Brattleboro-West Arts: Fresh New Exhibit at Brooks House Atrium Hallway Gallery

BRATTLEBORO:   The Atrium Hallway Gallery in the Brooks House has a fresh new look for spring, with an exhibit spotlighting the artwork of four members of Brattleboro-West Arts.

Titled New Passage, the ongoing show’s latest offerings demonstrate the diverse talents of BWA members, from Kay Curtis’s bright and active Swing Dance series of drypoint monoprints to Bobbi Angell’s detailed and elegant botanicals to Sharon Myers’s handsome prints using lingerie to Lesley Heathcote’s closely observed and beautifully rendered animal and bird pastels.

Treat yourself to a visit to the Atrium Hallway Gallery at 130 Main St., and spread the word!

The exhibit is at the invitation of fellow Brattleboro-West Arts members Petria Mitchell and Jim Giddings, owners of the Mitchell ● Giddings Fine Arts gallery. Its Annex exhibit space occupies the main part of the Atrium. They collaborated with the Brooks House management to create a venue in the hallway to showcase local artists.

“We are very fortunate to have this continuing opportunity to exhibit our work,” said painter and architect Stephen Lloyd, a member of BWA’s Exhibition Committee who helped to organize the current show.

Brattleboro-West Arts was founded in 2009 by neighbors who recognized the vibrant creative community that exists in the watershed of the Whetstone Brook west of downtown Brattleboro. Since then, membership has grown to include nearly three dozen professional artists and craftspeople, including those shown in this exhibit.

Check out for more information about the group, including profiles of member artists and news about other events.

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