Watch the Kurn Hattin Select Choir’s Televised Performance Online and Vote!

Did you miss the Kurn Hattin Homes Select Choir’s performance on WGBY’s Together in Song choral competition?

Watch it online now and leave a comment or click “Like” to vote for these inspiring kids!!

Click for the Kurn Hattin Homes Select Choir Video Link.

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  • As it happens...

    … I did catch their performance. It was great to see this local choir in action on public TV.

    It was clear that a lot of practice went into their selection, and combining two different pieces makes it that much more challenging. They did well with the solos, swaying, and clapping, too.

    They are up against some tough competition and it is impressive that the choir has already achieved so much.

    Best of luck in the voting, and if you don’t win, don’t worry – you sounded great!

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