Is Dead?

It seems stuck in 2020. is barely current.

The old FB page refers the user to

but that doesn’t really cover Gallery Walk.


How am I supposed to sing the praises of this local event to visitors coming from out-of-state in early October 2022?

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  • Out with the old....

    Ye Olde Gallery Walk did fade, as Joy Wallens-Penford passed away and she was the driving force for many years. She published the Gallery Walk printed guide, assigned all the numbers, did the map, and so on.

    My understanding is that the downtown organization took it over. Haven’t seen much local promotion other than about a year ago, and occasional statements by selectboard members stating their enjoyment.

    Remember the back when there were actual galleries to go visit, with wine and cheese and snacks everywhere? The lack of tables with people begging for donations? Performance art projects? : )

  • Missing info

    I have wandered thru town on all but one Gallery walk this year and there has been many people and many activates, especially on Elliot and the Harmony Lot. Possible more people than past years. More food trucks, more venders and a beer section on Elliot near the bands. What is missing is the info about what art is displayed at what establishment thru town. I am sure the old numbered monthly program was a lot of work, but that is what is missing. More info should bring more people into the various businesses on Main St which is the roots of this event.

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