Weekend Concert Series: Blue Oyster Cult

Blue Oyster Cult are a lot like Babe Ruth – many home runs, and a lot of strike outs. When examining their musical output, you have to dig through a ton of dirt to get to the gold. However, when Blue Oyster Cult hit a home run, they hit it out of the park. 

Their origins date all the way back to 1967 and they have been recording and performing ever since. In fact, I had the opportunity of seeing them live when they played the Colonial Theatre in Keene a few years back. Blue Oyster Cult were intelligent, highly proficient musically, and at times, rocked harder than almost any other band. For this weekend’s concert, I have included Youtube cuts of 5 of my favorite Blue Oyster Cult ragers, enjoy:









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  • Halloween

    I know that it is a bit of a joke, but BOC is one of the reasons I enjoy cowbell in funky music. They provided one of my early rock cowbell memories, alone with Honky Tonk Woman, and Oyo Como Va.

  • Godzilla

    BOC is kinda like that goth cousin in the rock family. He’s nice and interesting, but you don’t have a lot in common.
    They do a song with Patti Smith on the one album that I have of theirs that I like – can’t remember the name of it.

    I was unable to listen to these, but it’s an issue my computer has with youtube – all the videos freeze up at about 14 seconds in and won’t play further.

    I titled my post Godzilla, because I love that song, cheesy as it is. Also it fits what Spencer said about them – when they connect . . .

    • Hung up on reapers

      How did I forget about Godzilla? That has one of my favorite song lines:

      “Ohhhh, noooo! There goes Tokyo! Go go Godzilla!”

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