Pavement Painted! New Street Art for Cedar and Myrtle Intersection in Brattleboro

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  • Traffic?

    What did you guys do with the cars on this fairly busy street while all this fun was taking place?

    • Closed

      Everyone enjoyed the street being closed to traffic for most of the day.

      It was great. Very peaceful. We learned that Cedar Street would make a nice, quiet side street.

      (Drivers, please use Spruce Street as your cut through to Rt 30. from now on. It’s the one that says “Not a Through Street,” but is. It works great, and the Spruce/Western intersection is easier to deal with than Cedar and Western.)

      • Alternate Dayz?

        Maybe there should be an odd-even thing where on odd days, Spruce St is closed and on even days, Cedar St. is closed (or vice versa). They are both pleasant streets on which to take a stroll.

        From Spruce you can get to the trails that lead up to the Retreat land behind the ski jump and from Cedar you can get to the Chestnut Hill reservoir and the Retreat Tower.
        Both great short walks/hikes.

  • Street splicing

    So this is what a cross between a cedar and a myrtle might look like! Monsanto got nothing on Bratt street art.

  • The Wizard of Cedar

    Follow the purple brick road!

    • Toto, too?

      Ha! That would be fun and funny. When cars stop at the intersection, all of us Cedar Street Munchikins could come out and point them toward the Emerald City. Maybe we could get Teta to dress as Glinda and get inside a bubble for full effect… : )

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