New Exhibition: Gordon Jones Landscapes, Cai Xi Portraits

Sunday November 10th, 2-4pm, at C.X. Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT for the opening reception of Gordon Jones Landscapes and Cai Xi Portraits – Works on Paper.

“Many of my remembrances have, indeed, settings perhaps best forgotten—times of grim weather, of cloggy mud and wet feet, of ruined and rutted roads. … Many, even most, of my paintings are to some extent about water … and the reflections we find in the depths of its surface are really my subject: … the capacity of the settled or turbid surface of water to bring us to our own depths.” – Gordon Jones

“My art is a tool, a channel, a bridge for me to be connected with people and to recognize the beauty of all people. The process of doing the ‘You and Me’ series, each portrait, is my opportunity to take time to listen to and study the stories and lives of the people depicted, encounters of listening to each other.”- Cai Xi

Gordon Jones and Cai Xi are on the faculty of The Putney School, where they teach respectively in the Fine Arts and Language Departments. This exhibition, open daily by appointment, continues through March 8 2020, and likewise into March the exhibition in the front gallery, Nye Ffarrabas Fluxus Dialogue.

Gallery inquiries: 802.257.7898 x 2
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