Interview with Brattleboro Town Clerk

Elliott Greenblott interviews Hilary Francis, Brattleboro Town Clerk about the voting in this year’s election.

Remember to vote ~ Make your vote count ~ Follow the instructions

Save Dottie’s!

Sadly, the Brattleboro Co-op, with minimal announcement to its owners, is planning to close Dottie’s. In the current “Food for Thought”, they describe it as “the integration of Dottie’s into our main store”. If this happens, Dottie’s as we know and love it, will no longer exist.

Although the plans seem to be far along, we are asking the management to kindly reconsider.

Many people, especially those on a tight food budget, rely on Dottie’s, and everyone benefits from the mix of interesting products, many of which are not available in the main co-op.

Brattleboro’s Harris Hill Ski Jump Cancelled for 2021

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. — Vermont’s Harris Hill Ski Jump is canceling its February 2021 competition due to the Covid-19 pandemic and turning its attention to planning for its centennial in 2022.

“We considered the enormous health risks to the jumpers, coaches and judges coming from around the country and overseas,” event co-directors Kate McGinn and Liz Richards said. “Those risks would extend to the hundreds of volunteers who staff the competition and the thousands of spectators who come from all over New England.”

Town of Brattleboro Halloween Event & Safety Tips    

The Town of Brattleboro Recreation and Parks Department in collaboration with the Brooks Memorial Library is excited to announce we will be hosting drive-thru Trick-or-Treating at the Municipal Center Parking Lot.   This event will be held on Saturday October 31ST between 4:00 – 6:00 PM.   We ask all ghouls and goblins to enter the Municipal Center Parking Lot from the Grove Street entrance.  There will be a walk-up table for those who wish to walk vs drive.    A special thanks goes out to the Brattleboro Police and Fire Departments for their assistance with the event.

The Other Pandemic

When people in power continually lie and rule with bluster and bullying instead of with intelligence and compassion we all suffer. If these kinds of bad apples are in our neighborhood or in the sphere of our daily life we can try to keep away from such a toxic individuals. We know that keeping away from them is the best thing we can do to preserve our mental health.

But when that person is the President of the United States it is nearly impossible not to be affected by the toxic atmosphere that is constantly being created. It seems that when such high level power brokers do so many bad things they create a juggernaut of a unique kind of disease that feeds on itself and that grows in intensity. Their behavior feeds a beast of never-ending chaos.

A new kind of political epidemic is poisoning the entire world. The coronavirus is a physical threat and this new political virus is quickly harming the mental health of people all around the world. Trump is not the only bad player who is spreading this virus, but he has given greater legitimacy to other world leaders who are trying to solidify their power bases by building a world of lies with their own version of bluster and bullying.

Donald Trump’s October Surprise

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has Covid-19. That this happened on a full moon was weird, almost spooky and very Octoberish.

I noticed no other omens however.  Last night, we watched Stella Dallas on tv and then checked news wherein we saw that Trump was on a short list to have Covid-19.  In one of those “this changes everything” ways, that news instantly blew up all conventional thinking about everything.  Not that it was unexpectable — but definitely unexpected.  We were expecting him to try to keep the White House by force, not catch Covid and potentially die.  Like I said, Octoberish.

Brattleboro Fall Leaf Collection Schedule 2020


The following dates have been scheduled for Brattleboro’s curbside Fall Leaf Collection. All locations will be picked up each Friday:

Leaf Pick Up Date

ALL RESIDENTSFriday, October 23, 2020

ALL RESIDENTSFriday, November 6, 2020

Brattleboro and Vermont COVID-19 Dashboard Numbers – October 2020

It’s October now. Here is the continuation of daily COVID-19 dashboard numbers from the Vermont Department of Health, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, and MA and NH counties that surround Brattleboro.

You can find the September numbers here, August numbers here,  July numbers here, the June numbers here, the May dashboard reporting here, and the April numbers here.

March for Medicaid

On October 3 the Vermont Workers’ Center will hold a March for Medicaid in Bellows Falls. This is part of a national week of action coordinated by the Workers’ Center and the Nonviolent Medicaid Army, a growing national force fighting for universal healthcare and all economic and social rights for poor and working class people. The campaign is calling on Governor Scott to protect Medicaid by cutting the state’s contract with OneCare, a for-profit company siphoning off millions in Medicaid funding that should be spent on people’s healthcare, and to make good on Vermont’s commitment to universal healthcare as enacted in Act 48.

Will It Be A Funeral Or A War For Democracy?

Just when it looked as though the current political climate in this country could not get any worse, events unfolded that have pushed us closer to unprecedented constitutional and human crises. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Supreme Court justice who changed the world for the better, has passed on. Her legacy will last for generations and life will be better for many Americans years after her death.

But the Republican politicians in Washington want to shorten the mourning period and act quickly to move the court as far to the right as they can. They have vowed to place a Trump appointee as quickly as possible and, because our government no longer serves the people, the minority viewpoint will prevail and the court will tilt to the right for too many years.

VFW $7 Lunch Specials Open to the Public 9/28 to 10/2 and Wed. Breakfast

VFW $7 Lunch Specials Sept. 28th – Oct. 2nd/Breakfast Sept. 30th

Mon – 2 chili cheese dogs w/ macaroni salad & coleslaw
Tues – chicken n biscuit w/ salad
Wed – breakfast 6am-9am
Wed – pulled pork grilled cheese w/ potato chips
Thur – stuffed cabbage rolls w/ salad (order ahead starting Tues)
Fri – tuna noodle casserole

BBQ Chicken Dinner at the VFW Sunday Oct. 11th. Please Call to Reserve Your Meal.

The Brattleboro VFW located at 40 Black Mountain Road will be having a chicken BBQ on Sunday, October 11th. For $12, you get 1/2 a BBQ chicken, homemade baked beans, coleslaw and corn bread. Drive thru to-go’s, or dine in. Starting at 11 am until gone. Please call 802-257-0438 to reserve yours today. Social distancing and mask wearing while inside.