AntiSemitism? God’s ‘Chosen’ People Have Bombed to Death 25,000 Women and Children! World’s Future? 

More than 25,000 women and children have been killed in Israel’s war on Gaza since October 7, according to US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin. [1]

The World, especially the Global South, watches as U.S.A. continues to enable Israeli insane bloodlust annihilation of a captive militarily occupied population of Palestinians officially referred to by Israel’s highest officials as ‘human animals.'[2][3]

Bomb Defenceless CAPTIVE Population – 70% Women & Kids 

 Israel maintains an illegal air, sea and land blockade on Gaza and maintains a so-called “access-restricted area” or buffer zone within Gaza. These have cut off more than 2.3 million Palestinians from other parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the outside world. [Amnesty International on its website reported back in 2017] 

What Israel and Western media insidiously call a ‘war’ is really a high-tech turkey shoot and starvation of Israel’s defenceless captive illegal militarily occupied population in Gaza.


“Cannot Be Called a War! 

UN officials have clearly stated, hostilities between an illegally military occupied nation and it’s illegal militarily occupiers “Cannot Be Called a War![4]

Now that CIA-controlled ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and PBS and major overseas entertainment/news conglomerates [1] can no longer avoid mentioning the genocide in Gaza, Americans and the rest of the world have been watching criminally insane leaders of the Israeli government continuing to order its airforce to bomb defenceless Palestinians destroying what little is left of their residential apartment homes, stores, mosques, universities, schools

Genocide Enablers’: Gaza And The Corporate Media MediaLens, 5th April 2024

‘We have had genocides captured by video feed day by day.

‘We have IDF forces standing with their thumbs up as they blow up universities, mosques, hospitals, and apartment buildings—it’s unbelievable. We have members of the Israeli cabinet preaching hate.

‘We’ve seen these religious nationalist extremist rabbis talk about killing all the people in Gaza. “And do you mean the children?” the Rabbi is asked. “Yes, the children. They can grow up to be terrorists.”’

‘It’s death there’: babies and children hit hardest as famine tightens hold on Gaza 4/15/2024 The Guardian [5]

Even if the war in Gaza ended tomorrow, for some of the Palestinian territory’s children, it would not help. Hunger and malnutrition have already claimed an estimated 27 young lives, and for many more, it may be too late to reverse the excruciating toll that starvation takes on small, growing bodies

Almost half of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million is under 18, and the effects of starvation may follow those who survive for the rest of their lives: their brains and bodies, without the nutrients needed for growth, cannot properly develop, leading to health problems such as poor eyesight and learning difficulties later in life. [5]

‘It’s not shocking to see Israeli children celebrate the Gaza genocide’ by Rifat Audeh, Palestinian-Canadian human rights activist, award-winning filmmaker, and freelance journalist. 

13 Dec. 2023 Aljazeera [6]

‘In November, Israel’s public broadcaster, Kan, uploaded on its official X page a video of Israeli children singing a song celebrating their country’s ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. The broadcaster deleted the video clip after a huge online backlash.

Even after the video was silently erased from social media, however, the song remained a subject of discussion and controversy. Many across the world were shocked to see children sing happily about “eliminating” an entire people “within one year”. Yet a closer look at Israeli literature and curricula shows this open celebration of genocide was the only natural outcome of Israel’s persistent indoctrination – or brainwashing to be more blunt – of its children to ensure that they do not view Palestinians as human and fully embrace apartheid and occupation.’ [6]

Polls Show Broad Support in Israel for Gaza’s Destruction and Starvation Feb. 10, 2024, Tel Aviv University, Truthout [7]

In November 2023, the International Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at Tel Aviv University released the results of a poll conducted in late October. By this time the world was being inundated with images of the horrors of the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip: block after block of destroyed buildings, grim-faced men lifting the bloodied corpses of their family members from the rubble, children with stubs in place of limbs lying on hospital beds, a man sitting in front of the remains of his house with his head in his hands.

Nearly 58 percent of respondents in one poll said they think the IDF is using “too little firepower” in Gaza.

The intensive bombing campaign shows no signs of letting up, and as it continues, starvation and the presence of waterborne and respiratory disease increase. Half a million Gazans are now suffering from acute hunger. Gaza’s health system is completely overwhelmed, and the supply of medicines is so low that some 1000 children reportedly were forced to endure the amputation of their limbs without anaesthesia. During these winter months, individuals who have spent weeks on the streets will experience increased vulnerability.

In a poll taken by the Israeli Channel 12 in the last week of January, 72 percent of Israelis said “the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip must be stopped until the Israeli prisoners are released.” On February 1, hundreds of Israelis blocked a convoy of aid trucks headed for Gaza.[7]

New poll: Majority of Israeli Jews believe they are ‘chosen people’ Middle East Monitor, Sep 12, 2018

The majority of Israeli Jews — 56 per cent — believe that they are the “chosen people” according to a poll conducted by Haaretz. That figure is considerably higher amongst the political right…[8]

Traditional proof for Jewish “chosenness” is found in the Torah, the Jewish bible, in the Book of Deuteronomy (chapter 14) where it says: 

“God has chosen you to be his treasured people from all the nations that are on the face of the earth.”[9]

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy on Israel and being the ‘chosen people’ 

“Most Israelis, but not all of them, deeply believe we are the chosen people. And if we are the chosen people, we have the right to do anything we want.” [Gideon Levy is an Israeli journalist and author. Levy writes opinion pieces and a weekly column for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz] [10]

Citing  Law Used to Prosecute Leaders of Nazi Germany

Starving a militarily occupied population is a crime against humanity as stipulated in the UN adopted Nuremberg Principles of International Law first used to prosecute high officials of Nazi Germany.

