WSESU Board Meeting Minutes Nov 29, 2023

CALL TO ORDER—6:03 p.m. – Anne Beekman, Chair

On a motion by the chair the board voted to amend the agenda to include retirements.

On a motion by Deborah Stanford the board moved to approve the minutes of November 8, 2023.

Mark announced the upcoming retirements of Sue Mitchell, a Special Education para at BAMS, and Paul Smith, the WSESU Curriculum Coordinator.

WSESU Board Meeting Minutes – Nov 8, 2023

On a motion by Tim Maciel the board moved to enter the consent agenda for action.

On a motion by Tim Maciel the board approved the minutes of October 11, 2023.

Frank Rucker reviewed the Budget Development Overview process including the preliminary timeline, FTE ratios, and projections in the area of Special Education. Frank walked through the previous year’s budget giving an overview of the majors sections, both the summary data and the more detailed information that is available for both revenue and expenditures.

Brattleboro Selecboard Special Meeting Agenda and Notes

The Brattleboro Selectboard will be holding their July moments of public participation for anyone wishing to provide feedback and comments on the EMS plan.

They will also approve new land use regulations, and hear a report on plans for improvements to Living Memorial Park.  You can sometimes bring up other items not on the agenda during public participation, if the Chair allows.

WSESU Policy and Amendment Committee Meeting Agenda

AGENDA – 4/24/2023

The following is a suggested agenda pending approval of the reorganized Committee.

I. Approval of Minutes from 4/3/23
Confirm date for next meeting

II. WSESD Board Update
F35 – School Animal Policy (re-adoption delayed until 4/25/23)
D17 – Policy on Nondiscriminatory Mascots and School Branding (adoption 4/11/23)

WSESU Reorganizational Meeting Minutes

CALL TO ORDER—6:02 p.m. – Meeting called to order by Superintendent Speno.

A. Nominations/Election of Board Chair Anne Beekman

The Chair continued the meeting from this point.

B. Nominations/Election of Board Vice-Chair Kerry Amidon
C. Nominations/Election of Board Clerk Kerry Amidon