Electromagnetic Radiation

Whenever someone says “Let’s”, someone else immediately forms an ad-hoc group to oppose it. Doesn’t matter what is said after “let’s”.

Back in Edison’s days, people opposed putting electricity in homes. Some even claimed that electricity would “leak” from wall outlets and harm peoples’ health.

In the early days of TV, people feared “cathode rays” emanating from the cathode ray tubes in every TV. I can remember my mother telling me not to sit directly in front of the TV. Turns out these things are harmless streams of electrons, not rays at all, and they are entirely contained within the tubes.

Nowadays, the fear is from “electromagnetic radiation” (EMR) emanating from “smart meters” and cellphones.

Yes, there is EMR coming from these devices. But there’s EMR coming from many other sources as
well. The most common source is radio and TV stations. Even the radios and TVs themselves emit EMR. In fact, light itself is EMR.

Regarding smart meters, cell phones, WiFi, microwave ovens, electric stoves, etc., there’s a definite lack
of solid scientific data suggesting that exposure to these poses any harm at all.

But the fear rolls on.

For those concerned, the California Department of Public Health has officially issued a “guidance”  on how to reduce exposure to radio-frequency energy released by cell phones.

 The guidance suggests doing a few simple things, such as:

  •  Using headphones or the speakerphone setting instead of holding your phone to your ear;
  • Use
    texts instead of talking;
  • Carrying your phone in a bag or backpack rather than a pocket or your clothes;
  • Avoiding phone use when its sending high levels of radio-frequency energy, such as when you’re in a car, streaming content, or when your signal is weak;
  • And not keeping your phone by your head while you sleep.

These steps are simple, easy and harmless,

For those worried about smart meters, enterprising entrepreneurs now offer shields that fit over your meter.

You can opt out of smart meters if you wish, but don’t be surprised if the utility charges you with the cost of
sending a technician to your house to physically read your meter.

BTW, if these devices do actually harm peoples’ health, the purveyors of this extremely profitable
technology likely possess the power to prevent anybody from ever finding that out.

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  • Protect thyself

    I usually wear my tinfoil hat while using my cell phone to block any EMR’s from entering my skull. Although I have been told many times that it’s rather thick so maybe I don’t need the tinfoil at all.

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