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Brattleboro is highly favored about these hot days - Circuses, menageries, Allbinos, orang outangs, concerts, &c. contribute in no small degree to amuse the public during this hot weather. We understand that the way is preparing for a regular band, brass band we suppose, in our pleasant village. Such a band could throw a magic over the village these summer evenings that would be irresistible to our music loving citizens.


The news of the defeat of our army at Manassas created more excitement in this village than even the fall of Fort Sumter. A feeling of determination rather than of despair was plainly visible in nearly every countenance.


The hay crop in this section, which is mostly secured, is of superior quality and the quantity nearly double what was expected, the late rains having caused a rapid growth. Many hill farms are producing more than last year.


A new iron flower vase costing $35 has lately been placed upon the green in front of the high school house, through the praiseworthy action of a few private citizens.


P. T. Barnum's Greatest Show on Earth, and Howes' Great London Circus and Sanger's Royal British Menagerie plays Brattleboro.


Barnum & London's Jumbo the elephant visits Brattleboro and plays in the Whetstone brook.


Mr. E. A, Matthews of Centreville is building a steamboat which he intends to launch on the Connecticut at this place and run up and down the river for the accommodation of pleasure parties. The boat is 30 feet in length and hold 25-30 passengers. It is to be run by a paddlewheel placed at the stern.


The continued drought in this part of the county was broken on Saturday by a heavy shower, accompanied by hail and a few scattered snowflakes, which was of brief duration. Both north and south of us showers have been of frequent occurrence.


The bell boys at the Brooks House have new uniforms furnished by Carl Cain.


The committee having in charge the arrangements for the visit of President Roosevelt, Aug. 30, have arranged a program which, though subject to change, is substantially as it will be carried out. It is expected that the president will arrive from the North about 4 o’clock on a special train, accompanied by his secretary and Senator Proctor.


The working drawings of a part of the proposed Thompson hospital are under way.

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Brattleboro Selectboard Special Meeting Scheduled - Goals, Paving, Skatepark Site Visits

The Brattleboro Selectboard will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 5:00pm in the Selectboard meeting room at the Municipal Center.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Vermont Senators Honor Gov. Phil Hoff

WASHINGTON, July 17 – In joint remarks before the U.S. Senate today, Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) honored former Vermont Gov. Phil Hoff, who just turned 90 years old.

Hoff served three terms as governor. First elected in 1962, he was the first Democrat to hold the state’s highest office in more than a century.

“We rise today to celebrate Philip Hoff, the 73rd governor of the state of Vermont, for his extraordinary contributions to the state of Vermont, and to our nation,” Leahy and Sanders said in a joint statement submitted for the Congressional Record.


Clown Repa Asks Tokpa Dorje a Most Important Question

One day Clown Repa came before Tokpa Dorje with a very important question. Earlier that morning, Tokpa Dorje had thought that perhaps he’d go for a walk, so he had a disciple bring him his cane. However when he sat up from his common reclining Buddha posture he was struck yet again with the sheer wonder of enlightened manifestation and was so joyously inspired, he hadn’t moved from that position. And so it was like this that Clown Repa found him. Not wanting to disturb him, he sat near some other disciples who were meditating in the room.

After awhile Tokpa Dorje turned to the others and said, “Clown Repa has a very important question that he’s dying to ask and it would pain me greatly if the son died before his father.”


Shadow Puppetry and Poetry On Stage at Sandglass Theater

Putney-  East meets West in a shadow world where forbidden love and poetry collide. A Chance Shadow is a poetic play inspired by the Chinese poet Xu Zhimo (1897~1931) and the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca (1898~1936) who changed society with their passion for literature, social reform and true love. Two poets who had never met living on opposite sides of the earth, during


Leahy and the Border Patrol

I hadn’t heard of this before today:

In 2008, Vermont senator Patrick Leahy was traveling in a car 125 miles south of the U.S.-Canada border in the state of New York.

They came to a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint, which stopped the U.S. senior senator, and an agent ordered him to get out of the car.


150 Years Ago (1864 7/17)

Six miles from Leesburgh, on the road to

Snicker's Gap, July 17, 1864.

Dear Wife,

Here we are on our march. I wrote to you last from Poolsville. Sent the letter to Washington by Bill Dwyer to be mailed. The day I wrote we laid still. The men were very badly used up by being up nights and the march. We left yesterday morning, followed the river up to White's Ford. The Ford was held by a few rebels. They were quickly shelled out. The cavalry crossed and took a few prisoners. The main force of the rebels crossed there, the day we came to Poolsville. We crossed about noon, forded the river. It was fun, then we came here by a rapid march.


150 Years Ago (1864 7/15 or 17)


I picked this up at Washington. Man who had it will never see friends nor loved ones more, as he laid dead on the rebel skirmish line.

