory. Apply immediately. E. M. Hollister.

1859 Sands, Nathans & Co.’s Gigantic Combination Circus To Bring Calliope and Elephants

Sands, Nathans & Co.’s Gigantic Combination Circus — The reputation of Sands, Nathans, & Co, as Equestrian Managers, is sufficiently well known and appreciated to make it almost unnecessary that we should do more than mention the fact that their splendid establishment will shortly arrive among us. The procession, on its entrance into town, will be preceded by the great Steam Calliope, a true melodic monster, drawn by a team of gigantic Elephants.

1859 A Miscellaneous Fourth

Our national holiday this year will be very generally observed by the denizens of this place, although in a manner somewhat more miscellaneous than usual.

1875 Praise Meeting For Drinking Fountain

A praise meeting was held at the corner of Main and High streets last Thursday evening to give thanks for the sound of running water which was once more heard at that drinking fountain. The occasion is said by those who were present to have been one long to be remembered.

1875 Thursday, Hottest Day of Year

Those disagreeable people, who always have a record of everything, say that last Thursday was three degrees hotter than any day last year. Nobody would think of disputing them.

1875 Daniel Long Finds Gold Watch, Returns It

We learn that the gold watch recently advertised as lost on High street, was found by Mr. Daniel Long and returned to the owner.