Holy Coincidence, Batman – Scientists Modeled Hypothetical Pandemic

“Scientists at… Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security modeled a hypothetical pandemic on a computer as part of research last October- three months before the deadly outbreak in China. The exercise was not intended as a prediction – but rather served to highlight how governments and industry would respond in the case of a very severe pandemic.”

“Meanwhile, the Chinese city of Wuhan remains on lock-down as authorities scramble to stop the spread of the real-world coronavirus – nCoV-2019 – which has infected more than 15,000 people worldwide and killed 200. (as of Friday, March 20)”

“Coronaviruses are infections of the respiratory tract that can lead to illnesses like pneumonia or the common cold. One was responsible for the outbreak of SARS in China, which affected 8,000 people and killed 800 in the early 2000s.”

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