Future Prognosis for a U.S.A. War Investor Controlled World


1. Criminally insane Israelis will continue to destroy the buildings and life in Gaza citing the killing of Hamas pretext for ethnic cleansing Palestinian survivors.

2. Hamas will remain in hiding like all guerrillas fighting for freedom do until their captors tire of wiping out much of Gaza’s hated population under the eyes of the world.

……………After some time…….

3. World will no longer tolerate hundreds of thousands of Palestinians starving to death in militarily occupied Gaza nor continue to accept Israeli settlers’ deadly crimes on Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.


4. Global South will seek to end the Israeli perverted racist   religious state and U.S. world hegemony – restructure the UN – get out from under CIA-controlled media as new media of China and the Global South power up.

5. U.S. will fail to trick China into World War and be weakened by having self-destroyed it’s economic advantage through spending wildly, unintelligently and massively on its military. 

6. China will come to be in financial position to offer U.S. a deal better than war, and bring about war investors failure to keep power in a war weary U.S.A.

7. World will be better off – even especially the U.S. population.

8. Nuclear War preparations will be suspended out of economic necessity to contend with Climate Change and the degradation of habitat Earth’s future liveable situation and condition.

9. Israel-Palestine or Palestine-Israel will eventually be under one secular government and the ignorant religious genocidal-minded fanaticism will be eventually defeated and ostracised from a mixed population that will have difficulty forgetting America’s war investor founded European Israel to help conquer Middle-Eastern oil reserves, but will eventually become what Albert Einstein and Yehudi Menuhin envisaged – a vibrant Jewish-Arab or Arab-Jewish state.

10. The four former Eastern-most Russian speaking Ukrainian Oblasts will become an autonomous region of the Russian Federation with its citizens having dual Russian-Ukrainian citizenship. The Russian Federation and in lesser amount NATO-EU will both fund reconstruction of war damaged Ukraine.

11. Scientists of all fields will of necessity slowly come into apolitical leadership positions on a planetary home increasingly dependent on scientific innovations to survive the deadly vicissitudes of the changing climate and ecological degradation. 

12. In our space age of instant communication with anywhere in the world, media scientists will police media reach and content of corporate programmed entertainment and education. TV will of necessity produce healthier and edifying programming free from the present commercial ownership of public broadcasting frequencies.

13. Corporate rule will come apart first in the smaller European countries democratically, and almost imperceptibly, the larger monolithic corporate giants will be constrained to dissolve into more efficient management in the face of the overwhelmingly more productive and innovative single political party ruled nations of immense populations led by China. 

14. Rather than suffer and serve an exploitive class best described by Thorsten Veblen in his ‘Theory of the Leisure Class,’ life will be enjoyed for itself.

End Notes

1. More than 25000 women and children killed in Gaza

Al Jazeera Mar 1, 2024 — › news › more-than-25000-…

2. Israeli Defense Minister Announces Siege On Gaza To Fight ‘Human Animals’

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant called for denying Palestinian people electricity, food, water and fuel as Israel continues its bombardment of Gaza. October 9, 2023, HuffPost

3. Ben Dahan, New deputy defense minister called Palestinians ‘animals’

Ben Dahan has made controversial remarks about Palestinians. While discussing the resumption of peace talks in a radio interview in 2013, Ben Dahan said that “To me, they are like animals, they aren’t human.”

Jewish Home MK Eli Ben Dahan to oversee the authorization of travel and entry permits for Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza.

May 11, 2015 Times of Israel, April 19,2024

4. UN Special Rapporteur: Israel can’t claim ‘right of self-defence’

Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories, has said that Israel cannot claim the right of ‘self-defence’ under international law because Gaza is a territory which it occupies. Her comments came in a speech to the National Press Club in Canberra, Australia.





9. Judaism: The “Chosen People”


Jay Janson is an archival research peoples historian activist,  musician and writer; has lived and worked on all continents; articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India, in Germany & Sweden Einartysken,and in the US by Greanville Post, Dissident Voice; Global Research; Information Clearing House; Counter Currents; Minority Perspective, UK,and others; now resides in NYC; First effort was a series of articles on deadly cultural pollution endangering seven areas of life emanating from Western corporate owned commercial media published in Hong Kong’s Window Magazine 1993; Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his; Weekly column, South China Morning Post, 1986-87; reviews for Ta Kung Bao; article China Daily, 1989. Is coordinator of the Howard Zinn co-founded King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign, and website historian of the Ramsey Clark co-founded Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign, which contains a history of US crimes in 19 nations from 1945 thru 2012.

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  • Sadly, an underestimate

    Sadly, that 25,000(+) number does not include anyone buried in the rubble. Considering that Israel was/is leveling entire multi-story apartment blocks with 2000-pound JDAMs, that number is sure to be much, much higher. We need to treat Israel like South Africa in the 80s.

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