Charles E. Blake.


Rocky Mount, N.C., May 31, 1864.

Dear Husband, -


Open Letter to Brattleboro Food Co-op Shareholders, Employees, and Community Members

Tom Franks’ recent Open Letter explained why we resigned from the Brattleboro Food Co-op Board, so I won’t repeat what he said. But I do want to thank those shareholders who voted for me, apologize to you for not serving out my full term, and further explain my actions.


The Case of the Vanishing Farmer's Market

It seems like the Wednesday Farmers Market located on the Whetstone Path near the co-op is slowly disappearing. Of course it has always been a smaller market that the big Saturday one but today it was really surprising. There were only 2 small farms there-both selling very limited types of produce. No berries to be found anywhere. There was the flower man; a bakery with a few tasty looking morsels. the always popular Thai food truck (with a very long line); there may have been someone selling honey but that was it. Definitely not worth the trip if you weren't planning on going to the co -op (where I was able to find local blueberries).


Wild Blue, Claremont Winners In Latest CRVBL Action

The Walpole Wild Blue and the Claremont Cardinals kept their hopes alive for for a first place regular season finish in the Connecticut River Valley Baseball League with victories in their most recent games. The team they are chasing, the undefeated Putney Fossils, return to CRVBL action this weekend.

The defending champion Claremont Cardinals beat a shorthanded Walpole Maples team, 13-1 at Barnes Park in Claremont. Veteran pitcher Mike Wells, kept the Maples off balance all day with an assortment of scuffed fastballs and doctored curves. Wells threw 6 strong innings, allowing one run on three hits, with 6 strikeouts. He also helped himself by starting a nifty double play to stop a possible rally in the 4th inning. The offense was paced by the four hit and five RBI performance of Mr. Nate Duford. Todd Bersaglieri raked three hits and Andrew Sullivan had two more.


Property Tax Too High In Chester, VT - How's It Going In Brattleboro?

Property taxes are way too high in Chester, Vermont.  How high are your property taxes in Brattleboro?

The teachers need to go back to chalk and black boards.  Student test scores have only gone down since they've been using calculators and the internet. 

I was so shocked at my property tax bill I called the State 802-828-6848 and left a message for the Taxpayer Advocate, but I have not received a return call yet.  My property tax bill for my home in Chester, VT 05143 was 10% higher than last year, and I have to pay 6.2% of my annual income.  I think their arithmetic might be in error.  There are no codes and statutes printed out with the property tax bill to prove they have a valid claim for such high amounts.   Anything that comes from the State with a demand for our money should include a code and/or statute that they are basing their demand on.


Green Street Closing For Demolition of Burned Building

A portion of Green Street will be closed on Monday, July 21 through Wednesday, July 23, 2014 for the demolition of a building located at 72 Green Street that was destroyed by fire last winter. The closure is as follows:

• Green Street from the intersections of Church Street to Bullock Street will be closed Monday, July 21 – Wednesday, July 23 from 6:30am – 4:30pm. No through traffic will be allowed.

• Traffic from High Street onto Bullock Street will be permitted to turn right onto Green Street. No left-hand turns will be allowed.


I-91 Brattleboro Bridge Replacement Project Update: Week of July 20


Northbound I-91 traffic has been relocated onto the southbound bridge. Traffic will remain reduced to one lane in each direction on I-91 until completion of the new bridge.

Route 30

The speed limit on Route 30 near the work zone has been reduced to 40 mph. This reduction will remain in effect through the Spring of 2016. Project-related truck activity on Route 30 will continue. Route 30 will be reduced to a single lane intermittently both day and night, with flaggers regulating traffic within the work zone.


VA Details Health Care Needs

WASHINGTON, July 16 – The Department of Veterans Affairs needs $17.6 billion to hire 10,000 doctors, nurses and other health care providers and make other reforms in order to meet the needs of a growing number of veterans and reduce long waiting times for health care, Acting Secretary Sloan Gibson told the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs today.

Gibson was responding to a question by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the committee chairman, about what the VA needs to address a large influx of veterans needing treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and other health care needs.

Without the resources to deal with veterans returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gibson said, “the wait times just get longer.”


Selectboard Meeting Notes: Brattleboro Town Manager Search 3.0, Money, and Beer

The Brattleboro Selectboard has decided to again attempt a search for a new Town Manager after the second search process resulted in two qualified applicants finding other jobs closer to their homes. The process was also harmed, in some unnamed but serious manner, by confidential information being published by the Reformer newspaper last week, according to Chair David Gartenstein, who was not pleased.

Brattleboro will see a new brewery open in town, new equipment for town departments, a new committee tasked with identifying Brattleboro’s share of Entergy funds, new parking spaces, new no parking spaces, and more.


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